Saturday, October 6, 2007


Stanford 24 USC 23... even the best Trojan can break heh

SEC Roundup

LSU and Florida play tonight (7:30 central on CBS) and Arkansas is playing Chattanooga right now.

Kentucky and South Carolina played Thursday night; it was a chance for Kentucky to solidify it's top-10 ranking and Woodson's heisman hopes. In the end, both the ranking and the hopes were dashed.

Auburn and Vandy played the early game. I thought this would be a good game, Auburn coming off the stunning win at Florida last week and Vandy playing well; but it turned into a one-team show with AU dominating from start to finish and Vandy looking like the Vandy of old.

Mississippi and Mississippi State had easy games against La. Tech and UAB respectively. Although Miss. State had to come from behind in the last quarter.

Alabama played Houston and won fairly easily. The score was closer than I assume the game was (not on 'free' tv) but if you took Houston and the 10 points, you're a winner. [no recap at post time]

Game of the day was Tennessee and Georgia at Neyland stadium. Georgia came in ranked #12 and the UT defense had been torched all year. Perfect recipe for a blowout ... by Tennessee :) With apologies to Mary Katherine Hamm of, it was a great game.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Russellville woman indicted for poisoning her boyfriend's dinner
Last Updated:October 05. 2007 2:39PM
Published: October 05. 2007 2:00PM
Last Modified: October 05. 2007 2:39PM

A Russellville woman has been indicted on attempted murder charges after allegedly poisoning her boyfriend’s steak dinner.

Jamie Michelle Sheffield, 46, 1590 Franklin 75, was indicted by a September session of the grand jury and charged with trying to kill Donald McGee at his home at 21 McGee Lane, in Russellville, in February 2006.

Investigators said that Sheffield prepared a salad and potatoes while McGee grilled steaks for the couple and some more guests.

After an argument between Sheffield and McGee, the other visitors left the residence, taking their dinners with them.

Sheffield and McGee continued to argue once they were alone.

Reports indicate that McGee left the home for a short period of time. While he was gone, authorities believe that Sheffield put a poisonous substance known as temic in McGee’s food.[link]

Why in the world would someone allow an argument to lead to attempted murder? There's not even a money motive (if they were married), yet this woman literally tried to kill her boyfriend over something so simple as an argument.

I realize that arguments aren't always simple, but that's because of the people involved, not the argument :) It's up to the people in an argument to be able to distance themselves from the over-reaching emotions that one stirs up before taking any action, such as poisoning your boyfriend.

I hope this woman gets the max penalty the law allows and is required to take some common sense classes ...

[notice a pattern here, I'm going local for now heh]

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Police looking for accused child molester
Last Updated:October 03. 2007 11:00PM
Published: October 04. 2007 3:30AM

Police are looking for a Florence man accused of raping and sodomizing two girls in 2006.

Florence police detective Keith Johnson said authorities have been searching for Joe Henry Jones Jr. since arrest warrants were issued for him in September 2006.

Johnson said the warrants charge Jones, 33, of 910 W. Montgomery Ave., Florence, with two counts of first-degree rape and two counts of first-degree sodomy

Both offenses are Class A felonies, which are punishable by 10 years to life if the defendant is convicted.

Johnson said Jones has reportedly been in hiding since the accusations were made against him. He said in addition to staying at the West Montgomery Avenue residence, Jones has also lived from time to time at a residence on Pruitt Street in Florence and possibly in other states.

"We have received word that he has been in Louisiana and Ohio," Johnson said. [link]
I guess this answers Stans question on sodomy. This is one sick bastard who needs to be caught. According to the article they have been looking for a year (+) now and still have no real clue to his whereabouts. If anyone sees this man, please contact the Florence police department (or your local police) and let's get this guy off the streets before it's your little girl in the news.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Table for one?

Table for one?
Don't rely on instant mac-and-cheese for every meal
Last Updated:October 01. 2007 3:35PM
Published: October 03. 2007 3:30AM

Associated Press
Stir-fry chicken packets are made by sealing chicken, vegetables and seasonings in a foil packet prior to baking.

A table for one can be lonely - or it can be the envy of two-person households who spend much more on meals than their single peers.

Whether you're living in a dorm room or a cubby-hole sized first apartment, at the end of the day, what to cook for supper is the question.

"Of course (being in a single person household), is going to cut down on the cost of food you purchase," said Mary J. Andrews, an urban regional extension agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service.

According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, singles need not spend money on pricey foods to get a tasty, healthful meal.

Basics from the major food groups such as milk, vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, beans and bread provide the base for simple inexpensive meals.

One package of chicken breasts, for example, can make two or more meals for one person and can be grilled, fried or baked with different spices to add variety.

Andrews and various food Web sites offer tips and recipes to avoid eating instant macaroni every night of the week. [link]
While the article starts as a one person vs two person household, it doesn't stay that way. There are some good (even if they are common sense) tips to be had on shopping and what you should eat. I'm not entirely sure if they are talking to people like me who live alone, or the guys with gals :) but the tips probably would remain the same either way.

I realize this isn't politics or sports, but it is local and written by a local writer and all the 'big' news has been covered by people you guys are visiting anyway.

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I want more people to join us at The Daily Ramble. I'd prefer a conservative, pro-lifer, but I'm willing to listen to anyone that wants to join and become a member of the team. Just send me an email (lordnazh @ and we'll see what we got [male, female doesn't matter].

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#8 Kentucky (link)

side note: if you put your fingers on the wrong keys, for = die o.O