Sports for the week(end)

Had a softball game this week and we won 13-3 in 5 innings. Lil bit was on the camera so the clips were spotty, but there's one of me coaching 3rd just as we change innings:(#69 [yes it probably was perverted once upon a time, now it's simply tradition that I have that number])
After that, lil bit took the training wheels of her bike (sniffle) and tried to learn to ride. She hasn't gotten it yet, but she will (best vid I have of it, not her best ride though)
Finally we had soccer this morning. I didn't get to stay but until half time so I didn't get any good vids. I got one of her making a good block. We left and it was 3-2 (them) just after the half. Lil bit called and told me she scored 2 goals!!! and had 2 more blocks and got defensive player of the game!
Next week I have to work on soccer day, so hopefully someone else can film. We do play ball again this week, so maybe something from that too.

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