Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yet another case of muslims forewarning their victims. Of course, like all the other times that the RoP'ers state that they want to kill all the infidels, this report will be called a lie or that it misconstrues what Omar really said.

The world is simply in 'cover-up' mode in regards to the Islamic threat it faces. There is a reason that every terrorist act you see/read/hear about has a jidahdi involved, it should ring bells that this is the only religion that is using terror to intimidate and kill their enemies.

Yet, in this country and most of the civilized world, you'll find 'appeasers' who like to point out that Christians used to be violent or some such thing. What they don't say or even realize is that the problem isn't 700 years ago, it's TODAY.

Muslims in police will rise up, Bakri insists
By Mike Hirst and Adam Lusher, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 12:02am GMT 21/01/2007

Moderate British Muslims in the police, Armed Forces and Civil Service will one day revolt against the system to "crush it from within", according to Omar Bakri Mohammed, the notorious Islamic extremist.

Omar Bakri Mohammed
Omar Bakri Mohammed claimed that the world was a better place after the July 7 bombings in London

In claims condemned as a cynical attempt to create division, the co-founder of the extremist al-Muhajiroun group said that Britain was "digging a deep hole" for itself by allowing Muslims into the Services and Whitehall.

Speaking exclusively to The Sunday Telegraph in Lebanon, where he moved in August 2005 — at about the time it emerged the British authorities might charge him with incitement to treason — he claimed police officers, soldiers and civil servants would one day become radicalised.

"When you start to ask Muslims to join your Army and your police you are making a grave mistake. That British Muslim who joins the police today will one day read the Koran and will have an awakening," he said.

"Those moderates are one day going to be practising Muslims. Now what happens if they are British police or in the Army and they have weapons? How much information do they have about you that they will use to serve the global struggle? (link)

The media (and most leftys) will simply right off this report and this man's warnings. That is scary and sad. They need to start taking the 'extremists' position very seriously. These are the people that influence what the rest of the muslims think, act and feel. These are the people that hold prayers every week and tell their congregations to kill the infidels.

These are the Enemies of Our Way of Life. And the Democrats help them every chance they get.
Reason to seethe

Friday, January 19, 2007

News from Life

I havn't posted much lately and for those that wonder...

If you know me (from FCA or whatever) then you'll be familiar with the names. If not, you should be able to follow along :)

The past couple of days (and upcoming days) have been 'moving days'. Falen and the lil rabbit have moved out. This has been coming for awhile so, while not unexpected, still is devastating. We have been together for over five years and this new arrangement will take some getting used to.

While we are still sociable (no bad blood or whatnot) we are in two distinct addresses now. While my income hasn't changed any, my bills have jumped alot. If anyone wants to help out, click the donate button. Thanks in advance if anyone does :)

I will get back to regular posting when 1) something catches my eye enough to post it or 2) everything settles down.

Thanks for visiting.

Lord Nazh

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


There are plenty of people that I disagree with in the blogosphere. Mostly lefties and their ilk, but some center and right-ofs also. There's not too many that I disagree more with than Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake. (except maybe the kossacks)

This, however, transcends all the petty politics of anyone. (h/t Townhall's MKH)

Loser Winner">

Loser Winner"> Three Time Loser Winner


There just didn't seem to be any other way to explain why I'm not going to be present for the first two weeks of the Libby trial so I decided to resort to the truth.

As someone who has devoted years to building this blog around coverage of the CIA leak investigation, it's going to be really rough to sit on the sidelines for the first two weeks while Marcy, Christy, Pach and others cover the trial in person. I've been working for months now to obtain a press pass and set up the "Plame House" in Washington DC as a central place for bloggers to stay and share information amongst ourselves as we cover the trial. When I received (with the help of Arianna Huffington and Rachel Sklar of the Huffington Post) the only press pass awarded to a blogger to be in the actual courtroom, I was blown away. And as you might well imagine, it would have to be something pretty serious to keep me away for even a moment.

In mid-December I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time. It's a bit more serious this time and treatment is going to have to be more extensive. I owe a huge debt of thanks to all the folks on the blog who have stepped in and allowed me time to investigate treatment options with many physicians and make an informed decision on that front. In addition to regulars like Christy, Pach and TRex who have taken over many of my duties, I also need to express my thanks to commenters like Scarecrow, Looseheadprop, Peterr, Hugh and Oilfieldguy who have done incredible work posting so that I could take this time off. Guest posters like Taylor Marsh, Swopa, Steve Gilliard, Watertiger, Howie Klein and others have also pitched in, and no amount of words can thank the incredible RGB, our site administrator, who has taken it upon himself to coordinate all these disparate elements on the fly. It's been a daunting task and he has managed it spectacularly. (link)

As I said, I don't agree with the left (and Hamsher) on much of anything, but everyone pray for her. Beating cancer is not impossible (my mother did it) but beating it three times has got to be hard. We wish her a speedy recovery and all the best for the future.
Reason for prayer

'Freedom' in Canada and

I had a link on but it seems to have left the board. I'm not sure who put it there, but thanks for the thought and click the pic and maybe I'll get back on there.

News on freedom in Canada.
Curb violent music, videos, coalition urges
January 17, 2007

Education Reporter
Citing the “negative impact of violent media” on young people, a coalition of educators and parents today called on Ottawa and Queen’s Park to help make things safer.

Saying repeated studies conclude there’s a “causal connection” between the violence children see on television, hear in music or are exposed to over the Internet and their aggressive behaviour, professor Peter Jaffe of the University of Western Ontario said a lot more needs to be done to mitigate it.

The group wants the federal government to amend the Criminal Code to give women and girls protection under the public incitement of hatred law. They also called for changes to the Broadcasting Act to prevent television and radio stations from airing violent and adult-oriented programs before 9 p.m.

And, the group also wants the provinces to introduce and age-based classification system for pre-recorded music like the one that exists for films and video games.

“There is no question that parents and professionals who work with children are adolescents are gravely concerned about the potential harmful effects of media violence,” Jaffe, an education professor who works in the university’s Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children. (link)

Seems the land of the 'eh' and hockey is not the land of freedom. A friend of mine won't like this, especially since he detest the 'loss of freedoms' in this country (as of yet he hasn't told me one freedom I've lost, but I'm waiting).
Reason not to head north heh

Monday, January 15, 2007

Pakistan and TWoT

Since the time of Pakistan's 'peace-treaty' with terrorists, many people have been worried about what will happen in Afghanistan and the world with the killers being allowed free rein in their own little neighborhood.

Pakistan has co-operated in the past on missions to attack the terrorists, but you still never knew really where they stood. The news today is heartening in that aspect, although it won't answer all the nagging little questions, it does help.

Pakistan Hits Al Qaeda Hideouts Near Afghan Border

Monday, January 15, 2007

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Pakistani troops destroyed three suspected Al Qaeda hideouts near the Afghan border, killing several members of the terror group, the army said Tuesday.

The military carried out the operation in South Waziristan tribal region after receiving information that 25 to 30 Al Qaeda members were hiding there, said army spokesman Maj. Gen. Shaukat Sultan.

"We believed several of them were killed, but we don't have a body count," he said.

Sultan said some of terror group members at the sites were foreigners, but "no high-value target was believed to be there."

Sultan said the destroyed Al Qaeda hideouts were located in an isolated area near the village of Zaoola, located in the general area where the government in September had signed a controversial peace deal with tribal elders to halt military operations against militants.

In return, the local militants and tribal elders at the time had promised that they would neither shelter any foreign militants, nor they would target Pakistani security forces and pro-government elders. (link)

If the bad guys aren't safe in Pakistan's hinterlands, where are they safe at? (besides Europe of course) Maybe soon, the world will start pitching in and we can get to a decent 'terrorist-free' level of living. Just don't make any large wagers on it.
Reason to cheer

Words for Peace

Seems that the Spanish have finally figured out a universal truth:

Zapatero admits 'clear mistake' in trying to negotiate with Eta

By Elizabeth Nash in Madrid

Published: 16 January 2007

Spain's Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has issued a remarkable apology for putting his faith in the peace process with Basque separatists, after a deadly car bombing that has caused outrage.

With Spain divided as never before over how to deal with armed Basque separatists following a bomb that killed two people in Madrid, shattering immediate hopes for peace, Mr Zapatero faced hostile opposition in his first parliamentary appearance since the blast. The premier admitted that he had made a "clear mistake" in his policy towards Eta.

"I want to recognise the clear mistake I made before the Spanish people, " he said in apparent recognition that he is now fighting for his political future. He was referring to his statement 24 hours before the bombing on 30 December that within a year Spain would be nearer an end to terrorism. "Eta, with its brutal attack, broke negotiations ... it chose the path of terror."

In 40 years of fighting Basque terrorism, no Spanish government has been harmed so badly by Eta's armed action as Mr Zapatero's since the attack at Madrid's Barajas airport. Yesterday's confrontation may signal the start of his political decline.

Mr Zapatero recognised the strength of feeling against him by proposing to establish a "great democratic national consensus ... to confront together the challenge of terrorism". He did not rule out future talks with Eta, but stressed: "There'll be no dialogue with violence: never, never."(link)

I highlighted that last line to show the truth they have discovered. Hard to believe that the man who's only path to victory in the election was dialogue with terrorists and pulling out of Iraq would make this statement. There's a big percentage of people that don't seem to believe him and I can't blame them. Spain (along with France and Germany) have talked to terrorists for years, they are paying for that now. Hopefully they will finally understand why they are called terrorists.

Head over to Autone's site as he compares Spain to Dems (hehTM)
Reason for hope?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tired of speaking to computers?

Just thought I would share this with the people that havn't seen it yet. It is a database on how to get to speak to a human with 500 companies you call with toll-free numbers.

I've only tried 3 or so and they've all worked, so I can't guarantee that all of them do, but if I had to bet I'd say they will.

gethuman.comgethuman 500 database

[ Home | Tips | Database | Standard | Discuss | Sitemap | Contact ]

Click to rate any company below. Press Ctrl-F to search. See table key, alphabetic listing for printing, other companies.

credit finance government hardware insurance internet mobile pharmacy products shipping software stores telco travel tv/satellite

Just bookmark the home page and search for your need. You can also contact the website and suggest companies to add.
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