Saturday, December 9, 2006

If not for Vandals, Kim might not have died

The story from Fox News is that if vandals hadn't broken the lock on the gate to the little one lane road the Kims used, they would probably not have gotten stranded. The person(s) that did this deserve to be brought to trial for the contributing circumstances of their actions [if caught].

Kim Family Took Deadly Wrong Turn Because Vandals Cut Lock on Oregon Road's Gate
Friday, December 08, 2006
GRANTS PASS, Ore. — James Kim likely would never have made what turned out to be a deadly wrong turn, had vandals not cut the lock of a gate blocking off a remote logging road in the Oregon wilderness, authorities said Friday.

The road that Kim and his family drove down before getting stranded deep in the Rogue River Canyon is normally blocked by a locked metal gate, but it was open the night they got lost because a vandal had cut the lock, authorities said Friday.

This is a sad turn to the story. Now we know that it wasn't just a wrong turn that doomed Mr. Kim, but a vandal and a broken lock that led him down that path. Granted, there is no way to know if the Kims would have gotten stuck somewhere else along the road they were traveling (since they had gotten lost), it seems that the (alleged) deliberate removal of the lock is the central reason the family was stuck. I feel very bad for the family and friends, and I would imagine that somewhere out there a person is feeling worse than me realizing they caused this.
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Friday, December 8, 2006

Coaching III / Death of a Giant

Seems that Rich Rodriguez has changed his mind once again and turned down the Alabama offer and decided to stay at West Virginia. Seems WVU ponied up some more money and years and Rich decided he really liked it there. (Alabama was offering $2mil a year for 6 years)

Rodriguez denies 'Bama, will return to Morgantown

Associated Press
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. -- West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez turned down Alabama on Friday, telling his players that he'll be back for his sixth season with the Mountaineers.
A loud applause could be heard from inside the Milan Puskar Center at Mountaineer Field after Rodriguez told his team he would be staying at his alma mater.

"Obviously I'm very excited to stay here and I plan on being here a long time," Rodriguez said later at a news conference. "We've done some pretty good things over the last five years or so. We're not done yet. We're going to continue to grow."
Rodriguez head coaching career
Rich Rodriguez
Rich Rodriguez has guided West Virginia to three Big East championships and four straight New Year's Day Bowl games, including the 2007 Toyota Gator Bowl vs. Georgia Tech.

With West Virginia: 49-24 (2001-present)
With Glenville State (Div. II):
With Salem (Div. II): 2-8 (1988) 43-26-2 (1990-96)

Rodriguez will receive a two-year contract extension through the 2014 season from West Virginia. Other details of the deal were not immediately released.

"There weren't many reasons not to go. It's all about the reasons for staying," Rodriguez said. "I'm biased, this is my school. I think it's a great place to raise a family. We've always had a great athletic tradition."

Seems like Alabama is still searching for a coach. I still think they should go after Norm Chow, especially since NC State already got a coach.

ESPN reports that Jose Uribe (ex-SF Giants shortstop) died when his SUV crashed. Jose wasJose Uribe from the Dominican Republic and is survived by his wife, Wendy Guerrero, and at least 14 children.

Jose was 47 years old. Rest in Peace.

Reason, who needs it?

Coaching (again) and the AP (again)

ESPNews reported (on air) that the contract has NOT been signed by Rich Rodriguez yet. (this is becoming like the Favre retiring story) So at this point, Alabama still has no coach.

AP: "24" and ticking

A NOTICE to the Associated Press:
If, within 24 hours of this posting, your Iraq bureau has not given definitive proof of the existence and authenticity of "Police Captain Jamil Hussein," this blog will declare that the AP has admitted that this "official source" is a fake, and that no less than 16 Associated Press reporters thereby have been implicated in one of the greatest frauds in the history of journalism.
You have 24 hours. No further notice will be given.
Alabama Liberation Front

The 24 hours seem to be up. I guess the A(w/t)P has admitted by default that their source is fake.
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts with "Clif"'s help

Raids in Iraq

The A(w/t)P reports that coalition forces have raided an Al-Qaeda stronghold. Read the article and you'll see that the forces were searching through buildings and were attacked, they then returned fire. This doesn't sound like a 'raid' to me, but a defense.
Coalition raids Iraq areas, killing 20

By SAMEER N. YACOUB, Associated Press Writer
1 hour, 33 minutes ago

BAGHDAD, Iraq - U.S.-led coalition forces killed 20 insurgents, including two women, Friday in fighting and air strikes that targeted al-Qaida in Iraq militants northwest of Baghdad, the military said. The mayor of the area said 19 civilians were killed, including seven women and eight children.
AFP/USMC/File Photo: US Marines attach a howitzer to a helicopter for transportation to western Iraq in November...Under continuing fire, the troops called in air support, killing 18 insurgents, including two women, the command said in a brief statement. The military declined to specify which branch of the coalition was involved, but the U.S. provides the bulk of the air support in most of the country.

"Al-Qaida in Iraq has both men and women supporting and facilitating their operations unfortunately," it said.
Redacted in light of "Clif"'s remarks.

Btw: the article has changed from the first publish, but the parts I quoted are still in there.

Update: As "Clif" points out, the wording does indeed include the women in the insurgency. I apologize to the A(w/t)P.
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

American Despotism

Unalienable Rights Blog has a great 3 part series on the American Despot. Part I here, Part II here, Part III is to come. Some excerpts from the posts:
Power is a drug addiction of epic proportions in our government. We know that these same people will not surrender the power they have accumulated to themselves. We can conclude that these same lusty people will not remove the violations of our freedoms. The operative word both major parties are heard saying in regard to their electoral prospects is control. Both want control. That is the battle cry of both - control.
An excellent read, the 1st part deals with the Bill of Rights and the first 4 amendments mainly (amendments 10 through 14). Using simple language and historical quotes from our founding fathers it sets the stage for the tone of the whole post.

The main body of the Constitution defines the form of the federal government. The Bill of Rights explicitly identifies those activities of people which the federal government is forbidden to act upon. And just to make sure that the federal government knew its limits, the whole is capped off with the tenth amendment which reserves anything not directly apportioned to the federal government to remain within the purview of the States and the People.
Part 2 continues the theme and gets into the 14th amendment more completely and touches upon the 16th amendment (taxation) also. The entire two posts (with one to go) are excellently written and good reading. They are informative and provocative, enough to make you think out loud on the state of this Union. Click thru and read the posts, then read the whole blog (or what you are able). This is truly a 'thought' blog worth the time and energy spent perusing it.
Reason among tyranny

Alabama Coaching

ESPN reports that Alabama has sign Rich Rodriguez as their new coach. No details online atm (saw the report briefly on sportscenter).

According to the website no deal has been made yet. But the report on Sportscenter was after the report was posted on so no clue here. If he's signed, then good news to the Crimson Tide fans out there. Rodriguez is a great coach, just wondering now if he'll try his spread offense at Bama or convert to a more traditional offense (ala Meyer at Florida).
Reason amongst the SEC

Beta Blogger

Testing the beta blogger for the Daily Ramble. I hope it works decent, since I see no option to put it back to the original :)

I'll have to wait until Flock upgrades to 1.0 it seems before they will support the beta though >Flock's ability to 'steal' formatting from a web-page (tables/images/links) without having to go through the hassle of typing it all myself. But I'll make due, that's why I've been playing with tables lately.
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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Death of a Hero

The story of a true hero, via FoxNews:
Police: Hero Dad Thought Help For Stranded Family Was Closer, Died of Hypothermia

Thursday, December 07, 2006


An undated photo provided Oregon State Police shows Penelope, James and Sabine Kim

MERLIN,Ore. — A San Francisco father of four who left hisfamily a week after their car got stuck on a snowy, remote road inOregon made a tragic miscalculation of the distance he had to cover tofind help.

Oregon police said Thursday that James Kim, whose body was found Wednesday in the mountains of southern Oregon, died of exposure and hypothermia. The discovery brought an end to what authorities called an extraordinary effort to stay alive.

Kim was a senior editor for the technology media company CNET Networks Inc.He and his family had been missing since Nov. 25. They were headinghome to San Francisco after a family vacation in the Pacific Northwest.

Truly a sad story, hopefully somehow he realized his family was ok :(
Reason amongst the elements

Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941

:Page brought to you by:

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With apologies to MK and a h/t to Townhall, I'm stealing this tribute:

The best place to hear about it is from survivors, and you can see many of their stories on You Tube,many of them interviewed with the very scene of the attack as abackdrop, now all peace and sunshine and palm trees. I went to PearlHarbor in 2005. It being Hawaii, the place was absolutely gorgeous.

It struck me that the servicemen there in December of 1941 probablyhadn't been too displeased with their orders when they ended up servingin a 70-degree paradise in wintertime. Hawaii was less developed then,of course, but still beautiful, dotted with enough naturalattractions to keep anyone spellbound. Perhaps they were consideringtheir good fortune as they strode the decks of the Arizona thatmorning. Maybe they were looking out into the breezy blue and countingthemselves lucky to in paradise instead of Pennsylvania.

Then, blue skies clouded with Japanese bombers, calm waters caughton fire, and those young men became fighters and casualties in a warthey didn't even know had started.

Follow the link and read the rest of it, it is a great tribute. It has been 65 years since the devastating attack on our forces at Pearl Harbor started the great American war machine churning and precipitated our entry into WWII. What was accomplished then will never be forgotten.

Thanks to the Americans of that era, the people of today feel free to bash their President, military and countrymen with aplomb. Thanks to those brave and tireless fighters and the working people that stayed behind, Europe is free to bash America and promote terrorism vis-a-vis anti-american policies of appeasement and defeatism.

Thanks to that war and the outcome, the Jewish people regained their homeland. They've been fighting for it every since with little help from the world that was on the brink of a German Suzerienty. As long as free people continue to forget why they are free, the world will be a dark and dangerous place.

Jay has this on the subject.
The Emporer Misha has this.
LGF weighs in here.
InstaPundit had a link to follow.
HotAir has a tribute here.
Good Richard here.
The Captain salutes here.
Blogs of War weighs in here. With words from Dan Riehl.
AuTone (the new read for me) has a nice piece on the whole thing.

Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Water on Mars

Everyone who's anyone is talking about this, so I thought I would make a post (seems my connection is bad, so this post will be published 12/7 after work):

Does water STILL flow on Mars?
By JULIE WHELDON, Science Correspondent Last updated at 17:55pm on 6th December 2006
Striking new images of the Red Planet have raised hopes life could be found on Mars after all.

Scientists say they have photographic evidence that suggests liquid water may have been on the planet as little as five years ago.

Does water still flow on Mars? These dramatic new photos seem to indicate yes

Experts last night said Mars now appears more active than previously thought and the latest study shows why it is vital to continue to search for life on our planetary neighbour.

The first images of Mars' surface were taken in the 1960s and they suggested it was a dusty, cratered world rather like our Moon.
Now a new set of photographs has suggested that liquid water may have flowed on the planet a mere five years ago.

The discovery resulted from images taken by the Mars Global Surveyor which first recorded gullies and trenches that could have been made by fast-flowing water coursing down cliffs and crater walls.(link)

All of this will continue to be speculation until/unless we can actually get ahold of some water from Mars. When man walks on Mars (with the ability to do more research than the limited probes we have there now), then we'll find out if there is water (and possibly life).
Reason amongst martians

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Syria wants Peace

Dec. 5, 2006 22:39 | Updated Dec. 6, 2006 7:51
Syrian reps tell Kadima MKs in Amman they want peace
Negotiations on a peace agreement between Israel and Syria should start immediately, for the benefit of both peoples, Syrian legislators told Kadima MKs Majallie Whbee and Amira Dotan in Jordan on Sunday.

The Kadima lawmakers were attending a forum of parliamentarians from several Middle Eastern countries, including Syria, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Algeria that was organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Whbee said there was a consensus among representatives from all the countries to return to the negotiating table and end violence and terror.(link)
Syria's visiting Foreign Minister Walid Moallem, second left, and Iraq's Foreign Affairs Minister Hoshyar Zebari, second right, arrive for a media conference in Baghdad Tuesday.
Photo: AP

It's too bad that the Syrian delegation has no authority (Syria is run exclusively by the President and his Baath party). It sounds like they are truly ready for peace. Of course, Israel would have to be careful as the middle eastern countries have talked peace before and there is still not peace in the middle east.

Israel must look for any means to establish peace simply because the 'international' world will not allow it the one way to guarantee peace. Militarily, Israel could and has defeated all of its enemies (hard to call the Hizbollah/Israel war a win/loss for anyone; militarily Israel big, publicly; Hiz) and will continue to do so. The international community should be putting pressure on the other countries and regimes of the middle east to secure peace, instead of stepping on Israels hands every time an arab stubs his toe.
(h/t Capt. Jamil Hussein) /sarc
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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Free Jamil Hussein

Posted over at ALF:

AP: "24" and ticking
A NOTICE to the Associated Press:

If, within 24 hours of this posting, your Iraq bureau has not given definitive proof of the existence and authenticity of "Police Captain Jamil Hussein," this blog will declare that the AP has admitted that this "official source" is a fake, and that no less than 16 Associated Press reporters thereby have been implicated in one of the greatest frauds in the history of journalism.
You have 24 hours. No further notice will be given.

Alabama Liberation Front

I second his motion.
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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Peace in the M.E.

Here's the suprise news of the day:

Palestinian unity government won't bring peace: Peres

Wed Dec 6, 2006 3:34am ET

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres said on Wednesday a Palestinian unity government would be a facade aimed at easing Western economic sanctions rather than a new framework for seeking peace with Israel.

"Hamas doesn't want peace, even if we give them 1967 borders," Peres told Israel Radio, referring to the governing Islamist group and the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip, territory Israel captured in a war that year.

Peres said Hamas, which advocates Israel's destruction, would effectively be at the helm of a unity government of non-political technocrats it has been trying to form with moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction.

"Hamas wants to use Fatah as a cover, a facade, so they can get money," Peres said.(link)
At least someone in office in Israel has figured out that Hamas DOES NOT WANT peace. Unless of course you count the piece that comes with all the Israelis dead. [heh]

Maybe one day there will be peace in the middle east, but I rather doubt it.
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Plano East vs John Tyler

Greatest 3 minutes in football.EVER.

Score is 41-17 Tyler with 2:42 to go (stolen from

I won't make any comments, in case you have seen it yet.
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Israel / Iran

From :
Report: Israel, Iran holding debt talks
By Matti Friedman, Associated Press Writer | December 5, 2006

JERUSALEM --While Iran continues to deny that Israel has the right to exist, representatives of the two countries are holding clandestine talks in Europe to settle an old Israeli debt, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

Iran is still owed hundreds of millions of dollars for oil it supplied to Israel in the years before the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and the two countries, now sworn enemies, are holding contacts meant to settle the debt, according to the report in the daily Haaretz citing anonymous Israeli and Swiss officials involved in the negotiations.(link)
Easy problem here I think. Israel owes Iran lots of money due to the fact that the two countries worked together for so long before the mullahs took over in '79. Iran needs money to work on their nuclear ambitions and to try and wipe Israel off the map. Should Israel pay up? Giving the length of time involved, it would be hard to get someone in this country to have to pay you after 27-odd years. But on a more personal level, is it in Israel's best (national) interests to pay the regime that wants (the most) to destroy them?

If it were me and I had a say in the matter, I'd tell them to take a hike, unless they were bringing some serious negotiations to the table. Given Iran's track record with the truth, and the U.N.'s track record with holding countries to the truth, even that probably wouldn't be enough.

It shows the character of the two countries well though: Israel who is threatened and attacked at every turn by Iran is holding talks; Iran who thinks Israel shouldn't exist, wants to wipe them off the map and continually supplies the enemies of is asking for money. Make of that what you will, but it's easy to see which country ('s character) is stronger.
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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Mother claims kidnapping in son's death

I didn't get to see much of this story as I had to sleep today, but I know there was an Amber alert out for the little boy at one point.

Mother Lied, Suspect in 5-Year-Old's Death, Police Say
Tuesday, December 05, 2006

GADSDEN,Ala. — A mother's report that her 5-year-old son wasasleep in the back of a car when it was stolen was a hoax, and she andher boyfriend were being held as suspects in the boy's death,authorities said Tuesday.

The body of Geontae Glass and the car that was reported stolen Monday morning were found Tuesday in a closed garage at a house in rural Etowah County, Sheriff James Hayes said.

Police were holding Shalinda Glass, 25, of Rainbow City, and Kevin Andre Towles, who is believed to own the house where the body was found, Hayes said.

The sheriff said they would be charged with murder. (link)

Seems it was a ruse to cover up the childs death :( I hope (if found guilty) these people get the maximum sentence available. I despise people who hurt children and murder is about as far as you can go.

The boyfriend of the mother was found with over 30k in cash, weapons and drugs. Police said he thought he was in a 'safe house'. Guess not.

What is it Misha says? Rope, tree, neck. Some assembly required.

Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

Monday, December 4, 2006

Ok - this is my inaugural post here on LordNazh !! I've known him for going on 5 years now and he's one of the good people in life that your parents always wanted you to either become or at least befriend so that it would rub off on you.

Ok...on to posting. I see that Nazh has covered a buncha stuff pre-Thai so I'll skip some of that and go to important news of the day.

Oh...don't worry. In future posts, I'll get to John Bolton not being confirmed as Ambassador to the U.N. (shame on Lincoln Chafee - I'm so HAPPY he's no longer going to be in the Senate and taking GOP election year money that could go to worthy Senatorial candidates).

I'll also get to the Middle East and to Iraq in particular. In short -> We need to send more troops to Iraq in the short term and will need to deal with Syria and Iran in the long term (either direct militarily or indirect a la funding resistance fighters to bring down the regimes). However I agree somewhat with Nazh in that it doesn't look like Bush has much maneuvering room given the current political climate and the fact that the MSM (Mainstream Media) are enthusiastically cheering AGAINST the U.S. in this war ( I guess anyway to get back at Bush for refusing to let Al Gore steal an election is fine to them - even if it means losing a war and the allies, prestige and influence that go with such a loss - not to mention the future loss of American life when the terrorists do finally come here again.). This means the MSM can craft what message the average joe receives each day. Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. Like the no WMD's even thoguh we found 500 tons of uranium in Iraq (more on that in future posts).

No... the BIG news of the day is courtesy of none other than Gwynneth Paltrow !!!

The story can be found here;

According to Ms. Paltrow (or is it Mrs. Martin?) she prefers dinner talk in Britain over that which can be found in the U.S.

Quote Ms. Paltrow (I'm sticking with her screen name);

"I love the English lifestyle, it's not as capitalistic as America. People don't talk about work and money, they talk about interesting things at dinner"

Ms. Paltrow has an open invitation to come to dinner at my house where I can assure her we don't talk about money or work at the table. We do engage in the issues of the day (political, social, psychological, scientific, sports-related, etc...) but any mention of work and money is covered before we sit down to eat. Just last week we discussed the "Super String" and "Chaos" theories and also the "Uncaused - First Cause" which is thought to have caused the "Big Bang" (was it God or some other outside force?). Would Ms. Paltrow find this "interesting" table conversation? Who knows? she won't tell us the criterion by which she deems dinner conversation to equal her lofty standards.

She did leave us with this gem though;

"I like living here because I don't fit into the bad side of American psychology. The British are much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans"

Now I'll admit that our British brothers and sisters in our Mother Country (we were their colonial subjects at one time after all) do speak our language with more aplomb than us Americans do. In fact, I've seen the English language split up into "UK" and "American" when selecting an audio language on my recent trip to Hungary. And just as some people ignorantly believe that if you speak with a Southern accent and talk a bit slower that you are less-intelligent, these same types of people equate an English-accent with intelligence. I can tell you that I've known a few Brits during my 37 years on this Earth and while I have great respect for many of their intellects, there are quite a few others that, while seeming intelligent, are just empty shells. Sorta like John Kerry, only closer to actually being a Continental European that Kerry could ever hope to be. So, in my estimation, the Brits are just as intelligent as their American cousins across the Atlantic. No more or less. As far as being civilized, that is in the eye of the beholder. The Brits have quite a few centuries on us in terms of civilization but I'll still rank our 200+ years up against anyone's.

Ok that aside...I think what Ms. Paltrow is really trying to say is that she thinks America (you know - the ENTIRE country) is like the small sliver of America that she grew up in.

What gall !!!

Ok - "Mini-rant" below .....

As if growing up in HOLLYWOOD, the child of two famous parents (Actress Blyther Danner and Producer Bruce Paltrow) is any reflection of what real-life in America is all about???!!!!

I'm sure Ms. Paltrow thinks that talking about work and money is beneath her but please excuse the rest of flyover America for not being born with a silver foot in their mouth (A nod to Ann Richards for her insult of Bush that I just lifted).

Yes, work and money are discussed a bit more frequently in homes like mine because people like me work 60-80 hour weeks all year long. We don't work for 5-6 weeks and then have months off at a time because we just made millions in those few short weeks.

We don't have personal assistants who handle all the mundane tasks for us. We do them all !! Right down to babysitting our own kids, changing their diapers, going to the Pharmacy to get our prescriptions filled and making sure the dog's waste is picked up off the lawn.

We don't have managers to keep reminding us of where we need to be on any given day. We make do with our Blackberry's ( -- > nope we bought them ourselves, they weren't part of some $25,000 gift basket for hosting the Oscars or something ridiculous like that) and our calendars and if need-be we simply REMEMBER WHAT WE NEEDED TO DO !!!

Yes, if the rest of non-Hollywood America had a life like Ms. Paltrow I'm sure they'd think of other things to talk about at home as well.

Now, Ms. Paltrow... who enjoyed a privileged life growing up (and who has married a rock star no less) ... is living in a very chic part of England. I guess from her lofty, alabaster tower she can't see the little people toiling away in England either. She's taking the cue from other Hollywood elites in bashing America when its easy to do so.

Far easier to basically shit on America when you're in London - Ms. Paltrow. Try mustering up that disdain for Americans and your backbone when you're talking to decent "salt-of-the-earth" people who happen to live in Nowhere, USA but in fact lead more noble lives than Ms. Paltrow can ever dream to lead.

Perhaps if Ms. Paltrow wasn't so convinced she was our cultural "better" she'd see that people all around this great country are more intelligent and civilized than she realizes. But that would be too much for an elitist snob who believes that the rest of us are meant to carry her around on our shoulders, because... you know... she's Gwynneth Paltrow !!!

No matter. Given Ms. Paltrow's disdain for this country and her cowardice in bashing it overseas, I will hereafter refuse to see another movie, TV show, stage production, etc... that she appears in. I will also find out the sponsors of the productions she appears in and I will not support them by buying their products.

Stars get hyper about "censorship" when they stick their feet in their mouths and the public turns on them and refuses to patronize their work. The Dixie Chicks received a nice helping of it. Other stars have as well. This is not "censorship" but the marketplace working as it should. Hollywood Stars such as Ms. Paltrow have gotten extremely wealthy due the average fan plunking down money to go see them in whatever endeavor they are appearing in. When such stars disrespect these same fans and what they believe, the fans have EVERY right to refuse to let that dollar slip from their pocket into that entertainer's. Why should the fan..who works 60-80 hours a week sometimes and works all year long, support the obscenely wealthy lifestyle of an snob who looks down their nose at them? Why pay that $9 for a movie ticket so that Ms. Paltrow can continue jet-setting around the world and vacationing for weeks in the Caribbean (or wherever rich, spoiled, ignorant snobs vacation)??

No. Ms. Paltrow, gets not one more penny from me. Not until she comes to dinner at my house and has to not only defend her actions but try to keep up with the conversations we have. You see, if she didn't like what was talked about at the table, perhaps its not the country she's currently dining in, but her dinner companions instead.

Of course...what do I know? Apparently my social better, Ms. Paltrow, thinks me unintelligent and uncivilized.

You be the judge.

Nuclear Iran

A story in the Jerusalem post talks about Iran and its ongoing nuclear progam.
Dec. 5, 2006 0:21 | Updated Dec. 5, 2006 0:39
'US won't launch preemptive strike against Teheran'

Predicting Iran will obtain nuclear weapons by the end of the decade, the defense establishment's new and updated assessment for 2007 does not foresee the United States undertaking a preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear installations, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The chances of an American strike are deemed "low," according to assessments by the security establishment. Israel also believes that international diplomatic efforts to stop Iran will fail, security sources said.

In an interivew with the Post in late September, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said US President George W. Bush would prevent the Iranians from obtaining a nuclear bomb.

Asked whether he felt Bush would one way or the other stop Iran going nuclear, Olmert responded: "I believe so." (link)
With the way the year's going for the President and the U.S., our last best hope may be that the Israelis get a strong leader and pre-empt the Iranian threat. I can't see the U.S. (in democratic hands) lifting a finger to stop the persians in their plans to wipe out Israel or to dominate the ME. When Iran eats enough of our carrots, they will finish what Hitler started and then the Islamic movement will wash over Europe.

I hope that before that time, someone in the world (in a leadership position) realizes what is happening with enough time left to halt it.

If Sharia ever comes to the U.S. it will be time for the 'fat lady' to sing her last song.
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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Al-Sadr dead?

Ace Reports that Al-Sadr may be dead, he link to this text:
أسامة مهدي من لندن: نفى مصدر مقرب من التيار الصدري الانباء التي تحدثت عن مقتل زعيم التيار مقتدى الصدر مشيرا الى ان هذا يدخل ضمن الحملة المضادة للزعيم الشيعي الشاب اثر الهجمة التي تشنها ضد انصاره القوات الاميركية وبعد تعليق نوابه في مجلس النواب ووزرائه في الحكومة لعضويتهم فيهما الخميس الماضي احتجاجا على اجتماع رئيس الوزراء العراقي نوري المالكي مع الرئيس الاميركي جورج بوش في عمان .
واضاف المصدر الذي تحدثت معه "ايلاف" الليلة في بغداد انه كان على اتصال بمكتب الصدر في مدينة النجف اليوم حول بعض الشؤون العامة وابلغه ان الصدر يواصل مهامه بشكل طبيعي وكان في اجتماع مع مجموعة من مساعديه . واشار المصدر الى ان المشهد العراقي ونتيجة لتداعيات الاوضاع السياسية والامنية فانه يشهد الكثير من الاشاعات غير الصحيحة التي تنتشر تنتشر بسرعة .

وكان مصدر من داخل التيار الصدري افاد لايلاف الليلة ان مدينة الصدر الان هادئة تماما وهكذا خبر لو صح لخرجت المدينة عن بكرة ابيها في الشوارع. وقال ان اذاعة العهد التابعة للتيار الصدري تبث الان برامجها الاعتيادية.

وفي هذا الاطار كانت تقارير اشارت الى مقتل احد مساعدي الصدر في مدينة الصدر في بغداد ويدعى ابو درع الذي نسجت الكثير من الاخبار والاشاعات حول سطوته وقيادته لفرق موت مسلحة تقتص من السنة والاميركان وذلك عندما كمن له مسلحون من الجيش الاسلامي في مدينة سامراء شمال بغداد قبل ثلاثة ايام . وكانت القوات الاميركية داهمت مدينة الصدر مرات عدة الشهر الماضي بحثا عن ابو درع اثر اتهامه باختطاف جندي اميركي من اصل عراقي لكنها فشلت في اعتقاله . وينفي مسؤولون في التيار الصدري وجود مثل هذه الشخصية ويؤكدون انها من نسج خيال الاميركان لتبرير عملياتهم ضد التيار الذي يصر على انسحابهم من العراق ويعد لجبهة عريضة في مجلس النواب للمطالبة بذلك . (link)
Is there anyone out there that has the scoop on this?
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Israel & Palenstine via AP

Israeli Army Kills Palestinian, Arrests 17 in West Bank Despite Decision to Scale Back Raids

Associated Press Writer

AP Photo JERUSALEM (AP) -- The Israeli army killed a Palestinian and arrested 17 militants Monday in raids across the West Bank, despite a decision by the military to scale back such operations in order to bolster a shaky truce with the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Although the cease-fire agreement does not cover the West Bank, militants in Gaza have repeatedly threatened to break the truce and launch a wave of reprisal attacks because of Israeli military operations there.

"I wouldn't rule out ending the cease-fire in a few short days if the enemy continues like this," Hamas spokesman Abu Obeideh said. {emp. mine} (link)

Read the whole thing. Even though the story is almost pro-Israel, the title (which is what most people would see and then move on, being a 'headline' country that we are) is misleading to say the least. Only by actually reading the article (past the first few paragraphs which stay with the title theme of Israel=bad) can you see that the Israelis were after a terrorist and his acomplis that were fleeing an arrest. Then of course you have conflicting stories; Israel claims one flee-er dead, one wounded and arrested (target of the raid), the Palestinians (Hamas) claim one 'militant' wounded along with one teenager and one civilian dead.

The article goes on about the cease-fire that was put into effect last week, mentioning the 16 rockets that have been fired at Israel since (11 in the 'first hours'). The author makes no distinction to the fact that you can not have a cease-fire if both sides don't actually stop firing. He does (in his title) mention that Israel is still defending itself while saying they are scaling back on raids.

It is utterly amazing that 'journalists' have lost the ability to simply report the news without letting personal bias interfere. Granted the piece itself was better than most AP articles, but the misleading headline pretty much tells you where the reporter's loyalties lie.

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Jihad Arrests & Bolton boltin

Egypt says arrested foreigners had terror links

Egyptians security forces guard the site where one of the three explosions took place in the touristic resort of Dahab in April 2006. Egypt has said a group of foreigners arrested in Egypt included French, US, Belgian, Syrian and Tunisian nationals with links to terror groups who were recruiting Islamists for "jihad" in Iraq.(AFP/File/Pedro Ugarte)
AFP/File Photo: Egyptians security forces guard the site where one of the three explosions took place in...

Mon Dec 4, 11:08 AM ET

CAIRO (AFP) - Egypt has said a group of foreigners arrested recentlyincluded French, US, Belgian, Syrian and Tunisian nationals who havelinks to terror groups and were recruiting Islamists for "jihad" in Iraq.

The Egyptian interior ministry said in a statement Monday it had dismantled an underground extremist organisation with links to foreign terror organisations.

French diplomatic sources had confirmed the arrest nearly two weeks ago of French Islamists in Cairo and Alexandria. Nine of them are expected to be flown back to France this week.
I hope we don't try to extradite any terrorists. If an American makes the choice to become a jihadi in Egypt, they should have to face justice in Egypt. The state department should look hard into this case and make sure this is a bona-fide case against these people, then let them rot if they are indeed terrorists. That will get rid of the whole 'geneva conventions' for terrorists bit.

In other news: John Bolton is stepping down when his appointment ends at the U.N. Lots of other bloggers and news agencies are reporting on this one (I've been asleep [heh]) so I'll keep it short. I liked Bolton and told Jeff Sessions ([R] Alabama) in a letter that we needed to get him confirmed. Alas, seems that the dems and Chafee would not give him a vote, so he decided to not work after his job is over.

I'm going to have to go with Ace's reaction over this, since the U.N. won't change no matter who we send, I still advocate jumping ship (while it's burning and not totally underwater). Unlike most leftists, I don't believe that we need a nanny to tell us what to do in the world. Since the U.N. (like almost all Dems) agreed that Iraq had wmd's and that force should be used to make them comply to resolutions, they have all become enamored with 'Bush's war'. Even in the 'make-it-up' history of the NYTimes and AP, it's a hard stretch to call a war that Congress voted for 'Bush's war'. But that is the mindset of the left (including the U.N. and most of Eurabia).

I feel sorry for my daughter and when she has kids. They will get to inherit the mess that the dems leave after this congressional run of subpoenas, trials and do-nothings.

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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Bypassing Internet Censors

Read about this over at Michelle's:
Check this out. There is a new tool to circumvent government bans on Internet sites out now. It's called "Psiphon:"

Researchers at University of Toronto plan to introduce a software tool on Friday that aims to help people in countries that censor the World Wide Web.

Psiphon (pronounced sigh-fawn), a web-based utility, lets individuals in a country that censors the internet sign on to a server that gives them secure access to web pages anywhere, bypassing government restrictions.

Its creators plan to launch the software at the Protect The Net conference at the university's Munk Centre for International Studies, where psiphon emerged as a project of Citizenlab.

This is especially good news for readers in China, India, Pakistan, and the Middle East trying to access blogs and websites critical of their governments or critical of Islam.

Like they say, information wants to be free. And where there's a programmer, there's a way.
Great news for the folks in suppressed countries that can't get the news. Especially news that is critical to their government and/or religion or whatever.

As MM says: Spread the word.
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Da Boyz

23 20

Dallas (8-4) now leads the NFC East by 2 games after dispatching the pesky Giants (6-6). It was the cowboys 4th win in the last 5 and the g-men's 4th loss in a row.

This game was especially gratifying for me, since my little brother is a big NY fan and I'm a big Dallas fan ;)
Dallas 23, New York 20
Photo Wire
Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber III (24) picks up a first down in the Cowboys' second-quarter scoring...
(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) -- In an NFC where nobody stands out, the Dallas Cowboys are beginning to pass for a dominant team.

Newly signed kicker Martin Gramatica booted a 46-yard field goal with 1 second left to give the Cowboys a 23-20 win over the New York Giants and a two-game lead in the NFC East. Gramatica's winning kick went straight through the uprights with plenty of power, more than making up for his wide-right miss from 44 yards to end the Cowboys' opening drive. (link)
Now the Boyz can set their sites on catching the Bears for #1 in the NFC for the playoffs. [Amazing what a change a QB can do, a friend and I have been wishing for a Romo switch since the last game of last season, since they were already out of the playoffs, why didn't Parcells give it to Romo in the Rams game?]
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Nazi? Middle East cease-fires

LGF has a thread on the latest Nazi speak over at Dkos (follow their link if you can stand it); I read the 'diary' and the comments while I could, the diary was typical of most of the Dkos diaries not written by a 'pro'. You could tell this person was really worried about something and the people at LGF were really really scary (heh). Have the people at Dkos really ever read their own comments? I would challenge this diarist to read the comments on most Dkos threads and then make a comparison to any 'right-wing' blog's comments.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas meeting with French presidential candidate Segolene royal, Sunday in Gaza. (AP)

IslamicJihad said Sunday the week-old Gaza Strip cease-fire is on the verge ofcollapse, due to what it called repeated Israeli violations.

"Calmis on the edge of collapse due to the continued Zionist violations andthe attacks against our Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza,"Abu Ahmed, a Gaza-based spokesman for the group's armed wing, said in astatement.

Notice the theme here, the palestinians are worried about Israel breaking the cease-fire and are threatening violence. I read alot and havn't seen any issues about Israel breaking the cease-fire, but I'll grant these people may know more than I do :) But how do you explain these issues?:

Rocket fired at Israel from Gaza despite truce

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip slammed into southern Israel on Sunday in the latest violation of a truce called a week ago, an Israeli military spokeswoman said."

There were no injuries caused by the rocket that struck acollective farm near the Israel-Gaza border. So far more than adozen rockets have been fired despite the ceasefire, nonecausing any casualties.

Israel's security cabinet was expected to discuss thestatus of the ceasefire later on Sunday, media reports said.

This is the news I've been reading about the Israel/Palestine issue, rockets were falling INTO Israel from the Gaza strip and not the other way around. The palestinians have not been serious about this cease-fire since it started. They will ultimetly break the cease-fire in 'retaliation' of Israel's aggressions (heh).
Peace will never be possible until both sides acutally want peace.
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