Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sports for the week(end)

Had a softball game this week and we won 13-3 in 5 innings. Lil bit was on the camera so the clips were spotty, but there's one of me coaching 3rd just as we change innings:(#69 [yes it probably was perverted once upon a time, now it's simply tradition that I have that number])
After that, lil bit took the training wheels of her bike (sniffle) and tried to learn to ride. She hasn't gotten it yet, but she will (best vid I have of it, not her best ride though)
Finally we had soccer this morning. I didn't get to stay but until half time so I didn't get any good vids. I got one of her making a good block. We left and it was 3-2 (them) just after the half. Lil bit called and told me she scored 2 goals!!! and had 2 more blocks and got defensive player of the game!
Next week I have to work on soccer day, so hopefully someone else can film. We do play ball again this week, so maybe something from that too.

In G-d We Trust Licencse

There has been a lot of controversy over the 'In G-d We Trust' license plates that some states issue. The ACLU and various left organizations contend that the plates are unconstitutional because they violate either preferential treatment to one group or another or church-state 'barrier' concerns.

The biggest legal argument going is the fact that the tags are not a 'specialty' tag (thus costing more) and that makes them more likely to be chosen by the motorist [which is what the offended orgs do not want]. However, no matter what happened, if they charged a small fee for the tag; then these same 'victims' would be using the same arguments because of the money collected for a religious tag. It's a classic catch-22 being played out in many a court system.

One small battle in this ongoing saga has been played out and it seems the good guys have won (this time). In Indiana a judge ruled that the tag did not provide preferential treatment and dismissed the ACLU lawsuit. Of course the ACLU will appeal and continue it's very best at eroding the morals and rights of all the US citizens it can.

With willing help from most left-leaning individuals, the ACLU is happily making this a generic, clean place to live where the only offended people will be the dead; who, unfortunately, will be the only people able to do anything.

INDIANAPOLIS — A judge has upheld the issuance of Indiana license plates bearing the message "In God We Trust," dismissing a constitutional challenge by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana.

Marion Superior Court Judge Gary L. Miller wrote in a 13-page opinion that the plates were comparable to standard plates issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and were created specifically as such by the Legislature.

"Courts are not to second-guess the Indiana General Assembly when it comes to calculations of this sort," Miller wrote, contrasting the `In God We Trust' plates with other specialty plates that require the payment of administrative fees.

Miller said the issuance of the plates did not violate the section of the Indiana Constitution that forbids the Legislature from granting special privileges or immunities not available to all citizens.

The ruling, issued April 10, denies a motion for summary judgment in the suit by the ACLU on behalf of Mark E. Studler, an Allen County resident who has an Environmental Trust plate for which he had to pay extra fees.


Friday, April 18, 2008


This morning at around 5:37 am EST an earthquake occurred near West Salem, Illinois. According to the USGS it was a 5.4 magnitude. That is 124 miles (straight line) from where I live. No injuries have been reported anywhere as far as I know.

This is only the second earthquake I have ever experienced. The first was just a few years ago and it was just a little shiver. This one was definitely the strongest that I've experienced. It woke me and the wife. The house was shaking a bit. I heard creaking and a little popping. Basically the same sounds we hear if there are high winds outside. I got up and looked outside to see if it was wind or a storm. Of course, there was no storm. It didn't take too long before I realized what it was. I'll have to admit, it was a bit unsettling. But still kinda cool!

I'll post more if anything develops. Especially if we experience any aftershocks.

Just about 10-15 minutes before 8 am EST, the USGS downgraded the quake from 5.4 to 5.2

UPDATE: 11:15am EST
I felt an aftershock here in KY. According to the USGS Website it was a magnitude of 4.5. It only lasted a second or two here. Causing the walls to shake slightly and a slight rumble. Just thought I would pass that along.

Guns Of August

"On July 29th 2008 Iran successfully launches a Shahab rocket and orbiting
satellite, proving it has a formidable functioning delivery vehicle, then
announces it has produced sufficient fissionable material at its Natanz
facility to build two nuclear bombs in 2009 and begins work on underground
test facilities in the basalt formations beneath the great salt desert of Dacht-e-Kavir.

Supreme Leader Ali Khameini announces baldly that his nation has manufactured weapons-grade fissionable material enriched to nearly 100% (in lieu of 5% enrichment for peaceful nuclear reactors)."

Two days later Great Satan launches the most audacious regional series of regime changes ever implemented in history, Officially dubbed 'Operation Boundless Freedom" Allies and enemies alike refer to it as 'Operation Great Satan"

3 Iranian submarines are destroyed - 1 in the Med, 1 in the Atlantic and 1 in the Indian Ocean. Another surrenders and defects near Barcelona.

Naval and air force assets at Bandar Abbas are hit with a combination of missiles and a French- Saudi Amphibious assault from Qatar and the UAE. Waves of Tomahawk cruise missiles streak through Persian aerospace from ships and subs - effectively targetting the Iranian air force - air fields, missile sites and air defense systems are struck down within hours.

Communications are totally co opted or overwhelmed cybernetically. Nearly 50 B2 Stealth bombers sortee to to strike IRRGC command and control HQ's.

"American warplanes and missiles carefully avoid striking research reactors
in Teheran and Ispahan as well as the nuclear reactor at Bousher--less than 100
kilometers from Kuwait--as well as the centrifuges themselves at Natanz in an
effort to prevent the spread of radioactive material to nearby population

However, other missiles producing electromagnetic pulses do knock out
virtually all of Iran's electric grid and computer systems"

Airborne troops from Great Britain and Great Satan sieze all passes through the Zagros mountains - effectively cutting Iran in half.

Special Forces strike and hold especial clerical compounds in Tehran and Qom right before Friday prayers. Nearly 20% of Iran's ruling praetorian guards and mullahs are captured, killed or missing by breakfast time.

Armed insurgencies break out across Iran as ex and au currant MEK groups strike, sieze and hold towns and cities.

At the same moment, Little Satan launches a panzer blitz straight up the Bekah Valley. Key turf captured and held by paratroopers and commandos. Syrian missile batteries are captured or annihilated by waves of attack aircraft and Syrian armor fights a desperate retreating battle - outmatched and over whelmed by a new school combo of vertical envelopment as armor surges and chops through an immense junkyard of wrecked, smoldering Russian built tanks and a flood of broken Syrian conscripts.

Great Satan' s seaborne regime changing Marines hit the surf just north of the Litani river in Lebanon and methodically grind and leap frog straight through the heart of Hiz'B'AllahLand.

Known missile batteries and weapons caches (many in innocent civilian rich areas) are captured by chopper borne marines and French commandos or trashed.

HBA's command complex in Beirut is clamped shut by heavily armed Marines after precision cruise missile strikes.

Al Manar - HBA's 'suicide channel' seems to be co opted - running a marathon of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" in Arabic overdubs. All communications in the ME are totally wacked - from Bashar's Al Sana network to Al Jazeera - regular programming has been replaced with the most outrageous cable quality programming the Great Satan can jam like "Playboys Girls Next Door" and choice selections from 'Girls Gone Wild'

The IAF incinerates the power grid in Damascus and by the 3rd day - Littles Satan's self propelled artillery is shelling the Presidential Palace. Downtown Damascus is cut off and resistence crumbles.

Within 5 days, Iran is reduced to a state of near paralysis, unable in any sense to retaliate militarily, its entire economic infrastructure in shambles. By this time the largest armored division in history has left Iraq and "Old Ironsides" is within striking distance of a thunder run into downtown Tehran.

Riots wreck the regime and a caretaker gov is installed by the Iranians themselves. Syria is occupied and Hiz'B'Allah is history.

Lebanon starts to rebuild the ME's riviera. HAMAS is suddenly confronted by a host of alternate, well armed. tolerant, egalitarian political movements (funny too - the Strips pop magically increases by nearly 40K) and has a real fight - politically - on it's hands to maintain a bizarro land where death is precious, praised and preferred.

Sound crazy? Hold up - Check out the tease and inspiration for this all original scenerio in "Iran, Le Choix des Armes" by Francois Heisbourg.

Alas, unavailable in English yet, the PR looks interesting.

"For there are some extraordinary surprises in this consummate, if brief, but
brilliantly conceived work by the man who is perhaps Europe's leading global
thinker--chairman of the London-based International Institute for Strategic
Studies, adviser to French presidents and ministers of defense and foreign
affairs going back to Valery Giscard d'Estaing and top adviser to French arms
makers from Thompson to Matra."

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Back around St. Valentine's Day - Great Satan decided to crank up the Strategic Petrol Reserves. It was already at like 96.2 % (which could be argued as being 'full'). Wheee - didn't really matter - the Energy Dept ordered a straight up fill up.

Usually when oil prices become pocket book piercing - considerable pressure is political - and is all about unleashing a bit of that super sweet Strat Reserves to relieve purse pressure - not to bling for even more.

Many reasons why this happened (war for oil anyone?) - including fear of oil flow disruption? Like an earthquake, revolution or - war?

A lovingly recv'd hot and sticky early St Valentine's Day gift, when vexed vengence vaporized a 'dear' psychopathic 'brother commander' of the IRRGC, a founder of Hiz'B'Allah, a mentor of the Mahdi Army and the world's most prolific serial tormentor of Americans in history til 911 time.

Rich - sweet and totally delish is the happy fact that Imad was annihilated in the heart of a computerized, secret police state. Syria - ran by Pres for Life Bashar has a wicked penchant for feeding and funding a sworn enemy of Great Satan - the HBA.

Risible retarded too is the fact that since the eid of mourning hath past, Hiz'B'Allah - despite happy talk of revenge and resistence on Little Satan - instead act out by resisting their very own legit semi functional democracy - tiny terrorized Lebanon.

Little Satan has denied the hit and Great Satan said nothing. Difficult to say. Being the most wanted cat in the world (by 42 diff nations - no less - Imad's anti fan league was due to catch up with him sooner or later.)

Whatever. HBA cried 'foul' and everyone been patiently waiting for HBA to act out in revenge mode.

Then in March - a significant threat magically appeared just out of sight of Lebanon's and Syria's coast. This unengaged regime changing naval amphib Marine toting posse (Nassau Expeditionary Strike Group in regime killing speak) is still unengaged and sweetly loitering somewhere in the Med.

The exact mission statement of these potential potentate pulverizers presence off the coast of Syria and Lebanon.— never really made clear. Great Satan's 6th Fleet is not the only globe prowling, globe stomping regime changing platforms sending some kind of signal.

HBA cats being granted instant easy access to the perfumed halls of Paradise, or Great Satan's missiles and Marines off shore in the Med and Petrol reserve stocking may be innocently unrelated.

Except, wacking Imad was a wicked thong like tease to HBA and by definition Iran and Syria. Who ever killed him WANTS someone to act out.

It gets better. Before Imad's eid of mourning passed - Little Satan publically shouted out about a Civil Defense - Military Op combo exercise with the optimistic nom de voyage "Turning Point II" to get crunk up in April. Nothing major?

Except Syria was semi hot about it - deploying 3 divisions (2 Panzer and 1 mechanized Inf) at their side of BeKahh Valley. Hiz'B'Allah's home hood is the western part. To be fair, unverified sources claim
"The Syrians didn’t appear to be aggressive. Rather, they deployed these
forcesin a defensive posture, in a way walling off their part of the valley. "

In a real war (conventional for purists) with Little Satan - Syria would enjoy a 'short - but very exciting life.' Like all despotries with an armored fist up their sleeve, Bashar needs those 500 old school tanks. And their deployment is significant. It could be interpeted something like this:

"Syrian ground forces deployed near the Lebanese border would be fair targets. By eliminating 500 Syrian tanks--tanks that Syrian President Bashar Al Assadneeds to preserve his regime and presented with a choice between saving Hezbollah and staying alive, Syria's dictator will choose the latter."

Syria doesn't want a conventional war with Little Satan (or anyone else - true that!) This deployment is hardly threatening - it is defensive.

"The deployment therefore seemed intended to keep the Israelis on the
Lebaneseside of the border — on the apparent assumption the Israelis were going
into theBekaa Valley. "

Little Satan and Suriya al Kubra both dissed any designs for a fight.

Turning Point II is the the largest exercise in Little Satan's history.

" It involved the entire country, and was designed to test civil defensesand the
ability of the national command authority to continue to function inthe event of
an attack with unconventional weapons — chemical and nuclear.

This was a costly exercise. It also involved calling up reserves, some of them
for the exercise, and, by some reports, others for deploymentto the north
against Syria. Israel does not call up reserves casually.Reserve call-ups
are expensive and disrupt the civilian economy.

The Syrians already were deeply concerned by the Israeli exercise.

Eventually, the Lebanese government got worried, too, and started to
evacuate some civilians from the South. Saudi Arabia told everybody to leave.
Hezbollah, which still hadn’t retaliated for the Mughniyah assassination, also
claimed the Israelis were about to attack it, and reportedly went on alert and
mobilized its forces.

The Americans, who normally issue warnings and cautions to everyone, said nothing to try to calm the situation. They just sat off shore on their ships."

Then, Little Satan's Defense Cat - Ehud Barak - ditched a trek to Deutschland at the last minute. This may be significant - as "TP II" had been planned for over a month. Why bail at the last sec?

Will HBA act with a retaliate attack? Will Little Satan pre empt?

"Ignoring all rhetoric — and the Israelis have gone out of their way to say that
they are not looking for a fight — it would seem that each side, but particularly
the Americans and Israelis, have gone out of their way to signalthat they are
expecting conflict. The Syrians have also signaled that they expect conflict,
and Hezbollah always claims there is about to be conflict.

What is missing is this: who will fight whom, and why, and why now. Thesimple explanation is that Israel wants a do over with Hiz'B'Allah. But while that might be true, it doesn’t explain everything else that has happened.

Most important, it doesn’t explain the simultaneous revelations about the bombing of Syria. It also doesn’t explain the U.S. naval deployment.

Is the United States about to get involved in a war with Hezbollah, a war that the Israelis should handle themselves?

Are the Israelis going to topple Syrian President Bashar al Assad — and then wind up with a Sunni government, or worse, an Israeli occupation of Syria? None of that makes a lot of sense."

Also, Great Satan's fave Vulcan Regime Changer - the avuncular (and nigh indestructable cardiac wise)VP Cheney hit the ME during the Arab League's Lo Down Ho Down in Damascus - and hung out with Oman.

Oman is alledgedly a fave of the Persians. Big biz - legit and shady are conducted a lot between Iran and Oman. Next up, Sec Def Gates hits the hood in of all places - Oman.

Why the sudden interest in Oman? Like right now?

It may go all the way back to 'Syria Bombing Day' on 6 Sept '07.

Little Satan annihilated something in northern Syria - taking a Turkish U Turn to do it.

The UK leaked a Little Satan commando raid seized wickedly incriminating nukey stuff and may have pulled a snatch and grab on key cats.

The Axis of Evil was awful quiet about it.

While Syria may very well desire a nuclear reactor - the locale was awful funny. A super sensitive site like that so close to the border with Turkey? The reactor story may be a smokescreen.

"Why would Syria want a nuclear reactor and why put it on the border of Turkey,
a country the Syrians aren’t particularly friendly with? If the Syrians had a
nuclear reactor, why would the Israelis becoy about it? Why would the Americans?
Having said nothing for months apart from careful leaks, why are the Israelis
going to speak publicly now? And if what they are going to say is simply that the
North Koreans provided the equipment,what’s the big deal?

That was leaked months ago."

Other theories include Iraqi WMD (though to be fair - WMD stashed in the same locale brings up the same quiz).

Zooming out of the Holy Land and taking Persia into account with the Nuke Free since '03 NIE, the eclipse of the Mullahs by their own Praetorian fan boys in the IRRGC in the recent Majiles election and the Basra blitz - the conclusion may be incredible.

Like a real regional war with the short term military goal of knocking out more than one enemy - a multi hit ala Corleone family.

Hang on boys and girls - it's going to be a wild ride.

Spying on the Dark City by rsconnett

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Happy Birthday to DD2!

Go Here and comment.

(yes I'm working this week on dayshift, training, so I've been absent a lot)

Monday, April 14, 2008


Art or exploitation? That's the question for this picture. It seems that some money ($91,000) was paid for this portrait (not sure who holds the copyright for the photo, but if you click it you will goto the site I got it from) and was supposed to help CHILDREN in Cambodia. The doctor who administers the fund turned the money down 'out of respect for our patients and their mothers' because of the cultural differences in the country and the west.

I don't know about you, but letting someone potentially die (healthcare isn't that good in Cambodia or the good Swedish doctor wouldn't be needing money to run a clinic) because of 'respect' isn't my idea of a good thing. Morals are what keep us sailing the straight and narrow or whatever floats your boat, but personal morals shouldn't get in the way of healing kids. There are people who I admire that would argue with me on that point and to them I'd like to say, show me. Show me the child that has to die to assuage your morals. Show me the family that gets told no because you feel that a painting of a woman (who knew she was being painted and got PAID to do it) is not acceptable to raise money for them.

When you can show me, and still feel good about your morals, I will acknowledge you as being better than I am. Until then, heal the damn kids.

A DOCTOR running hospitals in Cambodia has refused a donation raised from the sale of a nude photo of France's first lady.

Swiss paediatrician Beat Richner, head of a children's medical care group, said he had turned down an offer of $US91,000 ($97,700) raised at a New York auction last week of the 1993 picture of Italian ex-model Carla Bruni, now married to President Nicolas Sarkozy.

"My decision was taken out of respect for our patients and their mothers," he said in an interview with Le Matin Dimanche.

"Accepting money obtained from exploitation of the female body would be perceived as an insult."

In Cambodia "use of nudity is not understood in the way it is in the West".

He did not wish his institution, the Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital Association, "to be involved in the media exploitation of Madame Bruni".