Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bye Bye Huckabee?

Hat tip: everyone it seems

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The Thompson campaign emails to announce they’ve had to shut down the doors at a couple of today’s campaign events because of overcrowding.

As I said, I think we’re about to see what will later be described as an “amazing turnaround” for Fred in South Carolina.

Of course, it will only be amazing to the mainstream media, which hoped that ignoring Thompson would make him go away.
Daily Pundit

Not much to add, I just hope that finally people will see that it's the candidate that matters and not the campaign ...

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Friday, January 11, 2008

The difference between victim and victor

This story actually happened back in November but it has just come to my attention. I wanted to post it and add a few comments.

911 audio (may not be suitable for all listeners):

Original story:
Hammond woman fatally shoots alleged stalker

A northwest Indiana woman shot her alleged stalker to death.

Police say 41-year-old Ryan Lee Bergner broke into the woman's home in Hammond Monday night. The 51-year-old woman called 9-1-1 and hid in a closet with a gun she had been given for protection. She says she shot him when he opened the closet door and started choking her.

His family says Bergner was a good man. Neighbors say the woman's action is understandable.

"There is no way there should be any charges on her. It is justifiable homicide. She was on the phone with police. They told her exactly what to do. What more are you asking for when some guy's coming at you? I mean, that's defense," said Alison Joseph, woman's neighbor.

Story update can be found here:

She said she was watching television when she heard a window break and called 911. She was hiding in a closet when she says 41-year-old Ryan Bergner came into the room. That's when she shot him with a gun she acquired that day. (emphasis added by EMB)

"What are you doing? Stop it. Stop it, stop it," the victims says in the emergency call.

"He's in the room with her," the 911 operator says.

"Stop it, stop it," the victim continues, then a scream is heard.

Earlier this week, the prosecutor decided not to charge the woman. (emphasis added - EMB)

This is a prime example of how a person turned the tables on her attacker and refused to be a victim. By defending herself she very well may have saved her own life.

As good as the police are, they simply cannot be everywhere. As the 911 audio shows, it can take several minutes for the police to get to you when you need them most. This woman did everything she could to avoid this man. Everything that all of the anti-gun people tell you to do. Call 911. Lock the doors. Retreat to another room. Hide.

None of which did any good. He still came after her. Locked doors did not stop him. Locked windows did not stop him. A call to 911 did not stop him. An armed citizen did.

From the email

Fox Hunting

Too good not to pass on.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Comedy and Campaigning

H/t Misha: Video of Robin Williams in Kuwait after the jump

Click for the video

Also some Fred love over at Stop the ACLU:
One last Fred post for the night. Once again, Fred releases a well thought out plan. He seems to be the only candidate that has any plans.
In 2007, the federal government's spending rose to an astounding $2.8 trillion– the equivalent of $22,000 per household. Growth in federal government spending, however, rarely translates into better services for the American people. Solutions for many public policy problems are best found in the private sector, and then at the State and local level–not in Washington, DC. Indeed, the federal government loses billions every year due to ineffective programs, poor management, waste, and fraud. And, the problem is getting worse. Within the next five years, federal spending is expected to reach more than $3.2 trillion, or about 20 percent of our economy; more than half of this amount is mandatory spending for entitlements. Increasing government spending is not the answer to our country's problems. It is time to get it under control with better solutions and better management of our federal government.

Balance the Budget and Eliminate Underperforming Programs

Congress has consistently refused to balance the budget and address the deficit. In fact, federal spending continues to grow at rates double inflation. This rate of growth in federal spending is not sustainable and must be brought under control. The following actions will result in better control of the growth of non-defense discretionary spending:
Stop the ACLU

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

UT vs Ole Miss

Tennessee vs Mississippi in basketball.

Ole Miss is one of the 6 unbeatens in the country coming in (ranked #15) and UT only has 1 loss and is ranked #9/8 and it is at UT.

Ole Miss averages 86+ points a game and UT averages 87+ so it should be a great game (it was a great game).

Mississippi 83 at Tennessee 85

New Hampshire

Because James wanted me to post on it.

New Hampshire. does. not. matter.

On the D side, Hillary could have been dealt a death blow but wasn't and on the R side, Huck could have shown he had more than the evangelicals on his side but didn't.

That is all :)


Had a 590 last night (187, 177, 226) for a 196 average per game... of course it is a team sport and we lost em all ;(

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Ohio State has heard all year how they aren't good enough to beat an SEC school. After the pasting they got last year from Florida, they had to endure the media, the fans and probably their families expecting them to fail.

That made them mad. They came into this championship game with a chip on their shoulder and the backing of almost the entire ESPN staff (not that matters much, ESPN picked them last year too). They brought the #1 rated defense in all football and 'beanie' wells, the running back who made Michigan go away. They were ready to take it all.

LSU 'backed' into the game, some even say didn't deserve to be there (Oklahoma, USC, Georgia certainly would say it), much like Florida last year. ESPN hyped up the fact that LSU was playing basically a home game (Lee Corso ran hard with this, pumping up the Buckeyes) and was too 'fast' for OSU. LSU had the 3rd ranked defense, but lately they had given up quite a few yards and points to some 'low' competition.

The game kicked off and less than a minute and a half in, OSU had a 7 point lead ...

NEW ORLEANS -- Through an entire season of upsets and upheaval, teams moved in and out of the top of the polls as if it were a fleabag motel instead of the Ritz-Carlton. No one stayed long, and the ones that claimed they belonged didn't exactly look the part.

Until the last night of the season, that is. On the last night of the season, college football found an occupant for its penthouse.

Doug Benc/Getty Images
For the second time in five years, the Tigers are holding the crystal football.
The LSU Tigers are a dominant champion. They are a deserving champion. And as a fitting end to a season that never followed its script, they are college football's first two-loss champion.

LSU rolled over Ohio State 38-24 in the BCS Championship Game, becoming not only the first two-loss champion but the first two-time champion in the 10-year history of the BCS. That the Tigers managed to achieve both distinctions captures the uneven nature of their season, in which they lost two games in triple overtime and won three others in the final 90 seconds of regulation.

There would be no such thrills Monday night because LSU cut way down on its mistakes. The team that finished the season 118th in the nation in penalties per game (8.7) committed only four in the last, most important game. The Tigers (12-2) committed only one turnover. Ohio State (11-2), the team known for not beating itself, committed seven and three, respectively.

It was a great game and a needed one ;) that win was the difference between being tied for 4th and tied for 1st in the 'pool'.

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Monday, January 7, 2008


Some good games over the weekend. My brother's favorite team, my mother's favorite, my dad's favorite and my favorite team are in.

The Tennessee Titans (dad) lost a good game to San Diego. Just like the last time the two teams played, SD took control in the second half and the Titans 'rolled over' and let them.

The NY Giants (brother) totally beat up on the Tampa Bay Bucs. NY plays Dallas (mine) next week for the 3rd time this season (with Dallas taking the first 2) in what should be a great game.

[Seattle beat Washington and will play Green Bay (mother) next week / Jacksonville beat Pittsburgh and will play New England]