Saturday, January 5, 2008


Ok, I've been at my parents for the past few days just hanging out and not really doing any blogging, but now I'm home. Tomorrow I should get into it again.

No nicotine in my system since the morning of the 2nd and I'm about to go crazy ;)

I'll get around to visits and all and maybe post something if I find anything interesting; hope everyone has a great night and talk to you later.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Chechen Caveat

Dr Yossef Bodansky returns after his super controversial "Secret History of the Iraq War" with a very interesting nonfiction docu drama about the future of Jihad. Using history, high level contacts and a bit more open on sources, Bodansky shares lessons, tactics and strategies that the Russians used to salvage an almost total defeat in Chechnya (despite leveling the capitol Grozny - twice) into a managable draw and a likely marginalization of the destructive appeals of militant mohmmedism. It's "Chechen Jihad - Al Qaeada's Training Ground and the next wave of Terror."

When the Soviet Union regime changed herself into the Russian Commonwealth, Chechnya became a laboratory in the past decade featuring a weird hook up of native Chechen separatists and militant jihadists. From all over Central Asia and the ME, rejectionists with an evil penchant for victims, sharia law and explosives have joined forces to replenish al Qaeda and to march the mohammedist movement to continue the attack on anything not remotely resembling a romanticsed reactionary 8th century fantasy.
"Chechens are professional fighters—disciplined and responsible, with a combination of skills, expertise, and character that has made them the most sought-after 'force multipliers' in the jihadist movement."
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Kurdistan, the Balkans, Caucasas, Algeria, Sudan, Kashmir and Azerbijian. Chechens appear wherever Jihadi mini theocracies are in danger of collapsing. Chechens also appear wherever Jihadi theocrcies are exporting murder, mayhem and torment to their neighbors. Chechens appear whenever Vlad needs some mafia style head knocking or military style dark arts influence in old school Soviet Republics that have splintered into an astounding numer of provinces, peoples and independence movements.

Bodansky shares secrets and actually does the kiss and tell routine with secret histories of the two Chechen wars, Caveats about "Chechenization" - a Russian style 'hearts and minds' campaign that failed and transformed the fight from a secular nationalist campaign into a holy war against Mother Russia and the secular, wicked, woman worshipping West.

And, in the most instructive message for Western audiences, he reveals how the Chechen rebellion was eventually crippled by a schism between the jihadists and the Chechen people whose nationalist rebellion they had co-opted—an object lesson in the vulnerability of imposed Caliphatic campaigns around the world.

Great writing, action and plot twists that rival anything from Hollywood, including a sweet scene where Vlad exacts revenge on El Bastardo of the Beslan School Massacre, Bodansky presents a convincing pic from military and intelligence sources from throughout the ME and Central Asia, as well as senior officials in many of the affected nations.

"Chechen Jihad" offers an intimate look, chilling possibilities and possible solutions.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I'm sure no one that votes in Iowa actually reads my blog, but if you happen to and are planning on voting Republican. Please, pretty please do not vote for Huckabee.

Considering his positions and actions as governor of Arkansas, it's hard to believe that he has as much 'poll' support as is claimed now that his positions should be filtering into Iowa. I realize that 'evangelical' voters are pretty 1-issue people, but you would think that if they don't give a rat's ass about conservatism, they'd already be democrats and would be voting for Obama by now.

Some Huck-facts:
The truth is that violent crime was higher at the end of his term than when he took office, and he raised taxes more than he cut them.
In the run-up to the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, Huckabee is running a TV ad featuring graphics that claim he was "tough on crime" and "brought Arkansas' crime rate down," and that he "cut taxes over 90 times as governor."

In fact, the violent crime rate was higher at the end of his tenure than it was the year he took office. And the tax cuts he claims credit for were minor compared with the large increases he approved, which included an increase in the state sales tax.

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SeeDub starts it all

SeeDub is causing a firestorm in the blogosphere by pointing out that not everyone is enamored of the phrase "fire in the belly". Of course he doesn't take credit for this phenomena but everyone knows it started on his blog :)

I've had pretty much this discussion with quite a few others, why is it that we only want to vote for people that CAMPAIGN well instead of people that will you know, govern well? It is absolutely idiotic to vote for someone based on how they approached the run-up to the Iowa caucuses instead of their stands on the issues that are important to the voter. That would be like voting for Hillary because she has more experience heh.

Click the link below to read seedub's post on all this.
Click for the rest of the story
My grousing about the "fire in the belly" MSM moron-meme is resonating* around the blogosphere. Michael Bates had talked about it here, and Anwyn linked me in this post. Even Allah admitted I had a point, but he's such a drooling wild-eyed Fredhead fanboy it's hard to take him seriously on the issue.
Seedub also talks about the actual voter that asked the question about ambition and what he thought of the answer (as opposed to what the press thought), you may be surprised, or not, since I seem to be in slow motion.

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Not much posting going on, just enjoying my time off at the moment.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


The new 'forgotten war' still has some good headlines to show [Iraq]:
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U.S. commanders in Iraq have released dramatic video showing a car containing Al Qaeda operatives being blown up by hellfire missiles attached to Apache attack helicopters.

The car was destroyed in the mission that military officials say demonstrates greater cooperation between locals and coalition forces in Iraq.

One of the terrorists killed in the attack on Sunday is an insurgent who had been imprisoned on Nov. 11 but released shortly afterward. He conducted two attacks on U.S. and coalition forces, including one on Thanksgiving, before being killed, officials said.

One of the "high value" individuals targeted "is believed to be an Al Qaeda cell leader known to facilitate attacks and orchestrate suicide bomb attacks," said Major Alayne Conway, a spokeswoman with the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq. "He was also involved in attacks against forces in 3rd Brigade's area of operations. One of his most well-known attacks was a vehicle-borne IED against the Australian Embassy."

Fox News
Interesting article, but no link to the footage that was released.

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