Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ambushed Feelings

IEHU brings up sharia law and its treatment of women and the barricades go up.
"It is insulting to our faith to discuss Shariah in this forum"

"They" are insulted. Boo-freakin-hoo!

"They" are an insult to the human race.

"Shariah" is an insult to the human race.

Ironic Surrealism II
Go over and read the whole thing, velvet has the whole transcript for you to look over.

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Frank Schaeffer's column at the Huffington Post is headlined:

This Good Friday Let Us Not Crucify Barack Obama
Excuse me? Nobody is talking about crucifying anybody. It's just politics, Frank. The three remaining presidential candidates -- Obama, Hillary and McCain -- are all U.S. senators, and should they lose, they'll still be U.S. senators. So to suggest that criticizing them is akin to crucifixion is ... well, maybe it's not blasphemy, but it's pretty ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous, here's the first paragraph of Schaeffer's column:
The Other McCain
Great post on the left's obsession with their savior over at tOM (new site to me). Followed a link from Ace I think to get there and liked what I saw on this post and others.

It's scary just how much the liberals have invested emotionally in the Obamessiah meme and just what they will do to keep the train going. I realize that the Hildabeast can't win mathematically but neither can BO. It will take the 'free-will' super-delegates to win the D-nomination and one way or another some group will have a reason to be pissed when it's over.

As a conservative, I'm loving every minute of it. The 'inclusive' left [heh that's like saying Islam is the Religion of Peace] is getting the stereotyping they deserve and the corner they've painted themselves into will be wet when it's over.


Latest upset in the men's W. Va. over Duke (yes!); first upset in women's (I picked it) Hartford over Syracuse.

Work basically sux because I got used to being off (and my back hurts) but I'm looking forward to watching some hoops tonight.

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This is a great site for first time home buyers and can be a valuable tool in helping you find your dream home.


Below is a video my daughter made that was on another post. I may have to set up the camera to do videos (so it won't bounce).

Reposting this as it's own post so she can see it :)

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Name that Party

Not sure if editorials are game for this contest, I'll have to ask Don.

STATE attorney general, Darrell McGraw has used his office to sue companies. He contracts the work to private lawyers who may pocket a third of any award.

Many of these companies deserve to be sued.

But instead of having the Legislature appropriate the winnings, the attorney general has been doing so.

Daily Mail
It's only 8 paragraphs or so, but I never did find out the party affiliation to the AG.  And I think Don should be familiar with the media outlet :)

Linked by Don!  Thanks.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Obama Response

Read this reply to a post over at HotAir and thought it summed up this nicely.
Obama is everything that ever bothered me about the Democrats, embodied in one empty suit. In a country of 300 million, there are thousands of people truly qualified to serve as President. Hundreds of them are black. And this is the best the Democrats could do? An ethically challenged Illinois machine pol with, at the least, a profound tolerance for vicious racist and anti-American views, skating into the election on a paper-thin resume, and forced to spend his campaign time explaining why we should all make allowances for the insane rants he’s quietly bathed in for 20 years? Are there no black Democrats who haven’t had chummy dinners with murderous terrorists, and who could take the campaign stage with a joyous, sincere cry of “God Bless America!” at every rally? I had the same sad feeling after the 2004 elections. The Democrats needed a military veteran to run against Bush… couldn’t they find one who wasn’t a fraud?

Are we asking too much to insist that our presidential candidates be qualified, and their patriotism unqualified?

Doctor Zero on March 19, 2008 at 6:00 PM
A rational reaction and question that I wonder will ever be answered.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Discriminating Whore (heh)

Philadelphia drops lawsuit against 'English-only' sign:
The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations today dismissed its discrimination case against Joey Vento for the speak-English sign posted at his South Philadelphia sandwich shop.

The panel found "insufficient evidence" that the sign in the window of Geno's Steaks had the effect of denying service to anyone.

Philadelphia Inquirer
It only took two years of public money to finally get the HR commission to drop the case. If they would use their talents on actual HR cases, Philly might be a better place for people to actually live.

With all the money Ashley is getting, seems the $1 million from the "Girls Gone Wild" gang won't be coming:
LOS ANGELES - Stop that $1 million check: It turns out the call girl linked to Eliot Spitzer had already shed her clothes for "Girls Gone Wild" as an 18-year-old while partying in Miami, the video company's founder said yesterday.

Joe Francis had reached out to Ashley Alexandra Dupre, now 22, with an offer of $1 million to appear in a non-nude spread for his company's new magazine, plus a chance to join the "Girls Gone Wild" tour bus, his company announced yesterday. But Francis said someone had a revelation at yesterday morning's staff meeting: Did anyone think to check the archives?
Philadelphia Inquirer
Who would have thought that the high-priced whore that the Spitz slept with would have taken her clothes off already on camera... mind-boggling eh?

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GB Internet Gun Dealer Partners With Students


Eric Thompson, president of the Web-based firearms and sporting goods dealer that sold firearms and accessories to the shooters in the Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University massacres,
Cheap shot. Right up at the top, first sentence, of the story. Liberal bais? (EMB)
Next month Thompson and TGSCOM, Inc,... will partner with the 22,000 member Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC) organization by supplying holsters for the organization’s second annual empty-holster protest.
SCCC, founded in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, and Thompson share the same mission – to allow licensed individuals to carry concealed firearms on campuses for self-defense.

In April, thousands of students from across the country will wear empty holsters to their classes in protest of laws and school policies that do not allow licensed and trained individuals to carry a firearm in supposed “gun-free zones” on campuses. The protest will be staged the week after the one year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings.
I doubt the uppity Libs that run these college campi are listening to THE PEOPLE THAT PAY THEIR SALARIES. But clearly many students do not feel that these colleges are doing enough to make things safe for them on campus. Unless they plan on posting armed security in every class room on campus, there is no way that a college can guarantee the safety of their students from a person with murderous intent. And putting up gun free zone signs are nothing more than saying "Hey, you'll be able to pop a dozen people, have time to reload, and drop several more before you even have to worry about someone trying to stop you." State legislatures and college campi need to get rid of this gun free zone = safety mentality.

Before you say, more guns are never the answer. Ask yourself this... How many times have you heard of a gun store being the victim of an armed robbery? How many shooting sprees happen at gun shows? When was the last mass murder that happened during an NRA meeting? I didn't think so.

When seconds matter, the police are only minutes away.


Hillary's papers came out. They show tons of experience to be a first lady... too bad that's not what she's running for eh?

WASHINGTON - Hillary Rodham Clinton kept her schedule packed when allegations exploded that her husband had an affair with an intern, according to papers released Wednesday that show her daily activities as first lady, her travels abroad and the legal woes that dogged the Clintons in the White House.

The private crisis came at the most public of times for the wife who initially believed her husband's protestations of innocence, before his story crumbled.

She had speeches scheduled, at home and abroad. She appeared by Bill Clinton's side at an education event where he angrily dismissed the reports of his womanizing. And if that were not enough, there was his State of the Union address.

I'm sure someone will peruse the papers more fully and find something in them, in which case I'll blog about that later.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama isn't (w)right

Ok, I've read the speech (still havn't listened to it, but I will) and basically Obama blames everything on white people again.

He starts out good and then turns the corner and outs his (white) grandmother for being a closet-racist and somehow that makes the good Rev. ok. Every argument Obama puts out there he ties into the past and somehow tries to make it justifiable for a church to espouse the sentiments that this one did.

He claims that he's sure that everyone disagreed with their pastor over the years (nevermind that not everyone's pastor says the same bullshit that this one does) and somehow tries to deflect criticism from himself to everyone listening to him.

This man isn't in the mold of Sharpton or Jackson; he's the updated version of them.

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I didn't watch his race speech so I'm going to link you to someone who did (and writes better than I do anyway)


Anonymous Sinners

No More Hijab - a Persian version of hip hopping rap, this is an example of underground anti regime rebelliousness of kids in Iran. Check out the footage around the 50 seconds mark, where the Lady Fashion Posse Police gets her Vice Preventing assets handed to her by a bad hijabed ho who owns her own ride.

The artists who created this have several nom de guerres - like "Anonymous Sinners"

Actually quite good. Homey production values, cool tones, a hook with a doable beat tends to create a sense of solidarity with girls in the Mullah's time travelling republic.

Thanks to FoRaM sHaH for turning me on to this

Monday, March 17, 2008

330 mpg

Reading up on the Aptera and I like it. According to the website the car will be limited to Cali residents for awhile before (hopefully) being offered nationally and internationally. While I don't think that's fair, I can live with it if it does finally make it to here (I need a good mpg car for work).

The car is designed to go 85-95 mph tops (because of the lightweight) and will be a hybrid or pure electric. Three wheels and classified as a motorcycle (up goes the insurance) it's made out of composites and has some designs that are used for race cars to help with roll-over potential.

Read the article and see what the future may look like :)

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330 MPG!!

Reading up on the Aptera and I like it. According to the website the car will be limited to Cali residents for awhile before (hopefully) being offered nationally and internationally. While I don't think that's fair, I can live with it if it does finally make it to here (I need a good mpg car for work).

The car is designed to go 85-95 mph tops (because of the lightweight) and will be a hybrid or pure electric. Three wheels and classified as a motorcycle (up goes the insurance) it's made out of composites and has some designs that are used for race cars to help with roll-over potential.

Read the article and see what the future may look like :)

Of course it will take quite awhile for the Aptera to make it to backwoods Alabama, so I'll have to look elsewhere. I used to own a Mazda 3 and loved that little car, so I may go back that way; or heck I could even look into a mini van (they are getting better looking). Mustang is still my favorite car, but they seemed to want to price them out of my league all of a sudden (heh).

The best looking 'luxury' car that I could afford would have to be a Nissan Altima and even that is pushing my finances. But the cars are sweet looking, drive great (friend has one) and need little upkeep.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008


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tDR Challenge join up. Password is tdr (tough eh?)

Must have your picks in before the first game starts.

*if the link doesn't get you there, goto ESPN fantasy page, look for groups and find the tDR Challenge group

Sunday work computers

March Madness

Selections coming up soon. Still think it'll be North Carolina, Memphis, UCLA and Tennessee as the four #1's but of course if the selection guys watch ESPN then substitute Kansas/Texas for Tennessee.

Georgia/Arkansas going on now and Georgia (16-16) is still winning. Auto-bid up for grabs for them (Arkansas is already in) and a bubble for someone will burst if it happens (Oregon?).