Saturday, October 14, 2006

Terry Tate

Ace has a post about Office Linebacker Terry tate. I havn't seen any of these videos in awhile so I thought i'd put one in here (Ace has another posted and you can go to YouTube to see more).

My favorite is the 'life-story' on OSPN.


I realize there's probably been alot of news today that I'm missing (UN Res. against NK) but I've been laid up and watching some great football games.

And while PC has hit fox[sports] (wallet?) the SEC has been thoroughly exciting today.

Vanderbilt edged Georgia 24-22 on a last secong field goal (yes vandy) and then Alabama pulls it out against Ole Miss in OT (26/23). Florida vs Auburn on atm and so far so good. (10-8 Fl)

Maybe tomorrow I'll be interested in the news again :)

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The Grudge 2

Went and saw The Grudge 2 tonight at the local theater.

It was weird. More freaky than scary (to me); but all the teen girls seemed to be scared to death of it. My barometer on scary is my wife, if she isn't scared, it's just not scary.

It was not as good as the first one, but of course, it did end with the sense that there will be a #3 coming. Nothing was solved/resolved in this one.

No work tomorrow (kidney stone) so I'll be at home laid up watching football.

Friday, October 13, 2006


You thought racism was/is bad in the U.S. Read what they do in cheary ole England.

Jawdropper of the Day (via LFG)

Best comment from fjordman:
No, it's anarcho-tyranny. The less control the authorities have with Muslims, the more control they want to exercise over non-Muslims. As problems in Europe get worse, which they will, the EU will move in an increasingly repressive direction until it either becomes a true, totalitarian entity or falls apart. This strange mix of powerful censorship of public debate, yet little control over public law and order, has by some been labelled anarcho-tyranny.

The reason why European authorities are becoming increasingly totalitarian in their censorship efforts is to conceal the fact that they are no longer willing or able to uphold even the most basic security of their citizenry. If their governments are no longer capable of protecting them and their freedom of speech, Europeans may have to arm themselves to do this on their own. Michael Moore’s books, ridiculing American “gun nuts,” are bestsellers in Europe. Sadly, The Bill of Rights is less popular reading. Perhaps the time has come for Europeans to also take a second look at the Second Amendment – The right for the people to keep and bear arms.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blog roundup

AceofSpades: Cindy "peace" mom and the Nobel.

LGF: Free Speech again at Columbia.

Via InstaPundit Through link to IMAO: A serious moonbat.. err truther running for Congress.

Over at TownHall: Dhimmikrautic strategy for Congress.


T-ball is a dangerous sport o.O
Collins out at NYT editorial staff (from E&P, wonder who actually wrote the article)

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Free Speech

Posted at StoptheACLU;

Marvellous: Britain gets a “First Amendment”
by jonjayray on 10-12-06 @ 5:34 pm Filed under ACLU, News

Americans must find the ongoing role of the House of Lords in the government of Britain to be puzzling at best and a total anachronism at worst. Yet it is not so. In recent years, the Lords have been tenacious defenders of once-treasured English liberties. They resisted tooth and nail the ban on hunting with hounds, for instance.


Global Warming?

Do you believe 'global climate change' is caused by humans?

You'd better hope it doesn't if you don't...

From the great people that produced Al Gore...

Read this!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Nuclear Test!!!11!1one

I don't believe in appeasement, but IowaHawk has convinced me to look at his side of the issues.

I will hereby add him to the links. Even though I have few (any?) readers, he'll be happy to know that I did link to him! heh

New Plane Trauma

Report from yahoo news:


Aircraft hits Manhattan building; 2 dead

By COLEEN LONG, Associated Press Writer 14 minutes ago

NEW YORK - A small plane crashed into an Upper East Side high-rise Wednesday, shooting flames out the windows, raining debris on the sidewalks below and rattling New Yorkers' nerves exactly one month after the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. Police confirmed 2 people are dead.

Waiting for the investigation, but they don't suspect terrorism.

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Monday, October 9, 2006


I've been working alot :( so no posts lately. I thought my politcial junkie that signed up would be posting, but with all that's gone on, he's probably very busy.

Everyone should go see Reject the UN and join up. Very worthy cause.

Some news:

  • From The Captain's Quarters good news on the fence bill

  • The little people have a bomb o.O (stolen from Drudge^^)

  • Seems Knoxville isn't safe for guns (via Instapundit)

  • Tolerance from the left at Columbia [they're real 'inclusive' there] (via and

  • Check LGF for the latest on the moslem cabbies

  • and last but not least :)

  • Not what I want to do with the UN but a good idea here (via townhall's blogs)

  • Btw, anyone got pics of MKH in her Tennessee uni?? (GO BIG ORANGE)

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