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Played golf yesterday and then moved furniture into the apartment; so I didn't get online to post or visit.

Tim Russert passed away; McCain blasted the SCOTUS ruling on detainees; and BO ran scared from another town hall proposal.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Brit Cats Edward Beaman and Douglas Murray recently explored the idea of rebranding neoconservatism since the term has nearly lost all meaning or identification among true believers.

"For left and right, neoconservatism has laid down the case which needs
answering. Ideologically it has few competitors and there is no school that
unifies people from such a wide range of the political spectrum.

That said, we might have to avoid flaunting the term around for a while. There’s
no doubt that the willful misrepresentations and misunderstanding of what
neoconservatism is, as well as the desire to pin the strategic mistakes made in
Iraq on the neocons have combined to blacken the term."

Willfull (and unknowledgable) misreps like old War Between the States Confauxderates that are flat out scared to death of long dead bolsheviks, or blatant daydream deceivers - even drive by players who are totally bass ackwards in the intelligentsia biz.

GB's FoSec the Right Honourable (and right Hot! ) David Milliband first cracked ice with a name change with the awsome ''Democratic Imperatives." Sweet! Though as Murray reminds us - the name may not be important.

Yet a catchy title with a hook would be nice too, right?

Great Satan's delectable Sec Of State (no shame in her game!) unveiled a killer cool title that infers a real look at where Great Satan has been in the last 8 years - and where she's headed into the new millennium.

Foreign Affairs shares her massive essay called "American Realism for a New World."

This is significant. Dr Rice, the original Vulcan (along with ex Sec of State Powell, ex Dep Def Sec Wolfowitz, ex Def Sec Rumsfeld, ex Dep State Sec Armitage and the ever avuncular VP Cheney) takes a page from the critics book and rebrands realism ala American neoconservatism and those crazy cool true believers in democrazy, Great Satan's unique status in the world and what Uncle Tony called the Universal Values of the Human Spirit.

Enclosed, please find a wicked sweet tease or twelve to satiate desires - both subtle and gross.

"The process of democratization is likely to be messy and unsatisfactory, but it
is absolutely necessary. Democracy, it is said, cannot be imposed, particularly
by a foreign power. This is true but beside the point. It is more likely that
tyranny has to be imposed.

The story today is rarely one of peoples resisting the basics of democracy --
the right to choose those who will govern them and other basic freedoms. It is,
instead, about people choosing democratic leaders and then becoming impatient
with them and holding them accountable on their duty to deliver a better life.

It is strongly in our national interest to help sustain these leaders,
support their countries' democratic institutions, and ensure that their new
governments are capable of providing for their own security, especially when
their nations have experienced crippling conflicts.

What about the broader Middle East, the arc of states that stretches from
Morocco to Pakistan? The Bush administration's approach to this region has been
its most vivid departure from prior policy. But our approach is, in reality, an
extension of traditional tenets -- incorporating human rights and the promotion
of democratic development into a policy meant to further our national interest.

What is exceptional is that the Middle East was treated as an exception for
so many decades. U.S. policy there focused almost exclusively on stability.
There was little dialogue, certainly not publicly, about the need for democratic

For six decades, under both Democratic and Republican administrations, a
basic bargain defined the United States' engagement in the broader Middle East:
we supported authoritarian regimes, and they supported our shared interest in
regional stability.

After September 11, it became increasingly clear that this old bargain had
produced false stability. There were virtually no legitimate channels for
political expression in the region. But this did not mean that there was no
political activity. There was -- in madrasahs and radical mosques.

It is no wonder that the best-organized political forces were extremist
groups. And it was there, in the shadows, that al Qaeda found the troubled souls
to prey on and exploit as its foot soldiers in its millenarian war against the
"far enemy."

One response would have been to fight the terrorists without addressing
this underlying cause. Perhaps it would have been possible to manage these
suppressed tensions for a while. Indeed, the quest for justice and a new
equilibrium on which the nations of the broader Middle East are now embarked is
very turbulent.

But is it really worse than the situation before? Worse than when Lebanon
suffered under the boot of Syrian military occupation? Worse than when the
self-appointed rulers of the Palestinians personally pocketed the world's
generosity and squandered their best chance for a two-state peace?

Worse than when the international community imposed sanctions on innocent Iraqis
in order to punish the man who tyrannized them, threatened Iraq's neighbors, and
bulldozed 300,000 human beings into unmarked mass graves?

Or worse than the decades of oppression and denied opportunity that spawned
hopelessness, fed hatreds, and led to the sort of radicalization that brought
about the ideology behind the September 11 attacks? Far from being the model of
stability that some seem to remember, the Middle East from 1945 on was wracked
repeatedly by civil conflicts and cross-border wars.

Our current course is certainly difficult, but let us not romanticize the
old bargains of the Middle East -- for they yielded neither justice nor

"American Realism for a New World" is a clever name change - rebranding, revamping for future world and America Unbound while knocking the sword right out of the hands of anti Great Satan fans.

Like Beaman and Murray shared -

"But it doesn’t really matter what we call it. There’s never much point in
arguing over nomenclature.

What matters is that the case for democracy and universal rights as well as
the refutation of the lies and misunderstandings of our enemies – at home and
broad – continues. Most people who engage in this will not call themselves
neoconservatives. Many of them will not realize that is what they are.

That is fine. What matters is that the case is made – unashamedly,
unapologetically and by as many people as possible."

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Celeb o'the Day - Rebecca Gayheart

Rebecca Gayheart
Rebecca Gayheart

I don't think that means what you think it means

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that foreign terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay have rights under the Constitution to challenge their detention in U.S. civilian courts.

In its third rebuke of the Bush administration's treatment of prisoners, the court ruled 5-4 that the government is violating the rights of prisoners being held indefinitely and without charges at the U.S. naval base in Cuba. The court's liberal justices were in the majority.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the court, said, "The laws and Constitution are designed to survive, and remain in force, in extraordinary times."

Kennedy said federal judges could ultimately order some detainees to be released, but that such orders would depend on security concerns and other circumstances.

The high court seems destined to hand us over to anyone or anything; as long as the liberals hold a majority. It's utterly amazing what you can find in the constitution if you are looking very hard... like rights to trial for aliens...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Celeb o'the Day - Sasha Alexander

Sasha Alexander
Sasha Alexander


Great Satan often congregates her intelligentsia into climate controlled environments.
One such 'think tank is the RAND Corporation

"The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit research organization providing objective analysis and effective solutions that address the challenges facing the public and private sectors around the world."

RAND got fully crunk back in the day when Great Satan was methodically turning Fascism and Bushido Imperialism into flamming B 17 and B29 magnets. The nom de guerre' actually stands for 'Research And Development'

RAND Corp recently unleashed a very danging bit of psychic analysis about the Land of the Pure's Federated Tribal Lawless No Go Zones that are actually an R and R spot for Taliban, Al Qaeda and their fanboys, minions and foreign muscle.

Pakistani correspondent for the Times of London, the Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek, Zahid Hussain pointed out in his book "Frontline Pakistan" that

"As far as the Taliban were concerned, Pakistan looked to the other side
because they did not want to fight their former allies. This provided a very
valuable time for Taliban to regroup themselves in the tribal belt. One should
also understand that Taliban would never be a purely Afghan phenomena, but a
Pakistan as well as Afghan phenomena. So it was very easy for them to melt away
among the Pashtun population.

What Musharraf has failed to see is that internal security cannot be
maintained or cannot be established unless you really come down hard on those
who are fueling sectarian conflict and are involved in militancy. "

Rand Corps' new memo takes it further. “Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan” pretty much says that if Taliban sanctuaries in Pakistan are not destroyed along with key inhabitants there will be pure heck to pay for the long haul.
“Every successful insurgency in Afghanistan since 1979 enjoyed safe haven
in neighboring countries, and the current insurgency is no different. Right now,
the Taliban and other groups are getting help from individuals within Pakistan's
government, and until that ends, the region's long-term security is in

The study finds that these intolerant insurgent posses hide out in Pakistan's Federally UnAdministered Tribal Areas, North West Frontier Province, and Balochistan Province. These cats routinely stash and traffic in weaponry, ammo and bling into Afghanistan from Pakistan, and a number of personal kamikazes magically appear from Afghan refugee camps based in Pakistan.

“Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan” examines the beginning of Afghanistan's resurfacing Talibanstan insurgency, the most important factors that influenced counterinsurgency efforts and the capabilities that Great Satan could very well use to turn these sanctuaries into flamming cruise missile magnets complete with midnight visits from see in the dark professional killers in an effort to wage an effective counterinsurgency campaign.

Art "Somewhere between the middle-east and the subcontinent" by ChAn GeZi

Name that Party

LANSING -- Three Detroit City Council members have asked Gov. Jennifer Granholm not to remove perjury defendant Kwame Kilpatrick as mayor.

Monica Conyers, Barbara-Rose Collins and Martha Reeves signed the May 27 letter. The council voted 5-4 May 13 to ask Granholm to oust Kilpatrick and to undertake its own removal process.

You know the drill; the article is only 5 paragraphs long and contains the names of a Gov., Mayor and 3 council members. Yet not one word on which party (or parties) these upstanding citizens belong to. It's on but the article is an AP one (according to the byline) so it qualifies I'd think (heh). For more NtP fun go here.

Not taking bets on the party affiliation, the odds would be very bad for anyone to miss... except maybe journalists.

Don "That's not the Kwame I used to know" Surber links: thanks!

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Celeb o'the Day - Amrita Rao

Amrita Rao
Amrita Rao


Got my apartment (1 bd/1bath) paid for and got the utilities turned on today :)

Cable/internet probably next week (I'll be moving my stuff Friday). So busy, busy...


Just like mercenaries, cowboys and pirates back in the day often celebrated hard won (and easy wins too) by divying up the booty, Great Satan's regime changers honor that age old practise in their recent victory over the Mahdi army's no go zone (that magically changed into a combat zone) called Sadr City.

"Sadr City, a bastion of Sadr's Mahdi Army, had been off-limits to U.S. and
Iraqi forces since the fall of Saddam Hussein in the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.
But under the truce agreed earlier in May, the Mehdi Army agreed to lay down
their weapons and allow Iraqi forces to enter the slum. The militia, while
vowing not to hand over their heavy weapons, has melted away."

Formerly called 'Saddam City' after a wicked despot who lost his gig (and ultimately his life - though not before watching his sons get shot to pieces by the uparmored darling sons of Great Satan) this shi ite suburb of Bahgdad was name changed into Sadr City after a shi ite cleric who was assasinated by illegit secret police back in the day.

Shortly after the statue fell in al Firdos square, Sadr's son Mookie magically appeared with an armed milita called the Mahdi Army and systematically took over Sadr City.

Imposing a pocket caliphate complete with Sha ria courts, Sha ria police and of course - Sha ria executioners, Mahdi army couldn't be content with tormenting their hood - they had to act out and expand the torment - throughout the entire hood of Iraq.

Mookie proved really adept at preaching, tormenting girls, cussing Great Satan and gathering his minions in one place - just in time for Great Satan to sweep in and annihilate them.

Such urine poor tactical - even strategic accomplishments may have been interpreted that Mooki was actually an agent of Great Satan. Or an Iranian minion that was sucking the mullahs dry of resources like volunteers, cash and weaponry.

That was all pre Surge. Since Surge kicked in, Mookie had to split for safer climes and alledgedly pursuing jumped up Ayatollah status.

Admitting he totally sucked at anything except attracting fear, death and disaster for his vison of a heavily armed, easily offended and violently intolerant Mohammedist society.

Mahdi Army has had their collective booty handed to them at an alarming rate. Ran out of Basra, confronted in Karbala and finally driven back to their formerly safe as milk pocket caliphate of Sadr City.

Since the entire world has seen what illegit, heavily weaponized militias who can usurp the State's authority and sovereignity when ever the opportunity presents itself can do.

Thanks to Iran's fanboys in Lebanon - the Hiz'B'Allah, Iraq's gov realized the state needs to hold the monopoly on violence - lest it collapses and ceases to be a state.

Thus began the Sadr City blitz. Agreeing to uphold a ceasefire (which funnily enough seemed more like open combat) Mahdi Army promised to hang on to their heavy weaponry regardless.

Hiding, toting around such devices tended to function like M 16 magnets.

Sitting around the still steaming guts of Mahdi army - their Iranian Revo Guards, homegrown time traveling intolerants and sha ria law loving losers, Great Satan breaks out the list of treasures her killers of killers and the new Iraqi Army guys have won:

100 caches of weapons, including 295 mortar rounds, 367 AK-47s, 109
anti-tank mines, 39 rocket-propelled grenade launchers, an anti-aircraft gun,
six helicopter rockets, sniper rifles, improvised explosive devices, 123
grenades and artillery shells.

Great Satan also racked up with the foreign enemy (including the original Super Villan Imad himself) fed and funded Mahdi Army's 1st foray into semi intelligent weaponry of the non human kind.

Flying IEDs called IRAM (Improvised Rocket Assisted Mortars for the uninitiated)

Based on an obsolete, old school Chinese Multi rocketeer vehicle sino nomenclatured Type 63 towed 107mm, 12-tube multiple launch rocket, By design, essentially one rocket detonates in the tube - causing the others to detonate or launch and detonate.

IRAM also has a wonderful penchant for detonating right in the faces of their launch squads.

Unverified reports claim media items like dVd's on everything from how to interrogate captives, create Irainian style IED's to bootleg copies of 'Baywatch', Playboy's 'Girls Next Door' and several risque discs of the you know what type along with new enemy tactical weaponry make the treasure term 'booty' all the more appropo.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Celeb o'the Day - Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic
Ana Ivanovic

Appease Tease

There is a dual adage that kicks in about 9th grade time for girls in the Great Satan. Constantly sexed up in the media, the radio, VH 1, MTV 1 -3, the web - That's when it becomes very appearent that appearantly society is a society of players and hoes.

To snag attention - girls are taught very quickly to show off those delightful little assets to an extent that attention is on auto pilot. Like a pop tune from a few years back - there are no conflicting signals.

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard - Dang right! It's better than
yours. I could teach you - but I'd have to charge."

The adage is dual edged -

"Oh, once you get involved, Everyone will look this way-so,You must
maintain your charm, Same time maintain your halo"

The adage is interpeted as:

"It's OK to dress like hootchie and act like a hootchie - just don't be a hootchie"

Fair enough. Sounds ok. Fun! even.

A very close friend followed that adage and learned a terrible lesson. The adage REALLY is

"Dress like a hootchie - act like a hootchie - and get treated like a hootchie - even if you're not a hootchie"

She learned that one the hard way - on her very first date - with a guy that she really, really liked.

In a way - this Grimm Brothers tail tale heart could be applied to the appease tease in Pakistan.

Since Pervez Musharrif and the Deathly Hallows succumbed to a real election back around St. Valentine's time that totally dissed his rather pitiful military offensives against the magically no go Federated Tribal regions.

Amazing too - the Army in the Land of the Pure was pretty adept at busting protesters and knocking heads of unarmed lawyers - but embarrassingly doofus grande at taking out armed Taliban fans, time traveling intolerants and foreign terrorist minions and super villans.

Cutting deals that were unenforcable with outlaws in lawless areas sucked too.
As the election showed though - non profit jaw flapping was the most popular of the ex General, au courant pres for life bizzarro tactics.

So, no big surprise when the new cats in the Land of the Pure began a do over for appeasing true intolerance. As one of the 'negotiators' told the gov

"We are fighting for the enforcement of Islam. If the government enforces
Sharia today, we will stop our struggle. But we want to see practical steps from
the government, and not just the promises."

What was spooky though is that Pakistan is cutting unenforceable deals with every gangster outfit in the No Go Zone. Accepting promises that have no means of being monitored - let alone enforced seems totally retarded.

"This strategy of accelerated appeasement only empowers groups with a
history of violence who are devoted to undermining Pakistan's sovereignty. In
addition to creating breathing space for extremists (since it is the militants
who determine when an agreement is broken), the accords allow a greater flow of
recruits to the training camps and further violence.

At best, the politicians are shunting the problems down the road--and these
problems will be larger by the time Pakistan is forced to confront them.

The new accords are also a threat to the United States. Baitullah Mehsud
has told journalists that "jihad in Afghanistan will continue" regardless of
negotiations, a sentiment echoed by other Taliban leaders.

As U.S. forces in Afghanistan face increased cross-border attacks, Americans at
home should be concerned about the increase in the risk of another catastrophic
terrorist attack. The 9/11 Commission Report warned that a terrorist
organization requires "time, space, and the ability to perform competent
planning and staff work" in order to carry out a 9/11-like attack. Pakistan's
new accords provide al Qaeda and its allies with the requisite time and space"

The tease of appeasement is an illusion - a wicked deceitful play - like the hootchie theory. Just ask innocent bystanders Denmark. Or locals with a CD shop. In fact over 250 people have been killed just this year in terrorist attacks that came from the the very intolerants that the Land of Pure is 'negotiating' with.

If another T type attack is committed in Great Satan - chances are it could be traced back to Pakistan. The Land of the Pure's pussyfooting around is dangerous and not only for Great Satan - but for Pakistan and their precious magical No Go Zones as well.

"La la-la la la, Warm it up. La la-la la la, The boys are waiting"