Saturday, March 15, 2008


Barack Obama recently tried to distance himself from his pastor because of his pastor's views about America and white people.

Obama has been a member of his church for 20 odd years, was married by the man, had his kids baptized by the man and just now finds out that the man is crazy? Seems a bit pat to me no? Obama has to believe in what the man does if he stays there; it's not like you'll keep going to the same hate-monger if you aren't a hate-monger yourself.

I've read quite a few good posts at various blogs about this and at almost all of them, some moonbat will be in the comments basically giving Obama a pass because he 'denounced' the preacher man. Of couse when the media FINALLY notices that you are using an anti-American, racist, anti-semitic, hate-mongering idiot as a spiritual advisor; you have to do something to keep your 'Audacity of Hope' going.

This is simply the latest large misstep that Obama has had since he took momentum from the Hildabeast on Super Tuesday. From wanting to bomb Pakistan, the pin, the hand not on heart to his wife's (un)pride in her country; nothing in the man has even hinted that he would be capable of leading this country he loathes so much.

I detest Hilary but at least I believe she would be better for the country than this walking time-bomb. (note: I will vote for McCain and hope he destroys whomever the Dems put out there, but if one of them would happen to win, I think Obama would ruin this country much worse than Hilary could even dream of).

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OK House of Reps passes Campus Concealed Carry

3/13/08 - Okla. House Passes Campus Gun Bill (Associated Press)

House Bill 2513 introduced by Rep. Jason Murphey, R-Guthrie...

The state House agreed Thursday to allow people with specialized firearms training, such as military personnel, to carry concealed weapons on the state's college campuses, despite opponents who said it made no sense following shootings at schools across the country.

The measure was approved 65-36, and now heads to the state Senate for a vote.

More can be read at the AP link above.

It is a fairly limited concealed carry bill, but at least it is a start. From what the AP story says, only those with "with firearms training certified by the Council on Law Enforcement Education who hold a state concealed weapons license to carry guns on college and university campuses." It also allows active, reserve, honorably discharged military and Guard members to carry concealed as well. This helps to insure that trained and qualified persons have such permits. I don't have much of a problem with this as long as the certified training for civilians isn't to restrictive and inordinately difficult to obtain. I don't mind if the training is difficult, but the process of getting enrolled should be as easy as filling our an enrollment form and paying any necessary fees.

That being said, this next part concerns me.
Murphey's bill would require people authorized to carry a concealed handgun to provide written notice to the university or college president prior to bringing a gun on campus.
This gives the Libs that control college campi a chance to discriminate against law abiding gun owners. Is there any assurance that they will not publish these names? Or give each professor a list of students on campus that are carrying concealed weapons?

My hope is that other states will adopt similar legislation. "When seconds matter, the police are only minutes away." It's more than just a catchy phrase.

Name that Party

Hard to really call this one since the person is so well known, but it fits the theme of the game*.

CHICAGO -- Sen. Barack Obama, seeking to put to rest lingering questions about his relationship with indicted fundraiser and developer Antoin Rezko, met for roughly three hours Friday with investigative reporters and editorial board members of Chicago's two biggest newspapers.

Few details appeared new. Obama revised upward his estimate of the money that Rezko raised for his early campaigns, and he reiterated his mea culpa about coordinating the purchase of his Chicago home with Rezko and buying a piece of an adjoining property from Rezko and his wife.


It's only 9 paragraphs but is about a scandal and you can bet if the person was a Republican, it would be in the 1st paragraph. (*game is from Don Surber)

The great one himself linked (thanks)

Hey Surber readers, feel free to look around the site :) also, does anyone know why this page (the main page) loads correctly in IE but not in Firefox? The site will load in FF but then load some blank page after... any help would be greatly appreciated.

update: It has to be a bad post as is working fine (to me)

update(update): fixed (I think), not sure what it was, removed some code that was no longer doing anything, but that code had been there awhile so it shouldn't have just started messing up O.o

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Friday, March 14, 2008


Watching the SEC tournament and there seems to be a tornado warning for Atlanta and the game had to be stopped.

Winds (very high) apparently made the building shake and a 'locomotive sound' was heard, the floor was cleared and now they are trying to figure out what to do.

The main problem (other than safety and a dome is the best place to be if it is indeed a tornado and not just winds) is that the tournament HAS to be done at a certain time. They are not going to move the NCAA tournament back to account for this so they will have to finish here or move if the building is not secure (there was some 'debris' falling).

Information from ESPN and the AP was not used in this report. But I will link the news at ESPN since they have it too :)

Going out tonight, hopefully I'll have fun :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Stolen from Ace (because he gets paid if it's viral).

update: clip removed, was making my site batty o.O follow the Ace link to see it

Plus Google! has decided it doesn't like me anymore... 200 visits to 44 :(
Ashley Youmans Great picture (copyrighted I'm sure, so click to visit them ok?) but does she look like a 4 grand date? She must have been unbelievable in bed.
Silda SpitzerWell we know she obviously wasn't worth 4 grand :(

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In a totally surprising move, Congress today showed that when W leaves they will raise our taxes enormously (/sarc).

Both the House and the Senate basically are telling the American people that no matter what you think of your current situation (or what the media tells you to think of it), just wait a little bit and it will get worse.

The Democrats promise to get the books back in the black while making each and every American pay more (the Senate wants some to pay more, and some not) while also raising unemployment and inflation. (ok I made the last part up, but if you take a slowing economy and jump taxes on it, guess what will happen) Of course these votes didn't actually mean anything, they were simply political in nature (which is actually the best kind of votes for us little people; the less that Congress of either stripe actually passes, the better).

The one bill that would have been great for the public probably won't pass however, the earmark one-year ban looks like it will die an agonizing death (hopefully they'll surprise me on that one). Why can't they simply take money from the people that keep bitching that taxes are too low? Do these people not realize that they can simply pay more? Maybe they should try that route.

Went out and played a round of golf today, first time in a couple years that I've been able to get out there. I won't put my score in here so I don't upset anyone (me), but it was fun and hopefully with me living in Decatur, I can do it more often. I need to light a fire under my co-bloggers to get more copy out here, but what can you do :)

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The Democrats in the House today failed to override the ban and handcuff our intelligence in the fight against terror. Of course, the republicans will not speak so much about the waterboarding component and will highlight the fact that this bill had more pork than a neighborhood 'Piggly Wiggly', which is good also. The wasteful spending should have been stopped when the R's had control of Congress and for that reason they no longer have it.

The democrats will (and do) claim that this is all about torture, ignoring the fact that waterboarding has been deemed legal by the AG and not torture under any laws in this country. Of course they had the opportunity once to make it illegal and chose not to, but that's why 20/20 is such a good thing (in hindsight that is).

There will be many (and some that even are respectable) that will argue about the effect of our using waterboarding on 'their' prisoners and what 'they' do to our prisoners. These enlightened people will conveniently ignore the fact of what the monsters already do to our people when they get them and will instead hyperventilate on what they imagine might happen to someone in custody of the jihadists.

I'm sure that U.S. and western people captured by Islamic terrorists would be happy to be waterboarded instead of the usual end-game that they use (rusty knife anyone). Congress hasn't done much right in the past few years and will disappoint me again soon I'm sure, but I am happy knowing (for now) that we have the ability to put another terrorist under the drip if needed.


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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SEC Coach Of The Year
Billie Gillispie and Bruce Pearl were named SEC Co-Coach of the Year. Both coaches had a great year. A lot of Kentucky fans were writing off Gillispie during the first part of this season. However, once the team came together things really turned around. UK ended regular season conference play with a record of 12-4. They now have a first round bye in the SEC Tourney and will most likely make a 17 consecutive appearance to the NCAA National Championship Tournament.

The Vols were ranked #1 for their first time ever. They also won their first regular season SEC Championship in just over 40 years. They also stand (in my opinion) the best chance at winning the SEC Tournament Championship.


Lawmaker Tim Couch from Kentucky (why are the idiots always in the south... don't answer that) wants to fine people like me for letting people I don't know comment on my site.

He wants to make it where every commenter has to register their name and address with any site they comment on and fine the owner of said site up to $1000 if they don't comply. I personally detest anonymous commenters (at least make up a name heh) but that doesn't mean I think you have to register who you are to be online.

This bill is supposed to stop 'online bullying' but would only stop online commenting. People, for various reasons, do not want their real-life information floating around in anymore places than it has to be. I'm sure that little out-of-the-way sites such as mine would simply not be stops for people any longer if there was a threat involved.

People that comment anonymously wont' change simply because the government tells them to, they will gravitate to other sites or simply drop off. There has been quite a few asinine bills to come from Congress, but I think this may be close to the top.


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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Mainstream Press Never disappoints

NEWS FLASH : Gov. Spitzer in sex scandal !!

Of course, I had to wait 30 minutes on the elliptical at the gym before they mentioned his party affiliation on CNN ( hey, I don't control what is on the screen).

Anyone want to bet on how long it would've taken them to identify him as a Republican if he were one??

Oh yeah...for those who didn't know, that was a clue.

He is a democrat!!

In other news:

Water is wet

The Sun Rises in the East.

That is all !!

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Not feeling the best today so I stayed home from work (float week) and am watching basketball (tourneys). Some interesting games so far today.

Saw a house fire yesterday on the way to work; there was 3-4 firetrucks and various other emergency vehicles around and looked to be under control from what I could tell driving by (was on the way to work). This morning on my way home from work, the same house was still on fire with only 1 firetruck around. Not sure if it stayed burning or re-lit, but the house was gone this time :( I feel sorry for the family.

If you get a chance, head over and say a few words to Calum; he's been down and out lately and needs some pick-me-ups. I'm sure there are other people that need visits and good words, but he's the one I'm linking here :)

Getting ready to finish emptying my house (and hopefully selling it) and will get my first full week back in Decatur. Love being around people and hopefully this is what I need to get over my funk. Who knows, I may be back to being an ass sooner than I think (heh)

Help Needed

I need help on making a proper web.config file for my domain. Everytime I try to upload one, I get a runtime error loading my web page.

I need the config file so I can add permissions for sockets (for some ad things) and I am (very) new to ASP.Net and basically am stuck.

Of course I call godaddy and they are no help. I have Visual Studio and uploaded the generic web.config file and got the same error (or lack of a load on my wepage). Any help would be appreciated.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Moving Companies Reviews

Is your company relocating you? Are you looking to move out of your present digs and get your stuff into your new house? Do you need to “get out of Dodge” in a hurry? Some people move all of their belongings themselves. However, many people prefer to make things easier on themselves, and their backs, by hiring professional moving companies to move them.

Selecting any one of the thousands of moving companies can be a very tough task. Will they show up on time? Will they damage my things? Will they damage my walls and floors during the move? Will they finish on-time? These are just two of the questions that every person, that is contemplating hiring professionals to move their entire lives, will have.

Fortunately Moving Company Reviews is here to assist you. They allows people the ability to research professional moving companies in their area. Each moving company, like Reliance Relocation Services, has a review posted by the hosts or by visitors to the site.

In fact, that is one of the best things about the site itself. The public actually gets to participate in the reviews. Good or bad, the visitor has the ability to either reward a company for a job well done or punish them for shoddy work.

If you have moved recently and the experience is fresh in your memory, then go to Moving Company Reviews and read how you can have your review be published. The owners of the site as well as any potential moving company clients will be very appreciative. And you might get a kick out of seeing your review online.

Check them out, the trip is well worth it.


From MaggiesFarm via Ace:

This piece by Major Shul came in over the transom:

In April 1986, following an attack on American soldiers in a Berlin disco, President Reagan ordered the bombing of Muammar Qaddafi's terrorist camps in Libya. My duty was to fly over Libya and take photos recording the damage our F-111's had inflicted. Qaddafi had established a 'line of death,' a territorial marking across the Gulf of Sidra, swearing to shoot down any intruder that crossed the boundary. On the morning of April 15, I rocketed past the line at 2,125 mph.

I was piloting the SR-71 spy plane, the world's fastest jet, accompanied by Maj Walter Watson, the aircraft's reconnaissance systems officer (RSO). We had crossed into Libya and were approaching our final turn over the bleak desert landscape when Walter informed me that he was receiving missile launch signals. I quickly increased our speed, calculating the time it would take for the weapons-most likely SA-2 and SA-4 surface-to-air missiles capable of Mach 5 - to reach our altitude. I estimated that we could beat the rocket-powered missiles to the turn and stayed our course, betting our lives on the plane's performance.

A great read, click on over and read it all. Makes me wish I was tall enough to fly a plane :)