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the A(w/t)P and the Truth

You can't read anywhere on the blogosphere today without seeing that (according to) the A(w/t)P has produced Jamil Hussein.

Of course, it's the Iraqi government that says they found him and the A(w/t)P is just reporting it, but it amounts to the same thing. Ms. Carroll (AP headhoncho) claims that blogger attention has made life unsafe for Mr. Hussein, while using his name and location of work for 60+ stories somehow didn't.

It seems some of the confusion was the fact that he was using 2 names (variations) when talking to reporters or picking up his paycheck. He also specifically denied being the source for the burning Sunni's story to the Iraqi government.

Of course, now the left and the MSM are all aglow that this somehow vindicates the A(w/t)P and makes all the stories true. While this does (seem to) answer the question about the named source for the story, it does not shed any light on a story that NO ONE can back up. The A(w/t)P changed this story many times without telling anyone (from 4 burned mosques and dozens killed to finally 1 burned, but not destroyed mosque and 6 immolated sunnis), and as of yet there is no collaboration to it.

For the people on the left and the MSM'ers who feel that bloggers (especially right-wing) have unfairly targeted the A(w/t)P on this story, answer me this: What happened to the sunnis? Where is the evidence to back up the story that NO ONE but the A(w/t)P and Mr. Hussein seem to know about (yes they have 3 more unnamed witnesses, but that does not add accountability to the story). Considering that Mr. Hussein was the named source for 60+ stories and most of them cannot be traced through any other news agency, his existence is a mere formality to the truth of his tips. In a place where reprisals are hard and fast, you would think that six people being dragged from a place of worship and burned alive would warrant some pretty steep payback, yet not a peep was heard from the Sunni Insurgents or anyone else on the ground in Baghdad.

In this age of 'fake-but-accurate' reporting, is this simply good enough? Are we to take the word of an unknown, possibly hostile witness to events that cannot be verified by anyone? If you went to court on the word of one witness and no evidence, would you reasonably expect to win? Of course not, you'd get laughed out of court and rightfully so.

By focusing so much on the existence of Jamil Hussein (as I did), we the blogosphere have permitted the A(w/t)P to get away with much more in there story-telling on the war in Iraq.

When (not if) the war with Iran becomes a two-way war (they declared on us in the 70's sooner or later we will have to declare back); I hope that the county will come together, but I'm not confident in that.

Reading around the 'sphere today, you see the same points over and over. On the right and right-center, you see posts about shoddy reporting, fake stories, bad stringers and scandals that Democrats cover-up/slip by. On the left and center-left you will find bashing of any right-wing(er) who doubted the A(w/t)P's word on Jamil Hussein and posts galore on what it will take for the Democrats in Congress to bring the troops home, no matter what. Of all the blogs I've read, not one (considered) lefty blog seems to care much about winning or even thinks there is a 'win' to be had, not one of them are concerned with the Islamic march toward the global Umma. They are definitely worried about how many trials, subpoenas and witch-hunts that this Congress can get through before the '08 election season.

Before you run to gloat or run to hide, remember this: The existence of a named source about a suspect story still leaves the story suspect.
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For Nuri

Since I don't know what blogs or websites you get to for your news and views, I like to look around for relevant information for you :)

Spanish bishops fear rebirth of Islamic kingdom

Posted By: @ 2:03 pm. Filed under Politics, Middle East/Terrorism

Courtesy of Dhimmi Watch:

And they have every reason to, since after all, Spain is part of dar al-Islam. By Elizabeth Nash in the Independent, with thanks to Andrew Bostom:

Spain’s bishops are alarmed by ambitious plans to recreate the city of Cordoba - once the heart of the ancient Islamic kingdom of al-Andalus - as a pilgrimage site for Muslims throughout Europe.

Plans include the construction of a half-size replica of Cordoba’s eighth century great mosque, according to the head of Cordoba’s Muslim Association. Funds for the project are being sought from the governments of the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, and Muslim organisations in Morocco and Egypt.Other big mosques are reportedly planned for Medina Azahara near Cordoba, Seville and Granada.

The bishops of those cities are alarmed at the construction of ostentatious mosques, fearing that the church’s waning influence may be further eclipsed by resurgent Islam financed from abroad. Up to one million Muslims are estimated to live in Spain. Many are drawn by a romantic nostalgia for the lost paradise of Al-Andalus, the caliphate that ruled Spain for more than five centuries.

Click the link
Click over and read the whole thing and follow the links. The retaking of Spain is getting closer by the day.

The Big Dog is having an open trackback day, so I'll link thru to him. His most recent posts are on illegal immigration and Sly Stalone's thoughts on fences (between countries, not his house).
Reason for defense

Fixing the Middle East

Abbas has his way to do things and maybe these will work. Yea right. Does he think that declaring Hamas illegal will in any way slow them down?

The U.S. and most civilized countries declared Hamas illegal long ago, nothing came of it (except for alot of crying in the states from CAIR and others who like to do business with terrorists).
Abbas Declares Hamas Militia Illegal

(AP Photos/Wesam
By MOHAMMED DARAGHMEH, The Associated Press
Jan 6, 2007 11:18 AM (45 mins ago)
Current rank: # 435 of 14,179 articles

RAMALLAH, West Bank - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday declared Hamas' militia in the Gaza Strip illegal, and the Islamic movement responded by defiantly announcing plans to double the size of the paramilitary unit.

The dueling announcements raised the stakes in Abbas' standoff with Hamas, which has intensified in the year since the Islamic group defeated Abbas' Fatah party in parliamentary elections, gaining control over most government functions. The dispute has centered in large part around control of the powerful Palestinian security forces.

Hamas accused Abbas, who was elected in a separate presidential vote, of giving a "green light" for attacks against its men and pledging to resist any crackdown. It said it would double the size of its force to 12,000, compared to a force of some 18,000 allied with Fatah. (link)

I guess that the first step to taking control of the government is putting names on the 'good' and 'bad' guys. Unless Abbas has some way to sway opinion of the 'little' people in Gaza and the West Bank, this power play is meaningless. According to the polls, the citizens of these war-torn areas favor Hamas over Fatah by a wide margin. That feeling may have changed with this civil war that has been going on, but I havn't seen any polls to that effect.

These arabs have been offered their own state numerous times and they have failed to achieve their part of any bargain. They (as a group) show daily why no one in the Arab world will take them in.
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Friday, January 5, 2007

CFG Update

Some updates from the Club for Growth (of which I am a member):

The Latest Headlines...

Politicians Are a Drag On The Market

Here's a shocker: When politicians get together in Washington, DC, the stock market underperforms. For 2006, the stock market (S&P 500) had a total return of only 2.25% while Congress was in session. Conversely, the return was 11.56% when they were out of session!

The historical numbers are even more astounding. Click here to learn more.

McCain-Feingold vs. NASCAR

Ryan Sager recently wrote an article in the New York Post that will make you sick. Here's the opening salvo:

It looks like John McCain has a little explaining to do to the NASCAR set.

Kirk Shelmerdine - one of the greatest pit-crew chiefs ever, most famously for the late Dale Earnhardt, Sr. - is today engaged in a less-successful second career as a driver. But to the Federal Election Commission, he's just a reckless campaign-finance law violator.

The day after Christmas, the FEC announced that it was sending Shelmerdine a "letter of admonishment" for his actions during the 2004 presidential campaign - namely, putting a "Bush/Cheney '04" decal on a panel of his car for a total of four races.

Take a deep breath, and then click here to read the rest.

Club Wins "Best Business Blog" Award

For the second year in a row, the Club's website won the "Best Business Blog" award. Thanks to all the Club members and supporters who voted for us!

If you haven't already visited it, the Club's blog is a one-stop-shop for economic and political news!

Two Big Pro-Growth Events

The Club will be hosting its annual Winter Conference from March 30 to April 1 in sunny Palm Beach, Florida.

You'll have strictly off-the record conversations with America's leading fiscal conservative, pro-growth U.S. House and Senate members and potential presidential candidates. Plus, you'll get insider accounts from top strategists and policymakers of Republicans' plans for the next Congress and the 2008 presidential campaigns.

To register, click here before February 20. Space is limited.

If you have any questions, please contact Stacy French at or (202) 955-5500.

Also, our good friends at National Review will be hosting a "Conservative Summit" on January 26 - 28, 2007 here in Washington, DC. There will be several heavyweights there, including Newt Gingrich, Michael Steele, and our very own, Pat Toomey.

Click here to get more information.

The Week's Best Pro-Growth Articles

Below are some great pro-growth articles and political news items that we took from the Club for Growth blog over the past week:
Misguided Deficit Spending - M.K. Ham,
Cheap Populism - IBD Editorial
An Open Letter to Lou Dobbs - Don Boudreaux, CS Monitor

What the Congress Can Do for America - George Bush, WSJ
Open Secrets - Malcolm Gladwell, The New Yorker
A Bumper-Sticker Menace? - Ryan Sager, New York Post

If you ever want to remove email address information from your membership to the Club for Growth, just click here.

Certainly some good points, although I don't agree with everything CFG stands for, I am a fiscal conservative and strongly support their stances along these lines. (plus there are some good links in there too)
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How (conservative/liberal) are you?

From Althouse a test for conservativeness (or liberalness):

In which I annoy you once again with the asssertion that I'm a moderate.

I took this test -- recommended by Andrew Sullivan -- and scored a 21 on a political scale that ran from 0 (100% liberal) to 40 (100% conservative). Sullivan scored 26, by the way.
posted by Ann Althouse at 8:45 AM

I got a 34 (not surprising) but the questions were different than I'd expect and some didn't have an answer I thought was best.

If you take the test, leave a comment with your results.

Open trackback Friday over at Stop the ACLU. Click on over and check it out.
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2006 Awards at LGF

Via LGF (in case you couldn't figure that one out^^):
The 2006 LGF Award Winners

I’m pleased as punch to announce the winners of the Idiotarian (the “Fiskie”) and Anti-Idiotarian (the “Fallaci”) Awards for 2006. In a rather felicitous juxtaposition, both of these proud recipients worked at the United Nations. Ladies, gentlemen, and lizards, I give you: John Bolton and Kofi Annan.

(Thanks to Cox & Forkum as always for their excellent illustration.)

I voted for the MSM (Fiskie) and Bolton (Fallaci) so 1 out of 2.
Reason for trophies

Back Pain and the News

My back is slightly out today, so I've been sleeping alot. I'll try to make a post or two, but I'm not sure just how much longer I'll be awake :)

Looking over at yahoo news for some inspiration (hehe) and found this:

Democrats take control of Congress

AP - 1 hour, 30 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - In a day of ceremony and historic change, Rep. Nancy Pelosi became the nation's first female House speaker on Thursday as Democrats eagerly took control of Congress for the final two years of President Bush's term.

Ouch. That's about all i can say to that. Of course, the democrats could really suprise me for the next two years, but I highly doubt it. The incoming congress just has too many differences of opinion with me for me to be too highly optimistic. They may do some good with earmarks (which would be very good) but not much else seems hopeful. They will undoubtedly spend their time with investigations and subpoenas instead of legislation.

To be fair, I don't think the democratic congress could get much done even if they do try. Not much of their agenda would be friendly to the remaining republicans or the President. That means vetoes and not enough votes to override them.

Other news:
Bill Schorr Jan 04, 2007
Thu Jan 4, 12:00 AM ET
Now that's funny.

Seems the local news of importance is:
Saban says yes
University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban receives a kiss from Colette Connell, of Tuscaloosa, as he is mobbed by Alabama fans at the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport on Wednesday. (Michael E. Palmer/Tuscaloosa News)
TUSCALOOSA -- After ending the 2006 season without a coach and with a 6-7 record, Alabama already has its first big win of 2007.

On Wednesday, after more than five weeks of searching, the Crimson Tide found a coach to replace the fired Mike Shula. Former LSU and Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban accepted the job and
That would have been hard to guess. Although this area isn't rabid Alabama, it does have alot of fans. More of an even split from Alabama and Auburn (with Tennessee making a decent % of fans here). Of course, the University of North Alabama (D-II) is the toast of this area and rightly so. They do have a nice new website (; go give it a visit.

Some good news from the WhiteHouse: (of course he will have to pass a democratic Senate)

Bush to Nominate Khalilzad for U.N. Job

By BARRY SCHWEID, AP Diplomatic Writer 23 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, will be nominated by President Bush to become the U.S. envoy to the United Nations, a senior administration official said Thursday.

Khalilzad, who is Afghan born, has served also as ambassador to Afghanistan. He is likely to be replaced in Baghdad by Ryan Crocker, a veteran American diplomat, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to make an announcement for the White House.

Khalilzad would replace John Bolton, whose appointment to the U.N. job expired recently.

While I hate to see John Bolton leave without even a confirmation hearing from the Senate (maybe the Massachusetts Supreme Court could rule on whether the Senate followed their congressional duties^^), Khalilzad is a great one to appoint to the post. Assuming that he does indeed get confirmed, he will work well with the incoming Speaker (Ban-Kim) hopefully in implementing the reforms promised by Kofi and pushed by Bolton.

The United Nations is a vast diplomatic meeting place, but that is about it. If they ever hope to actually wield the power that France and most of Europe think they do, then they will need a complete overhaul. When the 'world body' issues a sanction or calls for action, instead of everyone lining up to toe the line, most people in the world yawn.

Unless it is talking about the U.S. or Israel; most of the U.N. dialogue is full of empty threats and/or promises that will not be followed through. The Iran sanctions are no better or worse than the promises made to Dafur, but they are just as empty.

Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

Sugar Bowl

Done University was exposed as a pretender again last night. Notre Dame has now lost 9 bowl games in a row (a record I do believe).

I heard an ESPN commentator state the reason for (then) ND's 8 losses straight was due to the fact that they are consistently overrated and therefore get to bowls that they have no business in.

This was the case again last night. LSU (especially in the second half) showed ND what a top-tier football team looks and plays like. Yes, ND could move the ball in the first half (Walker 125 yards rushing by halftime); but in the second half, it was all LSU. Adjustments made on offense and defense were the difference.
Charlie Weis
AP Photo/Bill Haber
Charlie Weis took full responsibility for Wednesday's latest blowout.
Notre Dame was competitive in the Sugar Bowl -- until the second half when LSU exposed the Irish as BCS pretenders (again) in a 41-14 rout, extending ND's bowl losing streak to nine games. Mark Schlabach

Reason to celebrate

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

I'll let ESPN tell it

Nick Saban
Brian Bahr/Getty Images
Saban will get $32 million over eight years at Bama ... fully guaranteed.
Two weeks ago, Nick Saban vowed, "I'm not going to be the Alabama coach." Today, Saban reversed field and told the Dolphins that he was indeed leaving to accept the Tide's guaranteed contract offer. Story

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New Emails to play with

Got another couple of scam emails I thought I would reproduce so anyone who wants to have fun with these people can:
From: Mr. Jabulani Nkelele.
Temporarily Resident In The
Republic Of South Africa.
Tel 00 27 73 062 7335
Good Day,
With warm heart I offer my friendship, and my greetings, and I hope this letter meets you in good time. It will be surprising to you to receive this proposal from me since you do not know me personally. However, I am sincerely seeking your confidence in this transaction, which I propose with my free mind and as a person of integrity.
My name is I am Jabulani Nkelele, the first son of Mr. John Nkelele one of the most popular black farmer from Zimbabwe, murdered in the land dispute in my country.
As led by my instinct, I decided to contact you through email, after searching for contacts via the internet, as it is the only means I can contact anybody since I am cutting off ties with Zimbabwe for security and safety reasons. However, I apologize if this is not acceptable to you.
The purpose of this letter is to seek your most needed assistance in a business venture. During the current war against the farmers in Zimbabwe from the supports of our President Robert Mugabe to claim all the white-owned and black owned farms to his party members and his followers, he ordered all white and few black farmers to surrender all their farms to his party members and his followers.
My father is one of the best black farmers in our country and because he did not support Mugabe's ideas,Mugabe's supporters invaded my father's farm and burnt everything in the farm, killing my father and made away with a lot of items in my father's farm.
Before his death, my father had deposited with one of the private Security Companies in Johannesburg, South Africa the sum of US$18.5 Million (Eighteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars).with my name, and made every documents with my name also.
Then after the death of my father, we decided to move to the Republic of South Africa where he had deposited the money in the Security Company as valuables. So,I
decided to contact you to assist us to transfer this money out of South Africa because as asylum seekers we are not allowed to operate any bank account within South Africa.
We have concluded to offer you 30% of the total sum for your assistance, and 70% will be for me and my family to investment and living in your country after the transfer.
All I want you to do is to furnish me with your full personal phone and fax numbers for easy communication. You can contact me on the Telephone number below for further explanation . Please Note that this transaction is 100% risk free and absolutely
Finally, i would expect you to reply through my alternative email address which is :
Thanks and God bless.
Best Regards.
Tel + 27 73 062 7335

The email that it was sent from is

Dear Friend,
My name is Mrs.Victoria Bijhof from Bills & Exchange
Department HSBC BANK 78, Mark sway Avenue, Leeds, SW9 9PT United
I would want to use this medium after going through your
profile to seek for assistance in a business transaction which is of
mutual benefit. A foreigner late Mr.David McGrath who is from the
United State, an Oil merchant/Contractor with the British Government ,
until his death in a ship mishap on the 2nd of May 1999, who Banked
with us at our Bank and had a closing balance of US$21.5 million ,which
the Bank dose not know any of his available next of kin to claim this
To this regards, I have been directed by the board of Trustees
of the bank to notify the diseased next of kin, which I have done and
found out that he has no next of kin, which means that this funds will
be lost to the government,which we all know will be stolen by the
British Government officials. In order to avert this development,
myself and some of my trusted colleagues in the bank now seek your
indulgence to have you stand as late Mr David McGrath next of kin so
that the fund will be subsequently transferred and paid into your
foreign account.
On indicating your interest, all documents and proofs
to enable you get this funds will be carefully worked out and we are
assuring you a 100% risk free transaction. You will be allowed to
retain 30% of the total amount after the transaction. If this proposal
is okay by you, and you wish to take advantage of the trust bestowed on
you mail me as soon as possible at to enable me
furnish you with relevant details to this transaction.
Note: This
transaction will only last us 10 working days.
Please, disabuse your
mind by not equating this, with the every day online scam that people
come accross everyday,but rather treat it with the utmost level of
promptness and confidentiality.

Best regards,
Mrs.Victoria Bijhof

This email came from

Remember people these are scammers, so have fun with them but don't get sucked in.
Reason to laugh

Verizon and your money

Everyone out there who does business with Verizon should listen to this Verizon can't do math (follow the link to Glumbert). You really need to check your bill with people like this in charge of it. My wife has a Verizon phone and you can bet I will be scrutinizing it closely this month.

This is apalling. I know the education system in this country isn't the best in the world, but 1st graders should be able to tell the difference in cents and dollars and 3rd graders could tell you about decimals. This was posted at VerizonMath blog initially on 12-7-06 and looks like the guy finally got his money back. He also has a nifty t-shirt he's selling about it :)

Read his blog (220k people did) and laugh with him.
Reason to stay in school

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Stop the ACLU

:Page brought to you by:
Have you ever watched a stop motion animation film? If you are familiar with the world of lego movies, are you curious as to how the movies are made? If you want to find the best information on video editing software, where are you going to look? Our stop motion animation community, of course!
Jay is back over at Stop the ACLU and seems he's having some problems with the blog (long lay-offs will do that to you).

He needs testers, and I'm testing his trackback with this thread :)

Head over there and read some of his posts (if you don't like the ACLU especially).

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Video Tuesday Night

Tuesday Night Video:
free video hosting
Free Video Hosting

Voters in Massachusetts to vote?

News from Mass. allowing (maybe) the people to decide what laws to enact in their name:

Mass. lawmakers vote to allow proposed amendment banning gay marriage to proceed


Sorry I havn't posted much of interest in the last few days, been hectic around here. Worked everyday for the past week and a half (12 hour days) and lots of football/family time.

Hopefully I'll get going good later this week and Thai will be able to jump in and save me :)

Would like to tell all the Michigan people to now stop saying you should be in the Championship game, hehTM.

I'll try to scrounge up a good post later today anyway.

Monday, January 1, 2007


Posted at Misha's Place:

It is January 1, 2007. Welcome to the first round of Palestinian Terrorist Bingo.

Palestinian Terrorist Bingo

When the IDF or other Israeli security forces waste a Palestinian terrorist or one of their facilitators/appeasers, the square will get filled in and I’ll post the news report with an update to the board.

Five in a row makes Bingo, when we all buy the IDF a pizza.

Good luck, and happy hunting, IDF!

Everyone have fun keeping score, and don't forget to buy the pizza.


What happens when you turn the ball over 3x and don't stop the run?

Congrats Penn State on a well played game (at least it looked it on the 'net, since I couldn't watch it). Our offense looked to move the ball well, but forgot that the other guys are the other guys.

9-4 is not bad after a 5-6 campaign... unless you happen to be a fan, then it plain stinks.

P.S.: It's being reported all over the news/net/airwaves/underground temples that Saban will indeed sign the 40-50mil contract that Alabama is going to put under his nose.

With his 'success' at Miami, he'd be a fool not to.

Broncos Player Killed


Broncos' Williams killed Monday morning

DENVER -- Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in downtown Denver early Monday morning, police said.

Team spokesman Jim Saccomano said police called him about 3 a.m. Mountain Time from the scene of the shooting and told him three people had been shot and that Williams had been killed.

Saccomano said he spoke with coach Mike Shanahan and others in the organization.

"Complete shock. We're speechless. It takes words away. A terrible tragedy," Saccomano said.

Hours before the shooting, the Broncos lost to San Francisco 26-23 in overtime, eliminating them from the playoff race.

Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press

All our prayers to the family.

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Tennessee vs Penn State

The game of the day. I realize there are other games, but this is the one that is important.

UT is favored but Penn State always brings a good game to a bowl. And they have spanked us in bowls before, so this should be a great game.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

From me to all of you

Blog Roundup

Posts from the blogs I read:

Ace of Spades

Predictions For 2007


National Review's got 'em. Dave at Garfield Ridge's got 'em. And now so do I.

In no particular order:

The release of Spiderman 3 is beset by controversy when Sam Raimi includes a scene in which a fight between Spiderman and Hobgoblin devolves from punches, to shoves, and finally ends with five minutes of slow, deep kissing.

Buoyed by the success of his reality-denying Holocaust Conference, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lays plans for his “Timothy Dalton is the Definitive James Bond” conference.

Acute Politics (in Iraq):

Saturday, December 30, 2006


I heard a fly buzz when I died;
The stillness round my form
Was like the stillness in the air
Between the heaves of storm.

The eyes beside had wrung them dry,
And breaths were gathering sure
For that last onset, when the king
Be witnessed in his power.
Autone the Angeleno:

CNN Vows Discretion with Saddam Execution Video — But Has No Problem Showing U.S. Soldiers Being Killed

December 29th, 2006


This is unbelievable ! I have watched Anderson Cooper on CNN twice in the last hour explain to viewers that they will use all means possible to not shock their audience with gruesome execution video of Saddam Hussein. CNN has the audacity to say this while simultaneously showing file footage of the dead bodies of gassed Kurds.

CNN is responsible for showing terrorist propaganda video from Iraqi insurgents of snipers killing U.S. Soldiers — No moral claim here! To further this hypocrisy they also have this stuff available for viewing at their “CNN On Demand” web site!

Blogs of War (roundup of his own):

Bombs Shake Bangkok Thailand - New Year’s Events Cancelled

There have been a number of unexpected attacks in the capital:

A senior police spokesman says at least 12 people have been injured in Bangkok after four bombs exploded in the Thai capital as revellers were preparing to bring in the New Year.

The four explosions are thought to have happened within 90 minutes of each other across the capital, beginning at 5:30pm (local time) at central Bangkok’s Victory Monument.

“I have received reports of bombs at Victory Monument which injured four people. The second site was at Klong Toey which injured six people, two of them children,” Ajiravid Subarnbhesaj, national police spokesman, said on Thai television.

Buffalo's Path (musings from Canada):

It Wasn't The Night Before Christmas

It was still dark when I sat up on the edge of the bed, placed my elbows on my legs, and my chin on my hands. My eyes weren’t focusing. I felt, rather that saw, Kat’s sleep-locked eyes open blearily and fix on my back.

“Are you in pain, baby?”

“F#$@ no, I growled. “I always sit on the edge of the bed and groan in agony when I’m feeling fine.”

“Is there anything I can do for you?” Her voice was full of concern.{bad word changed by me: LN}

Captain's Quarters about Bush:

An Overlooked Legacy?

The Washington Post notes an overlooked part of the George Bush presidency, one that gets almost no attention despite the constant focus on the region. Under Bush, the US has tripled aid to Africa, with even more increases proposed for the next two years:

President Bush's legacy is sure to be defined by his wielding of U.S. military power in Afghanistan and Iraq, but there is another, much softer and less-noticed effort by his administration in foreign affairs: a dramatic increase in U.S. aid to Africa.
Good Richard blogs about Boxer and her run away from CAIR:

Boxer Distances Herself From CAIR

First, the facts:

Sen. Barbara Boxer of California has rescinded an award to an Islamic activist in her home state because of the man’s connections to a major American Muslim organization.


Boxer’s office confirmed to NEWSWEEK that she has withdrawn a “certificate of accomplishment” to Sacramento activist Basim Elkarra after learning that he serves as an official with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Hot Air vents about '06 interviews (and other stories).

The InstaPundit has all the news (of course):

MORE KIDNEY-BLOGGING, from Virginia Postrel.

Little Green Footballs is the hangout as always:
Palestinian Toy Gun Watch

A young boy holds a toy gun as a Palestinian man, right, speaks behind a portrait of late Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein at a memorial in the Dahaysha Refugee Camp in the West Bank town of Bethlehem,Sunday, Dec. 31, 2006. Hundreds of Palestinians flocked to the streets of the West Bank on Sunday to mourn the death of Saddam Hussein, setting up condolence tents and bemoaning the fate of their steadfast ally. (AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos)

Misha has plans for the New Year's Eve bash:

An Alternative to the “Standard” Dropping Balls

by LC Jackboot IC/A-OBR
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Hah, betcha thought this was a B.C. post, didntcha?

On Air

Now that I have your attention, the nasty little bug that rampaged it’s way through the Ambassador’s residence appears to be leaving as fast as AQ in Somalia. As such, I’ve decided to air an off-the-cuff New Year’s broadcast over on RadioCIA starting about 9:30 CT.

JS over at Observations looks at the cost of Saddam's rule in lives:

Chronicle of the atrocities committed by Saddam Hussein:

Hussein's regime killed, tortured, raped and terrorized the Iraqi people and its neighbors for over two decades.

Hundreds of thousands of people died as a result of Saddam's actions.

Saddam had approximately 40 of his own relatives murdered.

1980-88: Iran-Iraq war left 150,000 to 340,000 Iraqis and 450,000 to 730,000 Iranians dead.

Patterico lays off the LA Times and looks at Saddam's ending:

Saddam’s Last Words: Three Different Versions (Plus Video)

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In updates at the end of this post, Hot Air has video of Saddam being prepared for execution. As a bonus, there are three different stories about what Saddam’s last words were. He said “Allahu Akbar,” or something about Palestine being Arab, or a sarcastic “Muqtada.” Take your pick.

It just goes to show: you can’t get a consistent story about anything out of Iraq — even when the event is videotaped.

UPDATE: Xrlq says that this may be a link to a video of the execution. He can’t get it to load, and I can’t see it on a Treo anyway.

Jay at Stop the ACLU is on vacation, so his post is from the 22nd:

Al Qaeda Sends a Message to Democrats

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Just about to walk out the door when I see this news from ABC’s Blotter just in time for the holidays!

Al Qaeda has sent a message to leaders of the Democratic party that credit for the defeat of congressional Republicans belongs to the terrorists.

In a portion of the tape from al Qaeda No. 2 man, Ayman al Zawahri, made available only today, Zawahri says he has two messages for American Democrats.

Things are slow over at Tom Delay's site:

Followup: Durham Bull

The scandal surrounding the prosecutor in the “Duke lacrosse rape case” deepened Thursday when the North Carolina Bar Association took actions that could range from admonishment to disbarment for District Attorney Mike Nifong.

And the last of my links is from TownHall; Mitt Romney's the spotlight on this one:
The Globe on Romney and New Media
Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 10:34 AM

Last week I posted on the lead Mitt Romney has established in outreach to new media over the other two top-tier GOP candidates for the presidency, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain. Today the Boston Globe dutifully reports the story and even mentions the post in which I gave them their lede.

The piece is the first of many from old media on new media's impact on the contest for the GOP nomination in 2008 and is generally well-reported, but four things deserve criticism in the Scot Helman article.

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