Saturday, December 1, 2007

SEC Championship

Decent game, not a lot of production from UT's offense.

Ainge gave the game away and then gave away the comeback... [ESPN]

update: forgot the score (doh) 21-14 LSU ;(

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Duct tape

Some people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007


In case you were wondering, I'm still on dial-up until (hopefully) tomorrow around noon.

So that's why I havn't been around much nor posted :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Touchy Towards Taiwan

China's got game - a seat at the UN Sec Council and a veto for sale. China is hip -fully crunk with high tech - able to shoot down capitalist satellites and launch more than astronauts.

A mean scary military machine is de rigeur for the hood. After all she's got nuclear NoKo on the south 40, Caliphates crunk up next door in nuclear Pakistan, borders with both nuclear Russia and nuclear India. China could launch a world of hurt at any chicanery she doesn't cotton to.
So why is China's new Navy is built around amphibious invasions?
China’s naval forces include 72 principal combat warships, some 58 attack
submarines, about 50 medium and heavy amphibious lift vessels, and
approximately 41 coastal missile patrol craft. China also fields over 700 attack

President Hu's '5 No's' explain everything perfectly what will unleash this armada:

a formal declaration of independence or a military alliance by Taiwan with a
foreign power, or foreign intervention in Taiwan's internal affairs. Delays in resumption of cross-Strait dialogue, and an unwillingness to negotiate on the basis of 'one China'. Taiwan's acquisition of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction internal unrest or turmoil on Taiwan

China is totally tripping over Taiwan. Long considered a rebellious province that would one day be welcomed back in to Mother China (ala Hong Kong) China has a jealous eye towards her democratic, successful, rich little sister. And a crazy intolerance for a hip, free and fun sister (who hasn't bothered anybody) to be independent. Or a homie of the Great Satan.

The Great Satan recently toured the Far East with stops in Japan, SoKo and China. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates got the red carpet treatment with an especial gig at Beijing's
Forbidden Palace.

The Great Satan pointed out how uncool the unannounced satellte shoot was, how provocative Chinese subs stalking one of the Great Satan's precious regime changers like Kitty Hawk could be. The Great Dragon and the Great Satan agreed to agree and built a magical hotline to avoid such disses in the future.

"We discussed the need to move forward and deepen our military-to-military
dialogue, including that on nuclear policy strategy and doctrine."

How ironic that the super friends hotline wasn't online when the Great Satan toured Taiwan the next month with a sweet best friends for ever missile deal that could annihilate amphibious assaults.

China let everyone know she was flat out freaked that the Great Satan would honour an agent of free thinking like the Dalai Lama. Zhang Qingli, the new hand picked Communist Party secretary for recently crushed Tibet made sure the hotline was online this time:
"We are furious"
While many explanations are offered for the recent retardedness at Hong Kong - Is Taiwan the reason Red China freaked out and acted like a dissed ho with the USS Kitty Hawk?

The Great Satan is proud of that.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fred on taxes

WASHINGTON - Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson proposed an income tax plan Sunday that would allow Americans to choose a simplified system with only two rates: 10 percent and 25 percent.

Thompson's proposal, announced on "Fox News Sunday," would allow filers to remain under the current, complex tax code or use the flat tax rates.

Asked whether the plan would cut too deeply into federal revenues, the former Tennessee senator and actor said experts "always overestimate the losses to the government" when taxes are cut.

"We've known for years any time we have lowered taxes and any time we've lowered tax rates, we've seen growth in the economy," Thompson said.

Thompson added that money would be saved by his Social Security reform plan. He proposed that workers younger than 58 receive smaller monthly Social Security checks than they are now promised. Individuals could contribute 2 percent of their paycheck to a personal retirement account, an amount that would be matched by the Social Security trust fund. [link]

Some solid policy speak from Fred. Hopefully this will get his campaign back on track in time for the upcoming votes. I'll vote for the Republican nominee, but I'd feel much better if that was Fred :)

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