Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tennessee Wins! and Outrage at StoptheACLU

Tennessee beat Kentucky 17-12 in what would look like a defensive struggle. It was a struggle alright, neither defense seemed to be able to stop the other offense, yet somehow points weren't scored (going for it on 4th, turnovers, blocked/missed fg's, etc). It was a good win, but a lousy game for fans. Both schools need to practice the fundamentals alot more before bowl games come along.

Jay over at StoptheACLU has the outrage of a Democratic kiddie porn man who got.... 10 months in a plea bargain with a (guess?) Democratic judge and democratic DA. The guy was facing 81 years or so on all counts. This is outrageous.
This is absolutely outrageous! It shouldn’t take long for O’Reilly to pick up on this news. Unbelievable!!

A Democrat community leader who would “offer a homily during worship services” and facilitated his congregation’s “opening our doors to all people regardless of sexual orientation” has been given a slap on the hand after pleading guilty to extensive child pornography offenses involving children as young as six.

First of all, I don’t care what political party this sicko belongs to. It is only significant in that his political ties may have played a part in how light of a sentence he got. His actions and the lack of justice from the judge involved is what outrages me.
Read the rest of the report at Jays, its truly pathetic ><
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts and wildcats ;)


11:30am (central) on

Tennessee attempts to win its 22nd in a row against their rivals from the north. Kentucky is 7-4 and going to a bowl this year, Tennessee is 8-3 and still has a chance to get to a New Year's bowl and win 10. After last year's 5-6 record, that's quite a turn around.

Should be a good offensive game. If Tenn.'s defense can step up like last week, this game will be over at half time and I can get some sleep before work. Otherwise, they might put a hundred (both teams) on the board and I'll be tired tonite.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Women(Pakistan), Pelosi, Madonna, Schumer, Berkley(STAT). Dutch, Spies, Quotes, Grey, CREW(Hastings), Realists

From LGF:
Pakistan Senate Passes Women's Rights Bill

Pakistan took a step out of the Dark Ages yesterday, but you can be sure Islamists are already plotting violence in response: Senate passes women’s bill; MMA amendments rejected. (Hat tip: Shr_Nfr.)
One small step for women's rights in Pakistan, but a very needed one. Let's hope they can continue to improve in the face of the seething that will commence.
Via InstaPundit:
November 24, 2006

SANDY LEVINSON: "This is the perfect time for Speaker-designate Pelosi to announce that she will sponsor a bill, ideally with the outgoing Speaker Dennis Hastert, to revert to the older Succession in Office Act that was replaced in 1947 with the present one. This would indeed make Condoleezza Rice the designated successor were the vice presidency vacant. It would represent an act of high statepersonship and, as much as any single act could do, establish that she means it when she describes the arrival not only of new leadership, but a new public-spiritiedness to replace naked partisanship."
Mike Rappaport agrees. Any idea that can draw the support of both is worth thinking about.
Wow, a bi-partisian response to something. I'd guess there's little to no chance that Pelosi would follow this advice. (it would after all potentially help the Repubs).
Madonna (the anti-christian) over at Ace:
Madonna Preaches "Authentic Teachings of Jesus"

In a bleeped line, she seems to say, "Just go to Texas and suck George Bush's ----."{removed. LN}

Similar to Jesus' line, "It is harder for a rich man to enter Heaven than it is for ox to pass through the eye of the needle while it is simultaneously sucking the prick of a dispeptic llama."

This sort of sub-moronic agitprop from low-functioning celebrities trying to cling to the edginess of a youth they can barely remember -- well, who really cares, apart from Madonna's Apostle St. Andrew of the Sacred Butt-Plug?
He has more on the story plus some quotes. Madonna is a very disturbing person, for a number of reasons (her 'religion' being but the biggest).
From Townhall Blogs:
Schumer's Plans
Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 9:06 PM

Chuck Schumer is really the Dem's Senate Leader --he built their 51-49 majority, after all, not Harry Reid-- so Schumer's agenda deserves some close scrutiny. They key bits:
Follow the link for the items. Pretty 'conservative' agenda from what is listed.
Jay from StoptheACLU writes:
Berkley Nativity Update
by davef on 11-24-06 @ 5:15 pm Filed under ACLU, Church And State, News, Christmas

Cross Posted from Revealing the ACLU: Last month I wrote about a group called STAT (Stop The ACLU Tyranny), who was fighting to preserve the Nativity Scene in the city of Berkley. The city Nativity Scene, like so many others, had come under attack from the ACLU.

Well, Monday Night The Berkley City Council voted on this issue.
He has the whole scoop and I'd agree that this is a definite loss for conservatism. But looks like the fight isn't over just yet!
Video at BlogsofWar:
The description from YouTube:

Footage from Dutch Commandos raiding a suspected IED facilitator in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan. On the way back to base they get ambushed.

Ps. yes there is a American ODA member in the vid, he was attached to the Dutch unit.

It’s a pretty hardcore firefight.
Follow the link to see the video (not going to steal his link [heh]).
Good Richard Opines: least not without deep pockets, a full bench of spies and a death wish.

Former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko has died by poisoning. AP has the story.
With links and quotes to the AP story, it's a good read.
Rangel via Pruden from JS at Observations:
Mr. Rangel's disgust is misplaced. Anger at the disproportionate share of sacrifice overlooks the fact that this is a volunteer army and the soldiers are where they want to be. Mr. Rangel may be right that a lot of mamas don't want their boys to grow up to be soldiers in Baghdad, but it's also true that a lot of mamas don't want their boys to grow up to be congressmen. -- Wesley Pruden
Just a good all around quote to have.
Somber mood from Buffalo:
A Gray Day
I didn’t exactly spring from bed this morning to greet what wonderment and discovery the day might hold for me. It was more a slow, painful, joint-creaking, unwilling return to consciousness. A good thing a mischievous poltergeist didn’t come to visit last night, strewing obstacles throughout the rooms. It wasn’t until after I drenched the mind numbing ravages of sleep with a hot shower that I was able to open my eyes enough to see.
Read it all. While I don't agree with much of what Buffalo says (and he doesn't agree with me either :) he is a good writer and makes you think.
HotAir gives us:
CREW posts transcript of 1988 Hastings impeachment proceedings
Conyers is the incoming chairman of the Judiciary Committee so it’s his statement you’re looking for. It starts on numbered page 12 and runs through page 18. Highlights: all the new evidence that came to light after Hastings’s acquttal at trial at the top of page 14; the not-at-all suspicious escape from Washington towards the bottom of page 15; and his openness to the possibility that the charges against Hastings were trumped up for racial reasons — until he looked at the facts and realized the guy was guilty as sin.
Read the comments (heh).
The Captain sez:
Empty Seats Defy The Realists

In the last few months, many in the US have been urging the Bush administration to open direct talks with Syria and Iran on security issues in Iraq, among other issues. They have stated that we have to engage with Syria in order to stabilize Lebanon as well as Iraq. However, Michael Young of the Beirut Daily Star writes in the London Times that Syria's record of assassinations in his country should signal the US that no partner for stability and democracy exists in the Assad regime:
He goes into great detail on the issues here. Read it all.
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

New Web Address

If you followed a link to here, tell the linker to update to the new webpage please.

The location of the new site is

See you at the new address, thanks for stopping by.


No posts today, trying to setup my new website and have to work.

I got a domain thru GoDaddy, but having problems getting the ftp to work so I can post this blog to that site ><

I tried using the QuickBlog account that comes with the domain purchase, but it is highly uncustomizable :(

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving, a day to be thankful for what you have and to spend with family if you can.

I'm thankful that I'm able to spend this day with my family (have to work tonite, but meh) and thankful for all the friends that I've had over the years that I can think of today. I'm thankful for the people I've met online and talk to, and the coworkers I enteract everyday.

Mostly I'm thankful for the wife and child in my life. I'm thankful for having a strong-willed, beautiful, intelligent and caring woman to share my life with. I thank God that she was brought into my life and for the days and nights we share together. I'm thankful that my daughter is healthy, smart, respectful and one day to grow up to be a beautiful and talented woman like her mother.

I'm thankful for more things than I can simply write into a blog. And after this post I won't be writing anything else this day. Today will be and is about family, food, football :) (and work later).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and God Bless You.

Lord Nazh

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Snow(Florida), News(Townhall), Hastings Impeachment(HotAir)

Weather Officials: Snowflakes Spotted In Central Florida
POSTED: 4:19 pm EST November 21, 2006
UPDATED: 8:34 am EST November 22, 2006
ORLANDO, Fla. -- Snowbirds come to the Sunshine State to escape them, but weather officials said a few snowflakes were spotted in Central Florida.

"This is weird. This is not why we moved to Central Florida. We thought we left this behind," said Orlando resident Sandy Pastor.People like Pastor certainly didn't expect to see snow flakes. It wasn't enough to make a snow man, but still, snow is snow.
(via Drudge; Link)
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
The News Right Now
Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 12:01 AM
One source. One click.

Click thru the link, it's a great little news page of major headlines and world happenings. (I may have to use it instead of Drudge, heh)
From HotAir (BY IAN)
Speaker Gingrich condemned Pelosi for considering impeached former Judge and now Congressman Alcee Hastings on last night’s Hannity & Colmes. Liberal co-host Alan Colmes defended Hastings because he was never convicted in a criminal court.
Click the link and watch the video (not going to leech HotAir's Vids) and read the rest of the post of some 'logic' to use for Republicans :)
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

Prayers to crash victim

Via Ace:
Our son was in a helicopter crash today while on a Search and Rescue mission.

Please pray for him and the officer who was with him.
His name is Brian Grayson and the officer’s name is Kevin Orr.

Everyone pray for the 2 victims of the crash please.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Updates on the news I'm reading out there

November 21, 2006 3:14 PM

From Our Sources:

Bush_sisters_nr First Daughter Barbara Bush had her purse and cell phone stolen as she had dinner in a restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina, even though she was being guarded by a detail of Secret Service agents, according to law enforcement reports made available to ABC News.

It was not the only mishap on the two-week trip to Argentina by Barbara (right) and her twin sister Jenna (left). (link)


Art imitates life

csiglove.jpg I don't have a TV, but a friend alerts me to an episode of CSI which seems to have been inspired by the Lebanon Fauxtography scandal.

Twin sisters are murdered a few hours apart. Both adopted by different families, they had never met. One was a stay-at-home mom, the other a newspaper editor.



Dreaming in America

I ‘spect Santa is going to be getting a lot of requests for the new Playstation this year. I heard tell there are folks camping out so they can be at the head of the line when new shipments of this $600.00 bit of conspicuous consumption hits the stores. No one wants their kid to be deprived of one of the necessities of life.

From Buffalo read the entire thing.

No One Dies For Realism

Cassandra at Villainous Company has a fantastic essay answering the question, "What would YOU die for?"

I urge you, check it out.

From Good Richard's Almanac.

Sen. Barack Obama Calls for Troop Withdrawal

November 21st, 2006

Another useless politician rushes to surrender to Iran.

      Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, called this afternoon for troop withdrawal from Iraq starting next

From the Blogs of War.

Seminar Offering?
Posted by: Dean Barnett at 8:59 PM

There has been some talk in the comments section concerning whether or not I will be aboard the Hugh Cruise. I don't know, but if I do attend the cruise, I plan on conducting a fascinating seminar: “The Conservative Soul” or Ambien: How To Know Which Is Right For You.

For conservative insomniacs, this could be a life-changing event.

Compliments? Complaints? Contact me at

From the Townhall Blogs.

November 21, 2006

IRAQ: "So far this month, the civilian casualty count is well below the casualty count in October and below the six-month average. The security force casualties reduced 21 percent over the past four weeks, and are at the lowest level in 25 weeks, he said."

Of course at InstaPundit.

BBC Ties Self in Knots to Avoid Noticing Hizballah Crimes

Here’s a priceless quote from the BBC, whose editors did not realize that two adjacent sentences in this article contradict each other: Israel to probe cluster bomb use.

As well as highlighting the issue of cluster bombs, Amnesty found that Hezbollah hid Katyusha rockets among civilians and often fired them into Israel from the cover of civilian villages.

But researchers found no evidence that Hezbollah actually used civilians as human shields during the fighting.

Firing rockets from civilian villages isn’t using civilians as shields?

LittleGreenFootballs (still no registration for me).

There is no Britney sex tape, Federline's lawyer says


By Dan Whitcomb

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - There is no "sex tape"
involving pop star Britney Spears and estranged husband Kevin
Federline, his lawyer said on Tuesday.

After Spears filed for
divorce from the fledgling rapper this month, reports surfaced in the
tabloid press that Federline had in his possession a videotape of the
couple having sex and was considering making it public. (link)


Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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Public Expression of Religion Act

by Jay on 11-21-06 @ 4:06 pm Filed under ACLU, Church And State, 1st Amendment, PETITIONS, News

From a Liberty Counsel email:

From Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Jay, I just received wonderful news that Sen. Sam Brownback is urging his colleagues to allow a vote on the Public Expression of Religion Act (PERA)–a measure that sailed through the House 244-173.

Passage of PERA would eliminate the awarding of attorney’s fees to groups challenging the constitutionality of displays on public property. Groups like the ACLU have made millions of dollars using the threat of monetary awards to intimidate officials into removing Ten Commandment monuments, Nativity scenes, crosses, or the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.

++ Emergency Petition Presentation Announced!

Jay, Sen. Brownback and others believe there is still time to pass PERA before Congress adjourns. That is why I am announcing an emergency petition presentation to Sen. Brownback’s office during the first week of December!

I would like to present the Senator with a minimum of 150,000 petitions supporting PERA, but I need your help!

Over the next two weeks I am asking members of our Liberty Counsel team to do two very important things:

++ Action Item #1–Alert Your Friends

To reach our 150,000 goal, I am counting on your help in getting our message to your friends and family. Please forward this message to 25-30 friends urging them to be a part of this presentation by adding their name to our petition:

Click here to sign:

++Action Item #2–Contact your Senators

While Sen. Brownback is appealing to his colleagues to allow a vote on PERA, you can do the same thing by calling your Senators and urging them to support a vote on PERA.

To contact your Senators, call the Capitol Switchboard:

Jay, passage of PERA represents an important step in defeating the ACLU. That is why it is so important that you rally your friends to be part of our upcoming petition presentation, and call your Senators!

Thanks so much for standing with Liberty Counsel!

From Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

This bill is a very important and much needed peice of legislation. While it has an uphill battle to pass this Congress, if it is left to the upcoming Congress it is sure to die out. Take action now and contact your Senators to support PERA.

Wake up America linked with Stop the ACLU Blogburst

Linked from Jay's StoptheACLU; this is one of the most important bills to come through Congress in a very long time and could finally be the end to the ACLU as we know it.
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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He creates fusion in his Oakland Township home

November 19, 2006



Thiago Olson, 17, stands near his nuclear fusion reactor, which he calls "the Fusor," at home in Oakland Township on Friday. After more than two years and 1,000 hours of research, the Stoney Creek High School senior, with a little help from his dad, built the machine. (PATRICIA BECK/Detroit Free Press)

On the surface, Thiago Olson is like any typical teenager.He's on the cross country and track teams at Stoney Creek High School in Rochester Hills. He's a good-looking, clean-cut 17-year-old with a 3.75 grade point average, and he has his eyes fixed on the next big step: college.
But to his friends, Thiago is known as "the mad scientist."(rest)

It says he is the 18th amateur in the world to create fusion and hopes to someday work for the government. I'd say with adding that you created Nuclear Fusion in your parents basement from e-bay items, you'd probably be able to work for whoever you wanted.

Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts
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Lee High School, Huntsville, Alabama

NTSB Investigation Underway, Fourth Student Dies
The NTSB has a team in Huntsville to investigate Monday's deadly bus crash.  NewsChannel 19 just learned that a fourth student has died from her injuries.
More >

Prayers go out to the family of the latest death of this horrible accident.

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Wide Awakes Radio

Wide Awakes Radio is
coming back...

Kender says 7AM CST is the 'kick-off'
Tune in,
Monday, Nov. 27th...

And if it doesn't work this


The TexasFred
Monday 8-10 PM (CST)

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Lee High School Bus Flips Off Interstate, 3 Dead

Nov 20, 2006 04:53 PM

From the NewsChannel 19 Team:

A third student has died, from injuries she received in a bus wreck that happened shortly after 10 o'clock this morning.  The bus was carrying Lee High School students to the Huntsville Center for Technology on Drake Avenue.

The bus flipped off I-565 onto the ground near Church Street in downtown Huntsville.  More than 30 students were on the bus.

Huntsville police and Huntsville Hospital staff confirmed to NewsChannel 19's Amber Stuart that a third student has died. 

Police say the students who died were Christine Collier, 17, Nichole Ford, 18, and Tanesha Hill, 17.

The bus was on its daily route to the Huntsville Center for Technology on Drake Avenue, when it flipped off the Interstate.  More than 30 students were on board.  A number of them were critically hurt.

Police have spoken with the driver of an orange Toyota Celica, which collided with the bus.  Police say the driver was also a Lee High School student.


Police have a team investigating how the wreck happened. They are trying to find the driver of a red car, found on one of the interstate ramps.  They believe the driver of the car is a Lee High School student, but have not released the driver's name, and don't know his or her condition.

Traffic is open again on I-565, with the exception of the ramp from I-565 West leading to Memorial Parkway (north and south).

NewsChannel 19's Shane Hays, one of our photojournalists, flew over the crash site around 11am, and reports traffic was backed up in the westbound lanes, into Huntsville, because of the wreck.

Parents at the scene tell NewsChannel 19 crews their children called them from cell phones as soon as the bus hit the ground, and they rushed to the scene. 

Parents are asked to go to the cafeteria at Huntsville Hospital to find out
more about their children, if they believe they were on the bus.  Many parents have also checked out their children early from Lee High School today.  Read more below.

NewsChannel 19 has learned that 13 of the injured students are being treated at Huntsville Hospital.  Of those, two are at the hospital's main emergency room, and 11 were in the pediatric emergency room,
located at Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children.

Huntsville Hospital called in all nursing staff to report to work, to help with the injured students. 

NewsChannel 19's Amber Stuart has been at Huntsville Hospital throughout the day.  She reports that seriously injured students are being treated there, and less-seriously injured students were taken to surrounding hospitals, including Crestwood Medical Center.

Dr. Ann Roy Moore, superintendent of Huntsville City Schools, is at Huntsville Hospital to talk with parents.

Police are blocking off streets near the hospital, to allow ambulances to take injured victims to the emergency room as quickly as possible.

NewsChannel 19's Greg Screws reports from Lee High School that many parents are at
the school, to make sure their children are there, and were not on the bus.  There are several security guards at every entrance of the school.  Many parents are checking their children out of school.  There is also a team of counselors at the school to help students who are grieving.

A district manager from the Alabama Department of Transportation is at the scene.  He will check the
overpass.  He'll then notify the central office with his findings, and will coordinate with the Department of Public Safety.

This school bus did not have seat belts, as many buses do not.


Hat tip to StoptheACLU for this story.

I'm from Decatur (south of Huntsville) and currently live in the NW part of Alabama, so this hits hard.  I've been at work all day and not reading the news since before lunch.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the family/friends and students themselves.

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Chaos(europe), Guns(germany), Privacy(MVRWC), Hastings& Pelosi

European Cities Do Away with Traffic Signs
By Matthias Schulz
Are streets without traffic signs conceivable? Seven cities and regions in Europe are giving it a try -- with good results.
"We reject every form of legislation," the Russian aristocrat and "father of anarchism" Mikhail Bakunin once thundered. The czar banished him to Siberia. But now it seems his ideas are being rediscovered.
Read the whole article, at first it seems a great way to kill alot of people, but the article states that accident rates are dropping. Not to sure how viable this would be in the U.S. with the mentality of most drivers, but it does seem to be working in places in Europe.
I see that MVRWC posted on this also.
Gunman dies after storming school
Last Updated: Monday, 20 November 2006, 12:03 GMT
A gunman has been found dead after storming a school in Germany, injuring a teacher and several pupils.
According to reports, explosive material was found on the body of the man, who had entered the school in Emsdetten at 0830GMT.
Police have however not yet said how the man, who is reported to have been a former pupil of the school, died.
Seems no one was killed but the gunman (8 injured however) so a definite good ending to the situation(imo).
From My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
URGENT: PRIVACY for bloggers/website owners
If you are a blogger or have any website you NEED TO READ THIS.

I was just doing a Google search looking for sploggers scraping my content, and found this: Domain Directory.

I suppose this is a nice idea in theory (I’m not sure why I’d use it, but apparently someone will), BUT! I just happened to look at someone else’s domain listing there, and they had full personal information there. Real name, everything. This despite the fact that the blogger in question pays for a privacy service on the domain.
Click-thru to Beth's site and read the whole entry. I checked mine out (good) and you should too.

November 19, 2006 7:57 PM
In ‘88, Pelosi Voted to Impeach Hastings — Will She Support Him Now?
Pelosi, Hoyer, Conyers, Rangel, Frank, Waxman — they all voted to impeach.
On August 3, 1988, the House of Representatives voted on a resolution, co-sponsored by Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers, to impeach Alcee Hastings, the federal judge in Florida accused of conspiring to take a bribe. On that day 18 years ago, some of the Democrats who are today preparing to take power in the House were relatively new to the job; others were, even then, veterans who had served in Congress for years. For both, the vote was a rarity; Hastings was just the 10th judge in U.S. history to face impeachment.
One of the newcomers to the House was the future Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who had been in office a little more than a year. She voted to impeach Hastings.
The list of democrats (current and former) that voted to impeach is astounding, most of these same people are now backing Hastings for the chairmanship of the Intel. committee ><
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts
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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Democrats, terrorists(Iran), idiots(kerry) and Martyrdom

Senior Democrat renews call for military draft
Sun Nov 19, 2006 12:41pm ET
U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, the incoming chairman of the House of Representatives' tax-writing committee, said he would introduce legislation to reinstate the draft as soon as the new, Democratic-controlled Congress convenes in January.

Asked on CBS' "Face the Nation" if he was still serious about the proposal for a universal draft he raised a couple of years ago, he said, "You bet your life. Underscore serious."
Remember how the Democrats keep saying that the Republicans will re-instate the draft if you elect them... Just another thing to think about when you get ready to vote in the next election.
Iranian MPs back fingerprinting Americans on entry
Sun Nov 19, 2006 9:00am ET
TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's conservative-dominated parliament, in a tit-for-tat measure, passed a bill on Sunday obliging the government to fingerprint U.S. citizens entering the Islamic Republic, state radio reported.

The proposal, backed by 135 votes to 26, also requires a complete security check on every American who enters Iran. The bill now goes to the hardline Guardian Council, a constitutional watchdog body, before becoming law.
Does this bother anyone else? I think they have the right to fingerprint anyone they want to, it is after-all their country. I don't see this hurting the 'bountiful' Iranian American tourist industry at all.
Kerry: Botched Joke Won't Affect 2008
Nov 19 10:41 AM US/Eastern By HOPE YEN Associated Press Writer
Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry insisted on Sunday his "botched joke" about President Bush's Iraq policy would not undermine a possible White House campaign in 2008.

"Not in the least," Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee in said when asked if the furor over his comment had caused him to reconsider a 2008 race. "The parlor game of who's up, who's down, today or tomorrow, if I listened to that stuff, I would never have won the nomination."
Please let Kerry run again, the humor would help lighten the democratic primary long enough for him to go down quick and hard.

November 18, 2006
All too often we are told that suicide bombers are martyrs. The word martyr is used to engender greater emotional impact than the deed warrants.

Glen Beck's recent episode of Exposed gives a perfect example. We see Islamo-fascists of all ages proselytizing based on the glory of martyrdom.
You cannot martyr yourself.


* Exposed: The Extremist Agenda at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts
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