Friday, October 12, 2007

Single White Male Seeks Hot Babe

Thaiphoon and I figured that since our buddy Nazh was in a bit of a funk, we would do what we can to hook him up with some female companionship. If you feel that you will be interested in this fine piece of man meat, feel free to leave a comment and we'll try to get back to you. [PLEASE DO NOT leave personal phone numbers and other personal information where everyone and their grandmother can see it. EMB]

Hello. My name is Lord Nazh. I am a single white male in the 35 to 45 year old range. I live in the great state of Alabama. I currently make a living as a Right Wing Extremist, but enjoy several extra curricular activities.

I enjoy spending time with my family and playing with my daughter. In my free time I enjoy thumping the occasional Bible and thanking G-d for giving us the University of Tennessee and the United States of America. I like blogging and bowling but never at the same time. Always blog responsibly. Friends don't let friends blog and bowl. I love guns, video games and live D&D role playing. Although my favorite activities have to be Star Trek Conventions and dressing up as a 49th Level Elf Archer (female of course ;))

My dislikes are Liberal whackos, Environmentalist hippies, Islamic extremists, peacenik pansies and dressing as a 48th Level Elf Archer (I hate posers!)

I am looking for a meaningful, long term one night stand with a beautiful blond woman (wigs are acceptable). You must have at least 25% of your original teeth and mostly STD free. You must like to dress up like Wonder woman. Then tie me up with a golden lariat and force me to tell the truth!! I've been a very naughty Elf.

My picture is posted below. Please include a recent picture of yourself for future reference. [Keep it clean please. EMB]

I'll be waiting... XoXoXo

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Not sure where I found this picture at (so i can't credit it) but I love it.

It somewhat reflects my day-to-day existance at this point in my life. Lonliness and depression, 2 words I've never dealt with before, are eating at me and I need to get out from under them.

I'm a friendly person, make friends fast and generally have a great time out anywhere, yet I can't get out of this funk. Money woes are only partly to blame, the rest seems to lie with me; somehow, somewhen I've lost the 'me' there.

Bowling last night was fun, just as always, and work is nothing to get upset over either; it's the thought/feeling of going home alone, every day that gets to me. Not really sure what to do about it (other than get more friends who live close enough to visit) but I'll come up with something I'm sure. No real reason to post this, but just wanted to get it out there.

I've had one 'date' since my divorce (yes date is in quotes, it wasn't really a date, but it did involve me, a lady and dinner; all technicals of one) and really no prospects of any at the moment. The people across the street would love for me to go out with their daughter (who is great looking) but she is taken [and they live with them atm due to money problems], the lady up the street says she has someone for me to meet, but I got to see her before I met her and I'm not a big 'hillbilly' style person :)

Got bowling again tonight (I sub'd last night) and then 2 days of 'wonderful' fire school [learn to be a better fireman] for work, I'll be staying in my aunt's house [the one they don't live at anymore, which is close to where I'm training] so may actually go out and eat on the company dime heh. After that I have lil bit this weekend, now when she's here, there is no lonely or depression; she makes the room light up and of course we'll probably go see mamaw [the main reason she wants to stay with me I think is so I'll take here there] and all will be good.

Falen had a colonoscopy today, so everyone pray she recovers well; I spoke to her earlier but she was med'd up so much she probably won't remember. If she still reads this blog then I'd like to state that I don't blame or hold her responsible for my current strait; it is a by-product of divorce, but it wasn't caused by it. This is something I'll just have to get through so I can have fun again.

*note: yes I do have fun alone with the dogs, the tv, the computer et al. but I'm missing the human element some days ... and I need a date bad hehe

Monday, October 8, 2007


The 115th came home to more than just heartfelt thanks and applause, they also got a little recognition from higher up:
Local Guard unit earns merit commendation
Last Updated:October 07. 2007 11:11PM
Published: October 08. 2007 3:30AM

Major Eric Burrage recalls the question someone asked upon his return from a tour in Iraq as commander of the 115th Signal Battalion's Company A.

"Someone asked me once, 'How did your soldiers handle it over there?' " Burrage said during a ceremony Sunday afternoon where the company received the Meritorious Unit Commendation.

Burrage said that question brought many thoughts to mind.

Those thoughts included what he refers to as the company's "first-class service," despite the practically daily mortar and rocket attacks and searing Iraqi desert heat they endured.

He thought about Staff Sgt. Phillip Gunter's ability to listen to a damaged generator run over the phone and diagnose the problem. That helped reduce the amount of dangerous convoys that would have been needed to go to the generator and diagnose the problem.

Burrage mentioned numerous electrical, plumbing and building support projects that remain to this day in Iraq.

He recalled when 1st Lt. Bill Smith was hit by mortar fire and knocked to the ground. Smith's first thoughts at that moment were concern about others' safety and whether the shelling had knocked out the signal service.

Finally, Burrage came up with the best description he could think of, to answer the question of how his solders handled their tour of war in Iraq. [link]
A very good write up in the local paper, read it all. No matter how you personally feel about the conflict in the ME, it is imperative to not take it out on the brave men and women that are doing there duty there.