Saturday, December 2, 2006

Florida SEC Champs

Florida Gators Florida beats Arkansas by 10. Now it's up to the pollsters and the computers to decide between Michigan and Florida.

It would help kill the BCS quicker if Michigan goes, but it would be 'right' if Florida went.

Once upon a time, losses mattered (when you had them) and you could NEVER have one at the end of the season and survive. Until the BCS (yes Florida lost to FSU and then went on to play for the title in '96, but other people lost to put Florida there, they didn't lose and STAY 2nd).

I truly think Florida can and will beat Ohio State (if they go). We already know that Michigan can't beat OSU. They lost already to them and it should have been by 11 (phantom pass interference calls shouldn't count).

Tomorrow will be a busy day with the bowls all being decided. I'll try to post some on that. Lots of news happening today too, but I'm in 'football' mode, so I've been reading alot but not posting (heh). I start midnights tomorrow night, so not sure on the posting, but if it's slow at work, I may get some late night posts in. (link)

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BCS Implications

USC TrojansThe dream ends.

UCLA has beaten USC 13-9 in California today to end USC's chances of 3 straight Championship games. Now it will be between Michigan and Florida (winning) to play Ohio State.

UCLA's defense played great and stymied the Trojan offense all day. The Bruins offense didn't play well, but played just good enough to get the job done.

At halftime Florida leads Arkansas 17-7 in the SEC Championship. If they win, they'll have a legitimate argument for playing OSU.

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ACC Championship

Wake Forest Demon Deacons
Wake Forest Demon Deacons at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
#16 WAKE (11-2) 0 3 0 6
#23 GT (9-4) 3 0 0 3
December 2, 2006 - Alltel Stadium
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

It rained alot at Jacksonville. Neither offense could really get on track and both defenses played good enough to win. But, Wake Forest is in the BCS (yes Wake) for the first time with a 9-6 hard fought win.

Wake went 11-2 this year after losing their top running back and top quaterback to injury early in the year. It helped that they played in the ACC this year (which was way down). No matter the why or how, Wake will be in the Orange bowl representing the ACC.

Congratulations to Wake Forest and all the Deamon Deacon fans out there. Great season and one big game left to go. No matter what happens in the Orange bowl, they have a championship trophy to take back home!(link)

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Saturday Football

No. 2 USC (10-1) at UCLA (6-5)
Pasadena, CA
4:30 PM ET
TheBruins won eight straight from 1991-98. The Trojans have won the lastseven. If eight was enough for UCLA, expect USC to at least equal thatmark.

No. 4 Florida (11-1) vs No. 8 Arkansas (10-2)
Atlanta, GA
6:00 PM ET CBS
The Gators rank fourth nationally against the run. The Hogs rank fourth nationally in rushing. Get ready for some collisions.

No. 13 Rutgers (10-1) at No. 15 West Virginia (9-2)
Morgantown, WV
7:45 PM ET
Getting a Big East title clinching win won't be easy, the Scarlet Knights are 0-14 all-time in Morgantown.

Also the Big 12 championship, the ACC championship and Hawaii going for the single season TD record (54) against Brittany's favorite team (Oregon State Beavers).

Should be an exciting day for football, the USC-UCLA matchup will determine who plays Ohio State in the title game. USC wins, they are in; if they get upset, then Florida or Michigan will play. [if Florida wins] The Florida/Arkansas game will be fun to watch. Arkansas runs like nobodies business, Florida stops the run.

My picks: USC by 15, Florida by 7, Rutgers by 2, Nebraska by 2 and Hawaii by 12

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Friday, December 1, 2006

Bloggers Wanted

I'm looking for people interested in blogging here. I realize that the majority of my viewers already blog (thanks both of you guys^^) but this is mainly to the click-thrus and google-searchers that end up here.

You don't have to agree with me on anything, I would like to keep this blog slightly to the right, but if you have a good email, I may add you no matter what your views. I will reserve the right to add whom I want, since I do pay for this domain and website (at the moment the blog itself is still free) and I will delete you if you go to far (in my opinion) on anything (language, content).

I will not delete or censor anyone for disagreeing with me or posting a opinion that I don't agree with. As I said, I would prefer to stay right of center, but I'm somewhat flexible.3

Send an email to Blog and tell me about yourself (be honest) and I'll look at adding you. The first 2 (if I get 2 lol) people will get a yourname at lordnazh dot com email addy with ~80mb worth of storage. (if for some unearthly reason I have more people interested I can be persauded into upping my email capabilities)

So if anyone is interested at all, let me know. I do have another guy coming in *supposedly* to blog, he's more of a political guy than I am and he's been busy. Thaiphoon is his handle (probably will be Thai on posts) and hopefully he can save me from myself long enough to get this going.

Thanks for the reads/views and interest. And thanks to everyone (all 4 or 5 of you) that have linked to me (not counting the blogroll guys, thanks to them also).

Lord Nazh

Note: Friday Free-for-all day at StoptheACLU

X-ray vision

Phoenix airport will begin using an x-ray machine ('back scatter') to check passengers for explosives.
Phoenix Airport to Test X-Ray Screening
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Dec 1, 7:02 AM (ET)

PHOENIX (AP) - Sky Harbor International Airport here will test a new federal screening system that takes X-rays of passenger's bodies to detect concealed explosives and other weapons.

The technology, called backscatter, has been around for several years but has not been widely used in the U.S. as an anti-terrorism tool because of privacy concerns.

The Transportation Security Administration said it has found a way to refine the machine's images so that the normally graphic pictures can be blurred in certain areas while still being effective in detecting bombs and other threats. (link)
The concerns most people seem to harbor are the fact that their body (shape) is visible through this technology. I personally don't see this as a concern, but was wondering about others? Is it 'invasive' to be able to use x-ray technology like this to see under people's clothes? Is it over-the-top to use this to check for explosives that metal-detectors would miss? Is it a 'right' infringement?

To me, it's a standard security issue and doesn't (seem to) infringe on any civil rights or liberties, but that could be just me. Any thoughts?

The Captain has much better on the subject than me (I should have read his first heh) go over there and read this.
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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Alabama Coaching

Just a little update to my Alabama fans out there (and if the visitor from Decatur reads this, leave a comment, I moved here from Decatur [Austin class '89]):
Spurrier rumors abound

Posted by Brian McAlister November 30, 2006 11:38

First, a housekeeping plea. Seems some users are clicking the "Report Objectionable Comment" link that appears after each comment when they just want to post their own comment. If you will instead use the "Add Your Comment" link that appears at the top of the comments column, your comment will appear much faster.

Now, onto today's rumor mill.

As much as everyone has downplayed the possibility of Spurrier coming to Alabama, stranger things have happened. Chris Walsh of the Tuscaloosa News blogs that it might not be the most impossible thing to imagine.
Personally I don't think AL will get him, but he'd be a good fit for them (I'd hate it personally, but he is the greatest college coach there is, even counting Pete Carroll). I think they should be focusing on trying to get Norm Chow before NC State does, but that's just me.
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Trying to get Flock to work with my blog (I have used flock for awhile, but it timed out EVERY time I tried to post).

Patricia wanted me to try again with loggin turned on and send to her, so here goes.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

College Coaching Circus (so far)

So far eleven schools have said goodbye to coaches this offseason (which really isn't the offseason just yet for some of them) and probably a few more to go before it's over.

A rundown of Division I-A head coaching changes for the 2007 season:

A Change At The Top
AlabamaMike Shula
Arizona StateDirk Koetter
CincinnatiMark DantonioPat Narduzzi (interim)
Florida InternationalDon Strock
Iowa StateDan McCarneyGene Chizik
MiamiLarry Coker
Michigan StateJohn L. SmithMark Dantonio
North CarolinaJohn BuntingButch Davis
North Carolina StateChuck Amato
North TexasDarrell Dickey
TulaneChris Scelfo

Table via ESPN (link).

Poison? WalMart; Global Warming(cooling)??

Seems the police are going to question some 5th-graders in South Carolina over a suspected poisoning of a teacher.
GOOSE CREEK, S.C. -- Officials at a Goose Creek elementary school say police plan to question fifth grade students about a teacher who became ill after drinking deadly chemicals earlier this month.

The teacher at Boulder Bluff Elementary was hospitalized in critical condition November 16 after drinking methanol and ethylene glycol, a clear, colorless liquid used in antifreeze.(link)
The report states that the teacher has no history of depression or suicide attempts. This may be the weirdest 'school violence' story I've seen yet. It's hard to imagine 5th-graders as the diabolical evil-doers out to stop public education. I could see this maybe from high school kids or even college people, but elementary?? It boggles the mind.
San Diego is going down the Chicago road concerning Wal-Mart. The city council recently passed a resolution banning stores of greater than 90ksq ft selling groceries.
SAN DIEGO (AP) -- The City Council here voted late Tuesday to ban certain giant retail stores, dealing a blow to Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s potential to expand in the nation's eighth-largest city.

The measure, approved on a 5-3 vote, prohibits stores of more than 90,000 square feet that use 10 percent of space to sell groceries and other merchandise that is not subject to sales tax. It takes aim at Wal-Mart Supercenter stores, which average 185,000 square feet and sell groceries.(link)
Remember when Chicago wouldn't let Wal-Mart build in the city limits? (WaPo)? Well now S.D. is going down the same road. The gist of it is, the people voting to block are saying that Wal-Mart drives out local business and pays low wages. While true that local (small) business can hardly compete with the giant, the pay at Wal-Mart is usually higher than the pay at the business that gets driven out. So basically the city council wants to keep lower paying local business in the area :)
Global Warming!! (err cooling??)
Scientists are all aglow about global warming these days, but even most of them aren't as bad as the Gaia scientists.
The earth has a fever that could boost temperatures by 8 degrees Celsius making large parts of the surface uninhabitable and threatening billions of peoples' lives, a controversial climate scientist said on Tuesday.(link)
Seems that its too late to fix it (yay) and we're almost all doomed!!! Of course, these 'scientists' don't always agree with the real world or even with each other, but how do they explain these things?
The arctic deep freeze trapping Calgary is on track to break a 110-year-old weather record today, but the bitter cold is expected to ease in the coming days.

With a forecast low of -31C today, Calgary could break the -27C record set on this day in 1896. (link)
I'd say that what impact we humans have on the Earth is too little to guage. The world has been here for 5.4 billion years or so (and had massive warming/cooling trends to boot) and will outlast us by a long shot. Should we be concerned with clean air and pollution? Sure, but we shouldn't be telling everyone that life is going to end sometime next week and it's all over. Global 'climate change' spokespeople (see Al Bore) do not want to talk about this 'problem' they want your money so they can tell you what you will do about it. They don't care about conflicting data, since their data is right, that makes all other reports wrong. Wake me up when they say something worth while please.
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UN HRC weighs in on the Israel/Palestine 'cease-fire'

The U.N. Human rights council weighed in on the cease-fire in Gaza in the Jerusalem Post
Nov. 29, 2006 13:52
UN rights chief: Cease-fire good first step

The United Nations' top human rights official called the cease-fire agreement reached last week between Israelis and Palestinians "indispensable" to reducing the threat facing civilians on both sides.

However, Louise Arbour told the global body's rights watchdog that the crisis Israelis and Palestinians are facing will not be resolved through short-term solutions.

"Addressing and resolving the human rights in the region cannot be held hostage to either stopgap measures that may be revoked, or to a resolution of the political crisis that may prove still someway off," said Arbour, the UN high commissioner for human rights.
While the cease-fire may indeed be a good thing, it isn't helpful that the UNHRC is already trying to condemn both sides in the public eye, without listing any of the 'human rights' issues it points to. There is no mention of kidnappings, suicide-bombers, missles/rockets fired into civilian populations, etc. There is no mention of the 'human rights' issues that Israel is accused of either, but in the MSM those are understood 'truths' these days. Peace will never be achieved in the Middle East until and unless the UN or at least the 'free' countries of the world recognize that firing rockets into civilian populations purposefully to inflict civilian casualties and suicide bombers detonating themselves in civilian centers is in no way equal to military retaliation where collateral damage occurs.
Collateral damage is always to be abhorred for the senseless tragedy it is, but it is not the same on any level as the wanton destruction that occurs with targetting civilians by terrorists and groups that support them. Until world leaders have the gumption to stand up and decide that terrorism is wrong, both in policy AND in public; then these things will contine to occur. The situation in the ME is a washing-machine cycle. Sign cease-fire, fire rockets at Israel until they respond, cry to UN about Israel violating cease-fire, repudiate cease-fire based on Israel's violation, repeat.
There is never anything new to these deals, only the Israeli leader changes and sometimes the leaders of the terrorists.
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Protecting the Criminal

I don't have any neat phrases to put here, nor any 'good' writing to make a point on this post. Mainly what I have is disgust at what I'm reading. Via MM:{img me-LN}
Democrats will protect law-breakers
By Michelle Malkin · November 28, 2006 01:41 PM
Ed Morrissey points to this disturbing Washington Times report:

A Mississippi Democrat in line to become chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee has warned the nation's largest uniform supplier it faces criminal charges if it follows a White House proposal to recheck workers with mismatched Social Security numbers and fire those who cannot resolve the discrepancy in 60 days.

Rep. Bennie Thompson said in a letter to Cintas Corp. it could be charged with "illegal activities in violation of state and federal law" if any of its 32,000 employees are terminated because they gave incorrect Social Security numbers to be hired.

"I am deeply troubled by Cintas' recent policy change regarding the Social Security Administration's 'no match' letters," Mr. Thompson said in the Nov. 2 letter. "It is my understanding that hundreds of Cintas' immigrant workers have received these letters. I am extremely concerned about any potentially discriminatory actions targeting this community."

The Democrats: Protecting illegal alien workers, identity thieves, and Social Security scammers across the country in the name of preventing "discrimination."

There's a winning homeland security platform for 2008!
Exactly where in this situation (besides the people using a fake/wrong SS#) is the 'illegal' act supposed to occur? Is it now illegal for companies to verify that the people who work for them are in fact the people who they claim to be? This goes beyond illegal immigrants to a whole new realm of idiocy. Using this logic, a child-molestor could use a fake ss# and get a job at a daycare center, then the daycare center couldn't fire them 'legally' because of it. Never would have guessed there'd be a D next to the congressman's name would you ><
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Free Speech and Dead Terrorist

Stories via The News Right Now

Union Leader has an article about Newt Gingrich and free speech. The title is alarmist and the first two or three paragraphs seem to pan to the alarmist title. Yet, if you keep reading, it seems Newt is for freedom of speech and there is no more mention of him saying that the rules should be changed for terrorism.
MANCHESTER – Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich yesterday said the country will be forced to reexamine freedom of speech to meet the threat of terrorism.
Gingrich, speaking at a Manchester awards banquet, said a "different set of rules" may be needed to reduce terrorists' ability to use the Internet and free speech to recruit and get out their message.

"We need to get ahead of the curve before we actually lose a city, which I think could happen in the next decade," said Gingrich, a Republican who helped engineer the GOP's takeover of Congress in 1994.
The report itself seems rather shoddy and uninforming. It starts with a 'bad' message and becomes good in the middle without going in-depth on the parts that you would think (considering the title) that the aurthor wants you to know.

7,000 Qaeda members killed or captured in two years
Nov 28 11:10 AM US/Eastern
US and Iraqi forces have killed or captured at least 7,000 Al-Qaeda fighters in the past two years, with 30 "senior leaders' taken out of action since July.

The news comes hard on the heels of a leaked US Marine report that states US forces cannot defeat the Al-Qaeda-led insurgency in the vast western desert province of Al-Anbar.
"Since October 2004, we have now killed or captured over 7,000 Al-Qaeda terrorists," coalition spokesman Major General William Caldwell told journalists on Tuesday.

"Coalition and Iraqi security forces have made significant progress in dismantling the terrorist network," he said, adding that since July some 30 "senior level" Al-Qaeda have also been killed or captured.

Also, in the past two weeks, a series of raids throughout central and northern Iraq netted 11 leaders of the Al-Qaeda-allied Ansar al-Sunna insurgent group, he said. (link)
It still seems to me that this number should be higher, much higher. But I'd guess it's hard to estimate loss to a side that doesn't wear uniforms. Read the whole article, it talks about the WaPo 'leaked' story and refutes it using Falujah (you remember that spot eh?).
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Women talk alot : Pelosi sees the light?

Women talk three times as much as men, says study
Last updated at 22:00pm on 27th November 2006

DailyMailIt is something one half of the population has long suspected - and the other half always vocally denied. Women really do talk more than men.

In fact, women talk almost three times as much as men, with the average woman chalking up 20,000 words in a day - 13,000 more than the average man.

Women also speak more quickly, devote more brainpower to chit-chat - and actually get a buzz out of hearing their own voices, a new book suggests. (link)
It's always amazing that someone gets paid to do 'research' like this. Everyone already knows that women talk more than men, I guess it's nice to know just how much [heh].
Pelosi-Hastings Meeting Could Signal End of Chairmanship Bid

Monday, November 27, 2006

WASHINGTON — House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi will meet Tuesday with Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings, and those with knowledge of Pelosi's thinking told FOX News that Hastings will be told he is not going to be the next chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Though no formal decisions have been announced and Pelosi aides say the situation remains fluid, they suggest that the meeting at Pelosi's Capitol Hill office was requested by Hastings so he could bow out of the race before Pelosi denies him the job.

"He knows he's not going to get it," said one senior House Democratic aide. "The question is why he didn't bow out long ago." (link)
Good news from the ethnically-challenged Pelosi if this is true. I understand that when you become speaker you get to weild the power, but to place a person you voted to impeach in the position to see all the security secrets of the country (someone who can't get a security clearance) over someone you just don't like is beyond the pale in politics.
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Monday, November 27, 2006

NY Times and In God We Trust

Linking two stories from StoptheACLU today.

The first is good news from the slime-hopefully- getting-what-it-deserves department and conincidently has to do with the NYTimes.
NY Traitors
via AP
A wise ruling in the benefit for National Security. One can only hope that this ruling will make the NY Times and other MSM sources think twice before revealing classified information and tipping off terror-funding front groups. Sadly, it will probably only make them more careful about it. Hopefully we will see some heads roll on this one.
Jay posts the message from the AP, I'll just link to him so you can read it there. Basically the ruling says you can't tip terrorists off if the government tells you classified information about them. (like this will stop the NYT)

Next we have a little government 'cover-up'. Seems when the new coins were being minted, they didn't have room for the big presidential profiles and certain words. Seems the words: "In God We Trust" have been left off some coins.
Hat tip: Iowa Voice
They say it is to make more room for Presidential portriats.
The American mint has removed the official “In God We Trust” motto from the face of it dollar coin and has relegated it to the gold-colored coin’s thin edge. Mint officials said the reason for the change is to leave more room for portraits of former presidents and the Statue of Liberty.
You can view the coins here. Click on the “Edge Lettering” to see what they have done.
He has other quotes and news on this, read it all.

Did my Christmas shopping today. So broke again :) but done for the most part, still have some little things to pick up. Everyone have a Merry Christmas this year.
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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cease-fire in Gaza

How long will the international community hold Israel from respoding to rocket attacks as the newest cease-fire took hold? Until Israel decides to do something I'd say. There won't be any outcrys or protests in the wider world against the palestinian attacks that directly violate the cease-fire that just started. There won't be any editorials in the NYT or WaPo decrying violence or praising Israels restraint. They will simply remind Israel that there is a cease-fire until Israel decides to fight back. Then the editorials and 'news' reports will come speaking out against Israeli 'aggression'.

This pattern is repeated with every cease-fire or treaty that Israel signs. It is a never-ending cycle that shows that a country should and will defend itself and should have the right even in the international community.

Despite Truce, Palestinian Attacks Go On

Associated Press Writer

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israeli troops withdrew from the Gaza Strip as an unexpected truce took hold Sunday, but two major Palestinian militant groups, saying they had no intention of stopping their attacks, fired volleys of homemade rockets into Israel.

The rocket attacks by Hamas and Islamic Jihad tempered hopes for a lasting cease-fire, which was meant to end five months of deadly clashes. The rockets landed in open fields and caused no injuries.(link)

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