Saturday, March 1, 2008

"Never Forget"

It’s been 2362 days since the WTC and over 2K innocents were murdered on that horrible day in New York. And now, on March 1st 2008, Great Satan christens Her latest future Navy ship, created with 24 tons of steel from the ruins of the Twin Towers.

Her war cry is "Never Forget."

USS New York - the only current ship in Great Satan's global waterborne armory to bear a state's name that isn't a submarine. She is the 6th warship to bear the name.

Her nom de guerre in Navyspeak is Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD 21).
USS New York will transport and land Marines, their equipment and supplies, by embarked air cushion or conventional landing craft or Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles, augmented by helicopters or vertical take off and landing aircraft.
USS New York shall support amphibious, special operations, or expeditionary warfare missions through the first half of the 21st century.

She is a significant offshore threat to Great Satan's enemies.

USS New York will chauffer 800 Marines into battle with all the goodies they desire and require to deliver a world of hurt.

Four CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters or two MV-22 Osprey tilt rotor aircraft may be launched or recovered simultaneously. The ship’s hangar can store 1-2 aircraft.

Two 30 mm Close-in-Guns, for surface threat defense; two Rolling Airframe Missile launchers for air defense

Amphib Landing and Assault Craft - 2 LCACs (air cushion) or 1 LCU (conventional)

14 Marine Corps Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles

2 of her future sisters will be named USS Arlington and USS Somerset in commemoration of the places for the other two planes used in the attack on 911 that shed American blood on American soil.

She was christened by ship sponsor, Dotty England, (2nd time was the charm) on Saturday, 1 March 2008 at Avondale Shipyards in New Orleans, La. Big time cats were on hand to witness the phoenix rebirth of firepower, staying power and willpower like Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, the NYPD and NYFD, and family of 9-11 victims.

Her new Captain is Commander F. Curtis Jones, a native of New York City.

Some shipworkers say the hairs stood up on the backs of their necks the first time they touched her, like a Holy Relic.

"This is sacred and it makes me very proud. Nobody passes by that bow section without knocking on it. Everybody knows what it is made from and what it’s

Never Forget

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Friday, February 29, 2008

One K'Ssam Away

"It begins with a single Qassam rocket, one of the thousands of homemade projectiles fired in recent years by the Islamic radicals of HAMAS from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel.

The rockets have made life nightmarish for many Israelis but have largely missed their targets. But this one gets "lucky": It smashes into an elementary school, wounding 40 children and killing 15."

From such a scary pic start off - random targeting of a school mind you - it gets worse. Little Satan finally says the heck with it and launches an old school panzer strip blitz. Lured into armor kill zones ala Kursk, house to house fighting like Fallujah and Jenin break out.

HAMAS screams "Massacre! Massacre!" and instantly the lame stream media does a 24/7 complete with Gaza Green Helmet guys, freshly displayed deceased innocents and the result is outrage and violent riots throughout the ME.

Body Parts Collector General of the Hiz'B'Allah begins to fire off like a billion K'tusha's at Little Satan's North 40. Knocking out batteries of foreign fed and led missile martyrs in Lebanon in record time (must have been all that study and rehearsal after the July August War of '06) - Little Satan's Air Force starts working overtime.
Basharopolis acts out with a real live military attack on the Golan Heights.

Little Satan absorbs the attack, counters and Syria retaliates with chemical warheads on Little Satan's cities. The IAF begins turning entire blocks of government ministries and complexes into huge smoking craters in the oldest continually inhabited city in the world.

About then Iran fires off hundreds of Shahab 3 rockets targeting Tel Aviv.

"Sound fantastical or too horrific to ponder? Not to Israeli intelligence analysts it doesn't. The Israeli military recently conducted a round of large-scale war games based precisely on this scenario.

In some rounds, Israel managed to humble Hamas and Hezbollah while shooting down most of the Iranian and Syrian rockets with its own Arrow and Patriot antimissile systems. But other forecasts went far less well: Israel survives but barely, with its cities devastated and countless civilians killed."

Now the cat who paints such a realistic(?) pic is Michael Oren. A very good historian, 2 of his books are def must haves - "Power, Faith, and Fantasy (America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present)" and the essential "6 Days of War - (the Making of the Modern Middle East)."

Dr Oren's prescrip is to point to the 6 Day War. The ME is a lot like it was way back then. And a lot different too.

"A conflict between Israel and Iran might not last six days but six hours, unleashing shock waves even more seismic than those of 1967."

Raining K'Ssam rockets (40 on Wednesday alone) with no end in sight is totally uncool in a dangerous way. Until recently, HAMAS has been faking it .

Little Satan so far has kept up a relentless stealth campaign as her spy guy military ops rip through the HAMAS terror fanboy groups, instead of unleashing an all out assault to retake Gaza and keep it this time.

All that could change very soon.

It's only one K'Ssam away.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

William Buckley

Most everyone has posted on this already, I've been busy so I'll just link to a friend of mine's post on it.
[I think of the great quote: "Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." WFB was not a great mind, he was a titanic mind. Colossal. The sphere of his comprehension knew no fixed radius. He was a man of culture and letters, a sportsman and musician, a socialite and a committed Catholic -- all while leading the conservative charge for 50+ years. I began subscribing to National Review almost ten years ago, attracted primarily by his wit and wisdom. His congenial relations with his fiercest of critics is the model we should all hope to attain. God Bless you WFB. Thanks for being the embodiment of the RIGHT way of living. -Biz]

Climate Porn

Twelve-month long drop in world temperatures wipes out a century of warming

Over the past year, anecdotal evidence for a cooling planet has exploded. China has its coldest winter in 100 years. Baghdad sees its first snow in all recorded history. North America has the most snowcover in 50 years,
World Temperatures according to the Hadley Center for Climate Prediction. Note the steep drop over the last year.
with places like Wisconsin the highest since record-keeping began. Record levels of Antarctic sea ice, record cold in Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Australia, Iran, Greece, South Africa, Greenland, Argentina, Chile -- the list goes on and on.

It will be interesting to see the spin that the climate porn people put on stories like this as they become more common with the reduced solar activity. Of course they knew that man-made global warming couldn't pan out for long, hence the name change to 'climate-change' and the attempt to connect all weather to the movement.

The next big 'scare' will be the attempt to stop the global cooling by this same crowd (as it was in the 1970's); the only similarities will be the cost to the taxpayers. No matter what 'they' think needs to be done, it will come as a heavy burden to the working people of industrialized countries (and the upcoming ones).

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Audacity Of Victory

Disaster, quagmire, catastrophe, failure. Like witches cackling about a bubbly cauldron, critics and critiques enchant and re enchant a totally cursed cacophony. A pox on Pax Americana, defeat, retreat and repeat.

Such inappropiate (and boring) wickedness summoned something more than shades, spectres and hissing dissing daemoneocon denounciations.

It also requires a retarded redux more see through than Lindsay's see through Marilyn redux.

Decorated ex Combat historian and all around America Rocks y'all! PHD Bevin Alexander prophesied that chairborne handwringers, ex and future (maybe?) policy makers, are either educated doofuses, in heat with defeat or (even worse) - academic deceivers

"Many critics of American foreign policy - both at home and abroad - assert that the United States has overextended herself unnecessarily in other nations affairs. Some liberal critcs even chastise the United States for becoming an "Imperial Power."

These criticisms are completely off the mark. Those who worry about America's projection of power are overlooking how America got to the position she occupies at this moment in history: the world's dominant political and military, the only nation that will actually go into the world and strike down evil."

This is significant. For Great Satan, "National Interest" is not a 'geo mapi - graphical' phrase (well maybe for trade and enviro regulating) it is global. Tiny and small nations might appropiately feel that their nat'l interest begin and end at the border. Natch, their foreign policy would most likely be defensive only.

A larger nation has more extensive interests - by design. Like Soviet Union time Russia and Great Satan today - collective ID is ideological, big boys have ideological interests in addition to purely materialistic concerns.

Sans something weird and unheard of, Great Satan will always feel bound and obliged to defend any democracy under the gun from unfree, unhinged and undemocratic threats - external or internal. Kinda like the Euro escapade in both world wars.

Same thing with Japan, SoKo, Taiwan or Little Satan today. When geopolitical best girl friends forever are under attack - the claws come out. Nothing magic about it.

Fact is, the Great Satan's 30 years in the future military is super superior (and some are in denial about this - which says more about their world views than anything else) to any imaginable combination that could be arrayed against her. This wasn't an evil plot by pre emptive, preventive plotters.

It came with the turf. Just lucky - bad or good - Great Satan racked up one heck of a military biz during the half century since WWII time Deutschland and Nippon gave up fascist and imperial ghosts and succumbed to Regime Changes.

While Europa rebuilt, recovered and rehabbed, Warsaw Pact time Russia laid out of real combat (except for losing their hide in Afghanistan) and used Soviet homies and local fanboys to do the fighting.

Not Great Satan! She was involved with combat ops nearly everywhere. Korea, Greece, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dominican Repub, El Salvador, Grenada, Lebanon, Libya, Panama, Kuwait, Somalia, Kosovo, the Balkans, Afghanistan and of course, her latest regime change - Iraq.

When Russia tried to put down Grozny the 1st time in the Commonwealth era - it was horribly embarrassing. - like catching a longtime Gf hooking up with a guy that she KNEW you liked.

"The initial attack ended with a major rout of the attacking forces and led to heavy Russian casualties and nearly a complete breakdown of morale. An estimated 1,000 to 2,000 federal soldiers died in the disastrous New Year's Eve assault.

All units of the 131st "Maikop" Motor Rifle Brigade sent into the city, numbering more than 1,000 men, were destroyed during the 60-hour fight in the area of the Grozny's central railway station, leaving only about 230 survivors (1/3 of them captured). Several other Russian armored columns each lost hundreds of men during the first two days and nights of the siege."

The mighty Red Army quagmired in their own back yard with the first defeat suffered by Russia nearly 51 years to the day. Not since the wicked Wehrmacht desperately delivered a bloody nose at Zhitomir Ukrainia had the Red Army been defeated and retreated.

When an almost identical sitch occured at Ah Nasiriyah in '03 - Great Satan pretty much redecorated the place (in early millenium 'Steel on target' fashion), launched an on the spot counterattack that not only reached temporarily cut off units - but ended up capturing the entire burg.

Half a century of nigh constant confrontation cloned creative combat cadre that would never leave a comrade behind. Armed with the ultimate in Battlefield meds, real time communications and more precise firepower in hand, on hold and on call than panzer prima donna's ever dreamed.

Great Satan blinging for combat stuff rate wise expanded along with America's economic growth - while Euro powers blinged on social programs and refrained from fighting amoungst themselves, cut spending on their militaries and focused on trading and tech.

The Soviet Union spent cash (rubles, actually) at an alarming rate. Mostly wasteful, Mother Russia's military AND economy bashed heads and knocked each other all the way out in collapse.
Magically, after 20 years or so, despite faux school ideas like "imperial decline" Great Satan busted out of her cocoon as uniquely powerful - the only one of Her kind. Meds, science and high tech were off the hook - and generously applied to creating and upgrading everything from electric pencil sharpeners to cruise missiles.

Just like Spider - man, with all this great power came great responsibilities. It's a fact Jack - whether sought after, wanted, welcomed or not.

A lot like the armies of attention attracting sporty shorties at the mall that demand, deflect and encouragingly discourage players.

And, like little hottie drama magnets, Great Satan will find opportunities to use it - or the world will discover opportunities for Great Satan.

Despite faux obits, predictions of defeat, quad quarterly publications of recent event rewrites, realpolitik resurrectionists, and dissing defence of democracy - America's audacity of victory is nigh unstoppable.

Inspired by dR d at AmErIcAn PoWeR

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"Ohio Is For Lovers"

Firewalls, last chance, Alamo - it's showtime tonight. In a certain poli party's primary debate held in Ohio - this killer tune by Hawthorne Heights (also from Ohio) may be a killer cool soundtrack for what the 'lame stream media' calls a last ditch effort to turn things around for a certain lady who wants to be pres in the Buckeye State.

Appropiately (and ironically delish) entitled "Ohio Is For Lovers", it's showtime. So turn down the sound on the TV, click on the OIFL link, crank the volume and make up your own dialouge.

"Hey there, I know it's hard to feel like I don't care at all.
Where you are and how you feel. Put these lights off as these wheels
keep rolling on and on. (and on and on and on...)

Slow things down or speed them up. Not enough or way too much.
(and on and on and on...) Are you and I gone?

And I can't make it on my own. (And I can't make it on my own.)
Because my heart is in Ohio.

So cut my wrists and black my eyes. (Cut my wrists and black my eyes)
So I can fall asleep tonight or die.

Because you kill me.
You know you do, you kill me well. You like it too, and I can tell.
You never stop until my final breath is gone.

Spare me just three last words."I love you" is all she heard. I'll wait for
you, but I can't wait forever."

Sunday, February 24, 2008