Saturday, May 10, 2008


Ahh the birthday is over :) was a fun day though. Started Thursday night at the Brick, from there to TK's where I played some pool and drank a couple of beers.

I met up with a girl I hadn't seen in 8-10 years and we got caught up on everything that had been going on, then went and watched Saw IV (more gruesome than the other 3 combined I think) until ~5am [from 9pm to 5am I had 5 total 22oz beers... far cry from my drinking days heh].

Friday daytime was bill paying and driving to get lil bit from school. They had a program to honor Mother's Day and Father's Day (unusual) so that was sweet. We (me, lil bit and my parents) ended up going to play putt-putt in the evening at Golf Shores. Lil bit got her 5th all-time hole-in-one there and everyone had a blast. We went home and played games and watched TV until bed time.

Today was soccer day (got some video, but I'm at work so will have to wait to upload) and our team lost (they have went w/l/w/l/w/l for the season with 1 to go, so they should win :). Lil bit scored her 6th goal of the year for a 1 goal per game average. She played very aggressive today with 5 or 6 great tackles and she played great defense in the box. Her goal was one of those that creeps along the line and just barely goes in, but it counts :)

Working now (o/t) and tonight, Eve and I are going out to have some fun, so probably no more posting until tomorrow from me.

Friday, May 9, 2008

"Power And Coups"

Street fighting in Beirut? What's up? Is Little Satan's rowdy BDay Bash kickoff kicking something else off? Is Great Satan on another regime changing rampage?

Nope. Maybe.

Recent events could easily be interpreted that there is a 3 way battle going for Lebanon's very soul. And it's at the airport.

Lebanon's gov (what hasn't been blown up by Syria) is making a stand against a Resistance movement that seems more adept at resisting their own legit gov than any foreign chicanery.

Lebanon's Cabinet took action against Hiz'B'Allah - sacking the security chief at Rafik Hatriri Internat'l Aerodrome. General Wafiq Shucair lost his gig when the gov freaked about HBA real time super spy tech deployed at the airport.

Hey - that's fair - either he knew about such hanky panky - which would suggest some type of ties or even worse - he was totally obliviously conned. Either sucks on a resume'.

That air port is crucial real estate for Hiz'B'Allah. It's HBA's direct life line to Iran.

If the runway is held totally by the legit gov - HBA would fall under Syria's mercy for resupply.
"In the 1980's, during the Lebanese civil war, Syria established its dominant
position when it brokered a deal between the Shiite militias, Amal and
Hezbollah, and settled the feuds in the Palestinian camps. After that, Iran
found itself one
step removed from the surrogates it helped create."

Which would present Lebanon with yet another sovereignity oportunity.

Syria wants Lebanon really really bad - in the worst way. Exclusivity in gunrunning goodies to HBA would be a significant amount of pull in trying to reabsorb Lebanon by outright annexation. Besides, Syria may not be so fly about Mullahopolis blinging a billion bucks on their external weaponry.

Or Lebanon's sudden move to cut off communications with Hiz'B'Allah's CNC Centres and rocket artillery brigades.

Gloire's "Worst Case Scenerio" Site gossips that Little Satan
"first revealed that Iranian military engineers were installing a secret
underground telecommunications system to support Hizballah’s missile unit.

The network runs through south Beirut, the Beqaa Valley’s Yohmor region near the
Syrian border – where Hizballah and the Palestinian Popular Front-GC keep their
training facilities – and connect the southern towns of Tyre on the
Mediterranean with Abassieh, seat of Hizballah’s southern headquarters

For the ten months during which this military telecommunications network was
being installed, the Beirut government did not dare touch it.

Prime minister Fouad Siniora finally decided enough was enough when satellite
images provided by Western agencies showed work on connecting Hizballah’s
network with the communications and eavesdropping systems set up by the Syrian
army along the Lebanese border.
Military sources report that the two networks and their linkage are part of
military preparations by Iran, Syria and Hizballah for a possible new flare
up of hostilities with Israel."

Hiz'B'Allah is running out of friends
"Egypt supports the Lebanese government, as a constitutional institution
charged with looking after Lebanese affairs and with taking the necessary
measures to prevent its power and credibility being damaged"
Land of Sphinx and Pyramids Chief Foreign Affairs Minister Cat Ahmad Abu al-Gheit buzzed Lebanon late night and totally dissed HBA as illegit.

Corrupt Saudilander Prince Press urges reconsidering realization
"The kingdom urges the groups behind the escalation to reconsider their
position, and to realize that leading Lebanon toward turmoil will not bring
victory to any party except extremist external forces"

Be Gone! Lebanon's top rival cleric Grand Mufti Mohammed Rashid Kabbani confessed Lebanon was sick to death of Hiz'B'Allah, Syria and Iranian chicanery.
"End to these violations! Armed gangs of outlaws that have carried out the
ugliest attacks against the citizens and their safety. It is regrettable and sad
that an Islamic state is funding such infringements that hurt the unity of
Lebanese Muslims."

Vlad's FM Boris Malakov remembers old school war zone Beirut when Comrade Papa's Arafat's PLO Assets got exiled at gun point - sailing off for sunny climes like Tunisia. Lebanon was wrecked.

"Protecting Lebanon's sovereignty, political independence, peace and
stability necessitates constructive efforts free of foreign intervention."

This is significant. Vlad's cats worried about Foreign Intervention?

The UN pointed out not so old Sec Council Reso's like # 1701
Disarmament of Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias must take place through a
political process that will lead to the full affirmation of the authority of the
government of Lebanon throughout all of its territory."

Great Satan's Regime Changer Harry S Truman (fully crunk with 85 aircraft that swing both ways - air superiority and ground attack) just now hit the hood providing provacative proactive provocation for the easily provoked.

"Hizballah needs to make a choice: "Be a terrorist organization or be a political party, but quit trying to be both. They need to stop their disruptive activities now"

Hiz'B'Allah's Body Part Collecting General in Creep shed scary issues about collecting even way more body parts. Point Blank baybee.
"Any hand that reaches for the resistance and its arms will be cut off. The
issue is that there is an American plan that we are fighting against. This is
the nature of the crisis. We will not allow the airport to serve the CIA and Mossad, point blank."

Is Great Satan's plan to hit Hiz'B'Allah? Zooming out of Leb for a moment it may very well be the final deployments before a regional multi regime killing regime change en masse may be unveiled.

Brazenly, brilliantly, breathtakingly belligerent.

Annihilating a founding member of Hiz'B'Allah on St Valentine's Day, deploying Nassau Expeditionary Regime Changing Group just over the horizon, hooking it up with Truman, emboldening the Leb gov to take down HBA's commo and airlift logistics.

Best Buddy Arab Leaguers dissing the daylights out of rocket rich rejects and by extension their wanna hegemonically be Syrian bosses and their BFF's at Preacher Command in Tehran.

The Secretary General of HBA made a plea for some loving from the entire Arab World. This crisis is not about Hiz'B'Allah trying to coo sweet sha ria coups like a glorious song of righteous revenging resistance. "

If we wanted to stage a coup, you would have woken up this morning in prison, or
in the middle of the sea. All this talk of power and coups has no value.

The point is that there is a team serving the US to do what the US and Israel failed
to do, and that is stripping us of the resistance's arms. We do not need
anyone's help. I am not asking for anything but understanding. I am asking for
the sympathy of the Arab people"

Communication breakdowns, disarmament is really unfair - Hiz'B'Allah needs this magical cyber link to be a player.

The problem with a regular communications network is that it can be
tapped. Another problem is that a regular communication can be bombed. The
resistance cannot own hi-tech arms. The best means to face high technology is
simplification. Our communication network is a regular telephone network, and
is the most important weapon in any resistance.

In the July War, our strongest point was control because communication between leadership and field battles was secure, and this was confessed by the enemy. We are not a disciplined army; this is how we ensured success.

Many of our members died as martyrs because of landline and mobile phone communications. The most important request of Winograd was to [hit] the communication of Hizbullah. This network is neither new nor modern. It was updated, it's true.

Mobilizing, HBA has laid seige to the airport and started acting out. Hiz'B'Allah will fight before disembarking the airfiled or a communications breakdown.

"We have the right to defend our existence from whoever declares and begins a
war on us, even if they are our brothers. We do not advise you to try us. Whoever
is going to target us will be targeted by us. Whoever is going to shoot at us
will be shot by us.

Will Lebanon pull a Bad Bad Basra based Bad Bad Beirut? Totally take out illegal heavily armed militias?

Got this sent to me on MySpace:

And this was sent to me from TexasFred: Massive Asshole found! (content warning, do not be drinking anything when you listen)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good news?

The 48 hour rule is in effect:
BAGHDAD - The Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman says the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq has been arrested in the northern city of Mosul.

Spokesman Mohammed al-Askari says the arrest of Abu Ayyub al-Masri, also known as Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, was confirmed to him by the Iraqi commander of the province.

There was no immediate confirmation from U.S. forces on the arrest.

This would indeed be good news if it's true, we'll have to wait and see.


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Thursday that the state of Israel is a "stinking corpse" that is destined to disappear, the French news agency AFP reported.

"Those who think they can revive the stinking corpse of the usurping and fake Israeli regime by throwing a birthday party are seriously mistaken," the official IRNA news agency quoted Ahmadinejad as having said.

"Today the reason for the Zionist regime's existence is questioned, and this regime is on its way to annihilation."

Ahmadinejad further stated that Israel "has reached the end like a dead rat after being slapped by the Lebanese" - referring to the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Photo: AP

The rat speaks again. Of course this will be spun so many times that it will sound like he's just talking about what 'might' happen in some distant future and not what he plans. I'd be more interested in seeing the text before the AP got their hands on it to see what it really says. There are those that still believe Mahmoud isn't out to destroy Israel; some of those actually help him and some are just willfully ignorant.


The Associated Press’s business writers just won’t let go of their claim (or is it audacious hope?) that we are in a recession — not heading towards one, but actually in one.

Despite yet another decent economic report, this one on productivity, the AP’s Martin Crutsinger downplayed a significant beating of expectations, and continued to invoke the R-word (bolds are mine):

Click through to read the rest. At least if Obamessiah wins the Presidency we'll start to get good news from the MSM on the economy (regardless of the actual numbers). Just look at today compared to '96 heh

From the Email

A man is at work one day when he notices
that his co-worker is wearing an earring.
The man knows his co-worker to be a
normally conservative fellow, and is
curious about his sudden change in
'fashion sense'

The man walks up to him and says,
'I didn't know you were into earrings.'

'Don't make such a big deal, it's only
an earring,' he replies sheepishly.

His friend falls silent for a few minutes,
but then his curiosity prods him to ask,

'So, how long have you been wearing one?'

'Ever since my wife found it in my truck.'

(I always wondered how this trend got started)
*I do have an earring (2 in left ear) but that isn't how mine started :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wannabe Pundits

A favorite of James Taranto is his section called 'wannabe pundits' where he quotes part of an article and asks you to guess what it is about.
Philadelphia: Rev. Jeremiah Wright was born in Philadelphia. Even if, like me, you think many of Wright's remarks are being lifted out of context for political purposes, now would be an excellent time for him to meditate in a remote monastery in Nepal for the remainder of the year. Example of context: attack ads show Wright saying only "God damn America." Deleted is the full quote, "God damn America for treating its citizens as less than human." The full quote isn't extremism, just an overblown choice of words. Steven Waldman, author of the must-read new book "Founding Faith," about the religious values of the Framers, recently noted, "Many of the Framers believed God would either bless or condemn the new nation based on its moral behavior, and so would have found perfectly fitting a warning that God would damn the country for wickedness."*
Now guess what the article is about.

Did you guess ... the NFL Draft? Why not?

(*the 'context' of the quote by Rev. Wright is his sermon, not just his sentence. So in bitching about context and 'lack of it', the writer does the same thing he complains about)

From the Email


A Southern wife came home just in time to find her husband in bed with another woman.

With super-human strength, borne of fury, and cutting firewood power, she dragged him down the stairs, out the back door, and into the tool shed out back of the barn.

She put his tally-whacker in a vice and then secured it tightly and removed the handle. Next she picked up an old carpenter's saw.

The banged up cheater was terrified, and hollered, "Stop! Stop! You're not gonna cut it off with that rusty saw, are you?"

The wife, with a gleam of revenge in her eye, put the saw in her husband's hand and said......

"Nope. I'm gonna set this old shed on fire, and go to town for a cold beer. You do whatever you want."

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Appropriate Lessons"

Right before getting his soon to be jumped up Ayatollah assets surged out of the hood, Mookie spoke glowingly about the support - spiritual and tactical - that the most proficient killers and serial tormentors of Americans til 911 time had provided Mahdi Army.

Nothing but love between intolerant, illegetimate militias that are frightened of free choice, girls unbound or future militaries like those only found in democracies arsenals. It's only natural - natch.

"We have formal links with Hiz'B'Allah, we do exchange ideas and discuss the
situation facing Shiites in both countries. It is natural that we would want to
improve ourselves by learning from each other.

We copy Hiz'B'Allah - the way they fight and their tactics, we teach each other and we are getting better through this.

We go and discuss what Israel's future plans are in the Middle East because we are part of whatever will happen."

These buddied up brain storming sessions are part of an overall strategy - aided, abetted, funded, guided, fed and bled by Preacher Command in Tehran along with their foreign act out meddlers in the Revo Guard.

The Master Plan?

"The rockets fired from Gaza and from Sadr City are two prongs of an offensive
aimed at forcing the United States out of Iraq, putting Israel on the defensive
-- and leaving Iran as the region's pre eminent power.

The third front, in Lebanon, is also the model. The fourth front is in Afghanistan, where Taliban militiamen near the Iranian border now come armed with Iranian-made weapons."

And that model includes tactical smokescreen deployment of the ever popular thug hugging result free dialouge

"The Iraqi government is negotiating with both Sadr and Iran; Israel is
talking to Hamas through Egypt.

Both militias say they would be happy to observe a cease-fire in exchange for political concessions. (GsGf - Mookie says being weaponry free would never work. They are de riger to seize control of Iraq and impose a - your choice - emirate, caliphate, mohammedist society or theocracy).

But neither will agree to disarm.

This is again the model of Hezbollah, which participates in the Lebanese
parliament but refuses to give up its weapons, giving it the ability to wage war
at any time of its -- or Tehran's -- choosing.

Hamas will not surrender its option to bleed Israel, nor will the Mahdi
Army its means to harry the American enemy."

Strategic smokescreens code named 'Grand Bargain" with Iranian revolutionary exporters in Persia is even less likely to succeed.
"A grimmer possibility: that Iran believes that its offensive is succeeding and that its goals are within reach, and that it has no intention of stopping. As long as neither Israeli nor U.S. commanders can find a way to win the war of the rockets, that's likely to be the case. "

Captured and defected cats from Iran's "al Qods Force" (kinda like a Revo Guard Special Forces cadre) are securely suffering in the clutches of Great Satan and providing some sweet intell and target lists.

“We have multiple detainees who state Lebanese Hizbollah are providing training
to Iraqis in Iranian IRGC-QF training camps near Tehran. We have captured other
Iraqis who have discussed their training in Iran and who state many of their
instructors were Lebanese Hiz'B'Allah.”

This is significant. The inventers of Chess could be facing upstarts that invented Strip Poker.

Great Satan's avuncular 'Stache' Grande points to overt covert asymmetrical warfare as a possibility to present the ever pragmatic, practical mullahs and their bloody fanboys with options.
“This is a case where the use of military force against a training camp to show
the Iranians we’re not going to tolerate this is really the most prudent thing
to do.

Then the ball would be in Iran’s court to draw the appropriate lesson to stop
harming our troops.”

In such a happy event, few tears would be shed for the annihilation of HBA on TDY, AL Qods cadre or Mahdi Army weapon depots.

If Iraqi stability is all the rave - then progenitors of destability may need to get sent to the grave.

HBA's Al Manar TV (courtesy of Faux News) sheds really cool light on a revenge heavy hanky panky plot by Great Satan
"was unprecedented in its scope. From Lebanon to Afghanistan--but is also far more sweeping in the type of actions."

Voter ID

The AP is an unbiased reporting agency (heh):
About 12 Indiana nuns were turned away Tuesday from a polling place by a fellow bride of Christ because they didn't have state or federal identification bearing a photograph.

Sister Julie McGuire said she was forced to turn away her fellow sisters at Saint Mary's Convent in South Bend, across the street from the University of Notre Dame, because they had been told earlier that they would need such an ID to vote.

The nuns, all in their 80s or 90s, didn't get one but came to the precinct anyway.

"One came down this morning, and she was 98, and she said, 'I don't want to go do that,'" Sister McGuire said. Some showed up with outdated passports. None of them drives.

They weren't given provisional ballots because it would be impossible to get them to a motor vehicle branch and back in the 10-day time frame allotted by the law, Sister McGuire said. "You have to remember that some of these ladies don't walk well. They're in wheelchairs or on walkers or electric carts." (emp added - LN)

Notice the highlighted passages there? Old nuns not being able to vote because of voter ID laws; one simply didn't want to get an ID and the rest can't get one in the 10-day allotted time. Yet each and every one of them could get to the polling station KNOWING they couldn't vote.

One newly married woman said she was told she couldn't vote because her driver's license name didn't match the one on her voter registration record, said Myrna Perez of the Brennan Center Justice at New York University's law school, coordinator of the 1-866-OUR-VOTE hot line. Another woman said she was turned away from casting her first-ever ballot because she had only a college-issued ID card and an out-of-state driver's license, Perez said.

"These laws are confusing. People don't know how they're supposed to be applied," she said. (emp added - LN)

The first case happens already in Alabama, people actually seem to already KNOW that the names have to match and accordingly get the name change done on the voter record, so maybe she just didn't know about it (yet). The second case applies to the 'confusing' aspect of the law, as in people not knowing or caring what the law says, and then complaining when they fail to abide by it. How come in judicial matters, ignorance of the law isn't a defense, but in voting (democratic) it is?
The Republican-led effort was designed to combat ballot fraud, said supporters, who also have acknowledged that no case involving someone impersonating a voter at the polls has ever been prosecuted in Indiana. (emp added - LN)
Notice that the evil Republicans have to be mentioned (heh). Also, it seems that without a voter ID law, it would be damn hard to actually prosecute someone for illegal voting on a secret ballot. But of course we only pass laws that stop past crimes right?

That thought was echoed in South Bend, where Elizabeth Bridges, 63, said half of the people working in her voting precinct were family members, but still she showed her ID.

"I think the law is a good thing because a lot of people are crooked," she said.

John Parker III, agreed.

"I think it's a good thing because I don't want anyone coming in and voting for me," he said. "Someone could come in here and just use my name."

Makes you wonder who wrote the last part. Of course when news is picked up, it is usually truncated for size and effectiveness, so this little bit will probably get axed.
Breitbart(AP story)

What is it Insty says... world ends, women, old people hardest hit (no mention of minorities actually being hampered.

News in Google

Obama Strikes Back With Negative Ad
New York Times
By Ariel Alexovich As the campaigning for Indiana and North Carolina voters comes to a close, the Democratic presidential candidates are letting loose on one another over the TV airwaves.

I thought Obama was a 'new' kind of politician (/snark). There's basically no way the DNC is going to let this man lose, it would kill the party. It will be bad enough for them when he wins, because Hillary will probably have a majority vote (All Votes Count! TM) when it is over. This is almost guaranteed to split the Democratic party (how bad, no one knows; they could all pull together in time for McCain in November), yet a Hillary win would tear the party much worse (affluent whites, blacks hardest hit).

'DC Madam' apologized to mom, sister in suicide notes
The Associated Press
TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - The woman known as the "DC Madam" apologized to her mother and sister in suicide notes, saying she couldn't bear going to prison and saw killing herself as the only "exit strategy.

She vowed to never again go to prison, and she kept her word (although she also once said she couldn't imagine taking her own life). Hopefully the apology will help to close the chapter for the family and they will be able to take some solace in it.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Eight BellesImage by Banamine via FlickrThe 134th Kentucky Derby produced another undefeated winner, but the big story of the day was 2nd place:
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Thoroughbred racing at its best. Thoroughbred racing at its worst. In a jarring matter of moments, the Kentucky Derby gave us both. It gave us an overpowering tour de force from Big Brown, stomping the competition despite inexperience and unfavorable post position. And it gave us a fatal injury after the race, when filly Eight Belles followed a sensational effort of her own to finish second by fracturing both ankles, falling to the track and being euthanized on the spot. Brilliance and brittleness. Triumph and tragedy. A superstar performance and a ghastly postscript. It was an evening of violent mood swings at Churchill Downs.
It's reminiscint of Babaro after he got injured (Preakness instead of KD) but instead of months of rehab with a sad ending, this ending happened on the same day.

I love horses, grew up riding them and hate to see this happen, but with 2 fractured ankles, the prognosis would never have been good; slim to none hit none in a hurry for the filly. RIP