Saturday, May 3, 2008

Soccer & Bikes

wham:a different cornerImage from FlickrSoccer game today was 7-1 in lil bit's favor :) She scored another goal but I didn't get video (was using the cell phone and ran out of room); she knocked it off the defender into the goal.

I slept when we got home (midnights) and came out to find this:
I'm very proud! (gotta goto work now)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Softball Update

We had a double header last night (game 1 vs WarHawks and game 2 vs Rage) and came out undefeated (link).

We won the first game 9-2 (had a chance to take it in 5 innings but couldn't push the last run across and then gave up 2 in the 6th) and turned around to play Rage (who were undefeated themselves).

We went up 3-0 on Rage going into the 5th inning before they scored 2 to make it 3-2. We did nothing in the bottom half and Rage tied it up and took the lead in the top of the 6th (5-3). We went scoreless in the 6th and great defense in the 7th to hold the deficit at 2 runs.

We scored 2 runs (on 2 outs) in the bottom of the 7th to extend the game and eventually scored the winning run in the bottom of the 8th (1 out, runner on 2nd and a basehit to the left). To go 4 and 0 on the season.

Smoke and us (S&S Electric) are the last 2 unbeatens and it will be a couple of weeks before we play them. We have some hard games coming, but hopefully we can set up a winner-take-all regular season title with Smoke.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I've been looking for a video of this all day. Basically a girl blows out her knee after hitting a home-run but before running the bases...

True Sportsmanship! (from Hotair)


Sukhoi SU 30 MKIImage by photoyogi via FlickrCourt has a new post up:
Russia's Peter the Great Military Academy is an ancient War College founded way back in the 1820's. Named after the cat who dragged Russia kicking and screaming into the age of sail and empire - the Academy today is cutting edge and egalitarian.

Russia's GRU site has a cool pic featurette featuring babettes learning and prepping for careers in Strategic Missile Forces.

"The academy offers career training in over 29 fields for the Strategic Missile Forces, Space Forces, Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as the Russian Defense Ministry’s main and central directorates."

With missiles, missile defenses and sheilding sprouting up all over Eurasia recent talk of buddying up with Tehran is a concern. The mullah's handpicked little rocketeer
"Iran and Russia are two major powerful countries, and cooperation between our states in settling various problems will serve the interests of Russian and Iranian
nations as well as regional and international security. We each serve an
efficient role in establishing a new model of international relations."
Go over and check it out. As always, lots of links and great research.

FHM 100 Sexiest

Megan Fox (Transformers) topped the charts this year. I can live with that :) I'm posting the top 3 here, not sure if I would have put Keely #3 but not a bad choice.

No real surprises on here; although some are 'young' to be on this list. With Jessica Alba at #2 and Keely Hazel at #3, the list starts strong and keeps going.


Since the overt covert semi closed hearings in Great Satan's DC and all the leaky leaks that drip enough intrigue, super sexy entente's of WMD Witchcraft (of the Nukey variety - no less), exotic dangerous hotties flying combat jets and Axis of Evil Super Villan hook ups to create a 007 movie blockbuster.

Kuriba Suriya's Lion of Syria, Dr General Pres for Life Bashar Al Assad flees Basharopolis to take a leak himself with Al Watan - a semi free press in the semi Western UAE

Since Great Satan officially let the cat out of the bag about the Syria Bombing Day (6 Sept 07 for Gregorians) and Little Satan's magical, stealthy and precise air raiding shenanigans that proved blinging for the latest greatest Russian air defense systems created was totally retarded.

Why not just stash cash in the trash? Either TOR is easily seduced by Facebook, actually blind or even worse - mafia style Russians conned the living daylights out of Basharopolis' Air Force High Command.

Either way is fine.

"Is it logical? A nuclear site did not have protection with surface to air
defenses? A nuclear site within the footprint of satellites in the middle of
Syria in an open area in the desert?"
Such an easy target available to be spied out and struck out (kinda close to that Turkish border) that happened to be a carbon copy of fellow AOE NoKo's reactor in Pyongban.

An alledged super sensitive spot unabashedly flashing tail and detail. Reactors like Pyongban are of antique graphite moderating design. Like Chernobyl. Hasn't been any built in like 40 years.

Ancient devices like this one create one devastating creation.

Plutonium 239 (Pu-239 for the elemental tablists) The same PU that put 'lo' in implosion school 'Atomic' weaponry (Fatman and Little Boy in Great Satan speak).

NoKo cats were busted on site - indeed - only NoKo fiddles about so wickedly graphitecally.

This undead reactor was never crunk to crank electricity directly or indirectly through Syria's electic power grid (Target #18 in IAF speak).

Even plotting a hot spot, such as and where fore - and hooking up with NoKo is an oath breaking violation of agreements signed in good faith with the whole world - the IAEA - UNSCR 1718.

Interesting too that no plutonium reposessing happened. To be fair though - maybe because the reactor hadn't cooked any off to reprocess.

Totally so not true according to the great leader, the lion father of his people, the most beneficent (and ubiquitous) Dr General Pres for Life.

Truth is

"The truth is that the raid was at a military site under construction. We are against mass destruction weapons for Israel, Iran or others. "
Bashar also brought a curious logical point about where a device should or could or shouldn't or couldn't be deployed.

"Where would we use it? On Israel it would kill the Palestinians. I do not
see this as logical."

True that - vaporizing and irradiating Palestine may not be the best way to regain Greater Syria, cut sweety security arrangements, trade concessions and recognized regional aspirations with Great Satan.

Though it does make one heck of a backup plan if the "totally O" word is Dr Strangelovingly applied to all the players in Damascus. If regime change is about to unfold - blackmail for bail is certainly an option. Super Villanesque too.

Or something passed on in open denial to auxiliary AOE allies like rocket rich rejects, suicide regimes foreign sleeper cells as a strategic concern.

If a certain, sister Arab state (that back in the day was totally dominated turf in Greater Syria) currently chock full of Great Satan's on the ground and in their face combat regime changing, insurgency crushing hellions was horrifically Hiroshima'd - there's a chance Syria would get to move in and take control - for humanitarian reasons - no doubt.

All dot connecting aside, the dots are fairly danging for Syria and her despotic nepotistic semi nihilist regime:

Fiddling about with WMD, Feeding and funding Hiz'B'Allah - a sworn enemy of Great Satan with a blood debt that has no statue of limitations, Blatantly bombing a sister state like tiny tiny Lebanon into extinction, destabilizing Iraq, dissing UN reso's etc -

Of all the things that bestow righteousness to a fast death blitz on the regime and all it's precious assets and players - any one of those is on the list

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cartoon from Theo

via Theo:

Sums it up nicely :)


The Orkin man came by yesterday and I have termites :(

Seems there's an infestation under my laundry room and it'll cost about $1600 or so to fix it. So feel free to hit the donate button :)

OT: Had a little global warming yesterday, had to wear a jacket most of the day and the economy grew another .6% as this 'recession' continues to go the wrong way.

Monday, April 28, 2008


A couple of videos from this weekends soccer game. We lost 5-2, but lil bit played well.

Thought she had that one, she broke away smooth but was blocked at the goal.

Payback! :) Her 4th goal of the year. I missed goals 2 & 3 :(

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rights (repost)

Reposting this while at work to get people to read it :)

s I sit here thinking (yes I know, what am I doing thinking being a 'close-minded wingnut') about life and people's rights in general, I keep going back to something that I've yet to figure out.

Why do you never see women's rights groups protest the treatment of women in the middle east? Why is there never a gay march to protest the way Islam treats gay people? And why do moonbats generally just not give a damn about people's rights in the middle east at all?

These are serious questions. You can't read the paper or watch the news without seeing someone protesting the treatment of someone in this country (or any other non-muslim country) and yet not a whimper about the plight of people in Islamic countries. I realize that the left is totally sold on the idea that 23 million or so Iraqis have no rights and should be abadoned post-haste to the tender mercies of their private little spat, but you'd think the treatment of said people would at least get them to write a petition or something.

Just to be fair, let's compare the plights of women and gays here and there:

In the U.S. women have to endure violence (sometimes), have to endure lower pay (research shows that most women are paid less than men in similar positions), have to endure sterotypical treatment (mother, homemaker, etc.) and have to endure degrading treatment by artists (rap music especially, but also magazines, et al.). Whew, that's rough. Let's see where they stand in Islam: Women can't work (homemaker), can't goto school, can't drive, can't be in public with a non-relative male, can be beaten (yes women are beaten in all societies, but in this one, it's actually illegal to do it, in Islam not only is it legal, they have guidelines on HOW to do it).
So on just a rough comparison we see that the women's groups are protesting the wrong party. But maybe they just don't know?

Ok, let's see how the gays fair:
In the U.S.: 'Steve' and 'Adam' cannot marry, might not be able to adopt... must live with insensitive remarks and the threat of physical violence if they happen to run into an ignorant group of people (this is a legitimate threat as ignorance doesn't seem to be abating).
In Islam: Really only one downside, they would be killed.

Seems on the same basis that these groups are fighting the wrong fight also. Maybe they just tag along to the women's groups parties?

After thinking about this, I finally came up with a hypothesis. Moonbats don't protest these people's plights simply because: They.Do.Not.Care.

A moonbat will protest anything that happens in a place they would like to live. Don't believe me? Find a protest about the 'religious right' or Christian fanatacs when you could only find them in rural Kentucky or the backwoods of Wyoming. There weren't any. Now that the 'rr' and the cf's are EVERYWHERE you see the protests and mock alarm. Moonbats don't want to live in the middle east, so they don't care what happens to the people there. Moonbats love to protest about the environment, yet most moonbats live in big cities, wierd huh?

Of course, alot of people simply won't believe me and that's ok, since this is my opinion anyway. But when the moonbats start actually caring about people then I'll start listening to them.
Reason to seethe
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Fissile Missile

No fair! Great Satan's 30 years in the future military is using magical weaponry to annihilate Mahdi Army in their own pocket caliphate of Sadr City.

Mookie's political fanboy Liqaa Al Yassin in the 'Sadrist Party' complains that sustaining cadres and minions in a hoped for future of rocket rich rejects is being rendered inert.

"Cogent evidence were shown by the criminal investigations and forensics'
reports that the occupation forces have used fissile arms during the bombardment
of Sadr City. When diffused, fissile bombs hit a large number of targets and
spread on the body, which was evidently clear on the bodies of the dead and
wounded in Sadr City."

Heck yeah! Where can we get more of these wonderful devices?

This is totally like the kiss of death for Mahdi Army - after all - how can MA accurately recreate Hiz'B'Allah's model of usurping a sovereign, legit gov and impose despotic designs when Great Satan is in their face and peeling it off?

Exactly, replys the MNF (Multi Nat'l Force for the unallied) spokescat Abdul-Latif Rayan - and so what?

"We only targeted armed groups in Sadr City that fired missiles at the Green
Zone in central Baghdad"

This is significant - since Mookie's threat last WE to launch an open war - the only thing that has been launched has been hundreds of intolerants and their own magical journey of a non corporeal haj to the perfumed gardens of Paradise.

Which also brings up the quiz on why any lawmakers would mourn the loss of rebellious law breaking constits who openly bemoan their failure to fire up an intolerant, non egalitarian regime backed up by the fashion posse, the religious police and militias in black.

Like newly militia free Basra. Caliphating totally sucks, it's illegitimate and provides nothing except empowerment for intolerant time traveling creeps and tormented misery for innocents.

Like 22yo hottie Nadyia Ahmed. She's been there, done that and got the T shirt - it's like a nightmare.

“All these men in black who imposed the laws just vanished from the university
after this operation. Things have completely changed over the past week. I now
have the university life that I heard of at high school before the war and
always dreamt about.

It was a nightmare because of these militiamen. I only attended class three days a week but now I look forward to going every day.”

Mookie has had to announce a do over on his communique before last. A week ago Mookie mentioned miltarizing the conflict under Mahdi Army until he ruled all of Iraq.

"So I am giving my final warning ... to the Iraqi government ... to take
the path of peace and abandon violence against its people. If the government
does not refrain...we will declare an open war until liberation."

Issued from his comfy safe as milk lair somewhere far way from fissile missiles, new Iraqi army guys, surging up armored sons of Great Satan and his own constits who are being taken down in Sadr City, the soon to be jumped up Ayatollah reduxed his script for his newly discovered fissile missile magnets
"When we threatened to declare an open war until the liberation, we
meant war against the occupier. There is no war between us and our Iraqi
brothers -- no matter what their nationality, race or sect. The blood of Iraqis
are forbidden on you."

Hold up. Recent defecting Mahdi Army cats laugh that one off
"Al-Sadr called for a ban on the killing of Iraqis before. That was only a few
days after the Samaraa crime. And yet the sectarian violence continued.
Thousands of Sunnis were killed and their mosques were burned. And the evidence
all pointed to the Mahdi Army. The killing spree continued until operation
imposing law (Arabic for Surge) started."

Intolerant, illegitimate weaponized enemies of free choice are being marginalized and annihilated - fissie weaponry aside - by a baby democracy and her legit army guys under the protective watchful eye of Great Satan.

This op may actually be the last chance to avoid a regional war - with Iran and her mullahs, IRRGC's and al Quds duds being the target.

A case could be made that security in Iraq has tranformed about as much as it can - unless the progenitors of Iraqi destability in Tehran are engaged in a really cool mix of asymmetrical, overt covert regime killing regime change.

"Launch a massive blitz on the top 20% of Iran's ruling clerics and IRRGC using cruise and conventional missiles, attack aircraft and old school special ops.

While Iran's rulers have some redundancy in their command and control posts, these are actually quite few in number as are the few calling the shots. Any wanna be successor 'Supreme Leader' could get his guts stomped out in the streets by the Iranians themselves."

From the Email

There are less than eight months until the election, an election that will decide the next President of the United States. The person elected will be the president of all Americans, not just the Democrats or the Republicans. To show our solidarity as Americans, let's all get together and show each other our support for the candidate of our choice. It's time that we all came together, Democrats and Republicans alike.

If you support the policies and character of John McCain, please drive with your headlights on during the day.

If you support Obama or Hillary, please drive with your headlights off at night.

(thanks JS)


The Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (CIANA) will make it a federal offense to transport a minor girl across state lines for the purpose of obtaining an abortion if done to evade a parental notification or parental consent law that is in effect in the girl’s home state. In addition, the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act will require, in a state without parental consent laws, that before an abortion provider performs an abortion on a minor girl who is the resident of a different state, that provider must notify a parent. The abortion provider does not have to notify a parent if the minor has already received authorization from a judge in her home state (judicial bypass), or unless she falls into carefully drafted exceptions to cover cases of abuse or medical emergencies.
Via Ironic Surrealism, go here to sign.