Friday, November 2, 2007


Switched (back) to Haloscan (tracking, trackbacking, recent comments) and changed some things overall. Added a BP feed to the sidebar (new one every 3 days if I remember) and tried to put the rolls in scrollers.

When I did the div overflow, etc. I got NO rolls at all (not they didn't show up correctly, they didn't show up at all) so I had to go back to the long rolls.

All the comments are now gone... there was nothing 'recent' except for 2, James commenting on the BP roundup and DD2 commenting on Bloggers. My response is yes it's a great roundup and DD2, I want more people to post here :)

Still don't have Halloween pictures, but did get a pic from falen with lil bit painting in the new house (they are moving, same city, different location)
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Using this page to hold my blog just in case I don't get funding for the lordnazh domain.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

BP Roundup

The monthly BP roundup is up at Gracchi's place, lots of links and a good story :)

Visit the roundup and follow through to the links.

Update on Halloween: It will be a few days before I get pictures of lil bit. Seems falen doesn't have internet at the moment and can't send them to me.

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Seems Harry over at Nation of Shopkeepers has tagged me with a '10 people you want to hit with a brick' meme...

I usually avoid these like the plague, but since I was the only BP'er he tagged, I'll respond :)

10. Keith Olbermann - just because he's a douche

9. Hillary Clinton (yes HH thought she'd be on here, but I'd bet higher up) - no reason needed

8. John Chavis - UT defensive co-ordinator (if you follow college football, you'll know why)

7. John Edwards - silky pony gets it

6. The editors of TNR - Beauchamp anyone?

5. [redacted] - can't really put his name on here

4. Paris Hilton - just because she needs one

3. Charlie Weiss - offense this buddy

2. The Roaming Gnome - commercials suck ...

1. The guy that thought of blog memes ...

As per my rule, I will not tag anyone

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I filched this from Ace... sue me :)

If you aren't laughing after watching this, then you are hopeless.

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! :)

I'll put pictures of lil bit up when/if I get them.

Monday, October 29, 2007


From MVRWC comes this gem:

Last week, Israeli MK Yossi Beilin introduced a bill into the Knesset calling for the expulsion of all Jews from Hebron. But, before the vote, MK Arieh Eldad announced he had prepared an identical bill… with one slight but important difference.

Mk Eldad exchanged the words “Jewish Community of Hebron” for the words “Hebron Palestinians.” Otherwise, the bill was exactly the same. Beilin’s bill called to expel the the Jews of Hebron and Eldad’s bill called to expel the Palestinians of Hebron.

and… oh! the outrage of the left! He called for the expulsion of Palestinians!?! Oh! Voices were raised, cries of racism rang out, to which, I have been told, MK Eldad replied, “What about you?”

Indeed. Expel the Jews, that’s okay, but expel the Palestinians, that’s racist. Why? Why is it racist to expel the Palestinians and not racist to expel the Jews?

Beilin’s bill to expel the Jews from Hebron was defeated 47 to 11. Eldad’s bill was not put to vote.

It's amazing what the left (no matter where they are) will decry while accepting anything that displaces the Jews.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

SEC Roundup

Tennessee vs South Carolina:
The first half was all Tennessee, they moved the ball at will and stopped everything SC tried to do. One play Tennessee's defense wasn't even on the field and SC failed to get a first down (j/k). A methodical offense and swarming defense led to a 21-0 Tennessee lead at the half.

The second half, both teams switched. South Carolina changed QB's and moved the ball with abandon, Tennessee's defense couldn't slow them down and the offense sputtered. One drive that wasn't a 3 and out until late (that drive stalled after a failed fourth down conversion).

Two years ago, SC won for the only time in Neyland stadium on a 49 yard field goal. Last night they scored 3 touchdowns to tie it up and then with 1:24 left nailed a, yep you guessed it, 49 yard field goal for a 24-21 lead.

On the ensuing kickoff, Tennessee's LaMarcus Coker returned it to the 49 on a great cutback run. With around 1:18 left, Tennessee drove to the 18 yard line with :28 to go. With time enough to go for the win instead of the tie; Ainge backed up to pass and was sacked and fumbled. Tennessee recovered and had to spike the ball to stop the clock at :09 (no time-outs left) for a field goal try to tie. The try was (very) wide left but there was a false start on UT and the play didn't count (thank goodness). Backed up 5 yards now it was a 48 yarder (47 yards was the kickers long) and the kick was true. Overtime! In OT UT got the ball first, bogged down and kicked another field goal for a 27-24 lead. SC got the ball and couldn't do anything (unusually) and brought in their reliable kicker for a cheap 41 yarder. He missed it BADLY and UT wins!
Auburn vs Ole Miss:
Both offenses are terrible but Auburn's defense is awesome. It showed in a 17-3 win by the Tigers.
Georgia vs Florida (World's Greatest Outdoor Cocktail Party):
Florida, even with 2 SEC losses entered the day controlling their own destiny in the East. Win out and they go to the championship game. Georgia had lost 15 of the last 17 to UF and today looked like just another loss.

Something funny happened on the way to the game. Georgia came out running and never stopped. With Tebow (UF QB) hurt, Georgia's defense held him to -15 yards rushing (he did have 2 TD's) and the Florida defense played like it was wearing UT jerseys (heh). In the end, it was too much Moroney from Georgia (188 yards, 3 TD's) and a 42-30 beatdown for UF at the hands of Georgia.
Vanderbilt vs Miami (OH):
Vandy hasn't been to a bowl game since '82 I think. To get to one you have to get 6 wins in a year. They entered this game with 4 (and a difficult schedule after) so winning this one was a must. After letting Miami get back into it in the first half, Vandy pulled away in the second half for a 24-13 win and one step closer to that elusive bowl berth.
Arkansas vs Florida International:
This game shouldn't have been competitive and wasn't. Arkansas could have brought cheerleaders in and still ran the ball. A 58-10 pasting looks good on your stat sheet.
Kentucky vs Mississippi State:
Kentucky is already bowl eligible but has dreams of the SEC East (after their National title hopes were crushed in the close loss to UF last week). Mississippi State has been bad for a long time and with 4 wins, stood just 2 wins from a bowl berth (unthinkable at the beginning of the year).

This game was a terrible game if you were a KY fan (hey EMB) or even if you just pull for them. Miss. St. moved the ball at will and scored the 31-14 upset by making KY turn the ball over 6 times (including 3 interceptions from the once heisman touted QB at KY).

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