Sunday, August 5, 2012

#HarryReidisaPederast Rumor

Time to up the ante on the Harry Reid and the Dems in the Senate for the upcoming election. Issue #1 is getting rid of Obama so we can hope to stop the beast that is the EPA from dismantling our power supply and production (ie. coal, natural gas via fracking, home-drilled oil), but a very close 2nd is reclaiming the Senate.(via PowerLine)
In 2010, Nancy Pelosi became a campaign issue that helped to nationalize House races. Because of her lack of ability, her extremism and her personal unlikability, Pelosi became, and remains, deeply unpopular with the American people. So in many House races, Republican candidates used the fact that Democratic opponents had voted for Pelosi as Speaker, or intended to do so, against them.
It is beginning to appear that Harry Reid may play a similar role in 2012. Reid is an excellent candidate for the part. Like Pelosi, his mental skills are unimpressive and his personality is grating at best. Also like Pelosi, his record as leader of the Senate is impossible to defend. The only difference is that until now, Reid has maintained a somewhat lower profile.
If we can use Harry like we did SanFranNan, then he will have finally helped his country turn the corner on this bad economy. It's a fitting tribute to the man who may or may not be a pederast (but he won't tell us ...).